• Using CSS loader to implement CSS module in Vue cli


    [preface] Both Vue and react CSS modular solutions are implemented by relying on loaders. In use, they are used in VuescopedProperty to privatize the style and use the depth action selector/deepTo realize the privatization of style. example: <div> <div class=”demo”> <div class=”child”></ div> </div> </div> <script> // some code <script/> <style lang=”less” scoped> .demo { […]

  • Go module: how to solve the reference problem of private non compliant Library


    Hello, I’m polarisxu. A friend asked a question: Netizen consultation In actual projects, when using go module, it is inevitable to have some own libraries to reference. These libraries are managed by self built git services, such as gitlab. In view of this situation, many tutorials let you set goprivate, that is, do not go […]

  • Esp32-s2 native USB burning tinyuf2 bootloader plus circuitpython


    summary The most desirable improvement of esp32-s2 is that it supports USB natively, that is, it has a full speed USB OTG peripheral with integrated transceiver, which conforms to USB 1.1 specification and has a theoretical speed of 1.5m/s. If it is properly used, it will be a great progress. At present, esp32-s2 has been […]

  • Domestic open source iotos: Exploration and practice of Tencent Internet of things operating system tencentos tiny


    Introduction Tencent Internet of things terminal operating system (tencentos tiny) is an embedded real-time operating system independently developed by Tencent in the field of Internet of things, which can help Internet of things terminal equipment and services quickly access Tencent cloud Internet of things platform. This article is a collation of Tencent senior engineers Wang […]

  • Ruffian Heng bimonthly issue 36


    Ruffian Heng embedded semi monthly: issue 36 Here we share some interesting projects / tools and some hot news in the embedded field. The lunar year is divided into 24 solar terms. We hope to release one issue on time on each festival day. This journal is an open source project (GitHub:JayHeng/pzh-mcu-bi-weekly), you are welcome […]

  • Detailed introduction and use of go module


    Go1.1.1It’s been a few days since the release of the version (August 24, 2018). We can see from the official blog that there are two prominent features. One is what I’m talking about todaymoduleModule concept. At present, the function is still in the experimental stage, and some places need to be improved continuously. Before the […]

  • Tkinter (23) button unit ttk.Button /Themed component module TTK


    Themed component module TTK TTK module can only be used after Tkinter 8.5. It provides different applications, has different appearance in different platforms, and simplifies and unifies the behavior of specific state components. For example, a state of a component can be set or cancelled separately, for example, the value of some options can be […]

  • [End] learn Vue 2: step by step


    these years, Vue.js Both are relatively simple of the exciting front-end components. With its very intuitive API and universal application, it is not surprising that it has so many fans.If you want to learn Vue, follow me step by step! Believe me, this is the best Vue tutorial! Other related articles:1. [End] the PHP practitioner2. […]

  • Python implements special module — three writing methods of sqeuntial


    I will not say much nonsense, directly on the code! # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- #@Time :2019/7/1 13:34 #@Author :XiaoMa import torch as t from torch import nn #Three ways to write sequential net1=nn.Sequential() net1.add_ module(‘conv’, nn.Conv2d (3,3,3)) ා conv2d (number of input channels, number of output channels, size of convolution kernel) net1.add_ module(‘batchnorm’, nn.BatchNorm2d […]

  • How to use go module to import local package


    Go module is an official version management tool after go1.11, and from go1.13, go module will be the default dependency management tool of go language. Today, after the release of go1.14, the go modules function has been officially recommended for use in production environments. Over the past few days, there have been many tutorials on […]

  • Introduction to camera OTP


    With the application of 5meg, 8meg, 12meg and other high pixel cameras in mobile phones more and more widely, terminal customers have higher and higher requirements on the imaging effect and quality of camera. How to improve the consistency and performance of camera modules is particularly important. Today, we will introduce OTP technology which is […]

  • It’s not hard to have your 3D project, thingjs platform best practices


    Many students know that we started with the campus builder model building application. Code free scenario building is a good attempt. Next, we will enter thingjs to develop business logic functions online, connect data and then develop the IOT visualization project. Isn’t it very simple? As long as you have the JavaScript foundation and know […]