• Node.js – fs.path module


    First of all, I have something to say, who said that you can go to vue after learning ajax, I am too naive, learn js to drill ajax, learn ajax to drill node.js step by step, of course node will not learn It’s enough to have a deep understanding of the surface. After that, the […]

  • node.js – http, modular, npm


    Today is the second day of node learning. In fact, the more I learn, the more familiar I feel. It’s just for node. Why, because I have learned a little about cloud computing before, and I felt useless at the time. Download the server client, I didn’t expect it to be useful here, at least […]

  • node.js-package, express


    First of all, I want to share my joy here. I have been in joy since yesterday. I received my first offer. Haven’t received the first pot of gold yet haha, but it should be soon after the offers are all obtained. Today’s content is a bit small, let me take it slowly 1. First […]

  • Review – node.js (interface case)


    In fact, the effect of reviewing once is really great. Really, since the last time I started ajax, I actually started to feel a little ignorant. I kept thinking that node was going to review it again. This time I went back to review, ajax is already very proficient. Node didn’t understand the principles before, […]