• Front end modular specification


    Warehouse address of complete high frequency question bank:https://github.com/hzfe/awesome-interview Complete high frequency question bank reading address:https://hzfe.github.io/awesome-interview/ Related issues What are the main modular specifications of JavaScript What are the similarities and differences between AMD and CMD What is ESM What problems / pain points does modularity solve Answer key points CommonJS AMD CMD UMD ESM CommonJS[1]: […]

  • How to understand JavaScript modularity


    catalogue 1. Browser support 2. Export module 3. Import module 4. Create module object 5. Export import transfer station 6. Dynamic loading module 1. Browser support The use of JavaScript module depends on import and export. The browser support of import and export is supported by the latest browser version, but IE and older browsers […]

  • Record meta tags and NPM modularization


    NPM modularization see link:https://blog.csdn.net/ikaivon… There are two most important attributes of the meta tag:1、 Name and content< meta name = “parameter” content = “parameter value” / > 2、 HTTP equal and contentFor example: < meta http equiv = “content type” content = “text / HTML; charset=utf-8″/> See:https://blog.csdn.net/zhangan…

  • Fuchsia OS – the future Google Operating System?


    Fuchsia OS – the future Google Operating System? Google is developing a new operating system: with Fuchsia OS, the technical team abandoned the Linux architecture and relied onSelf developed microkernel zircon。 Fuchsia can not only replace the desktop operating system chrome operating system, but also replace Android designed for mobile devices. Despite the fact that […]

  • Java9 Series Part 8 – module modular programming


    I plan to write a series of articles about Java 9 in the next period of time. Although Java 9 is not the core Java version like Java 8 or Java 11, there are still many features worth paying attention to. I hope you can pay attention to me. I will write java 9 into […]

  • Don’t know what nginx is? One article will give you a comprehensive understanding


      The globalization of the Internet has led to the rapid growth of the amount of data on the Internet. In order to cope with the large number of Internet users in Shanghai and easily handle millions and tens of millions of connections, nginx came into being. If you don’t understand what nginx is, you must […]

  • Front end modular development


    catalogue Commonjs specification ES6 modular specification ES6 modular writing 2 Commonjs specification Commonjs uses exports and require to export and import modules Each file is a module with its own scope. Variables, functions and classes defined in a file are private and invisible to other files. Create “module” folder Create mokuai common JS / four […]

  • Graphic webpack (modular commonjs)


    In the previous articleModular series thoroughly clarifies AMD, commonjs, CMD, UMD and ES6, we can learn various modular mechanisms. Next, let’s analyze the modularization mechanism of webpack( (mainly JS) When it comes to webpack, it can be said that it is a tool very close to our development project. Whether it is daily development, interview […]

  • Front end framework Vue, react, angular differences


    At present, the three main front-end frameworks are Vue, react and angular. VueIt is a library for building data-driven web interfaces, not exactly a framework for building intuitive, fast and component-based interactive interfaces   MVVM   Frame.It has the following features: 1. Lightweight framework, 2. Bidirectional data binding, 3. Instructions, 4. Plug-inadvantage: Simple: the official […]

  • Use reaction, an exquisite hook based modular data management scheme


    brief introduction React app state management (Data Management) has always been an essential link in project development. Small projects can use usestate / setsate in their components. However, for slightly more complex projects, the introduction of state management frameworks, such as Redux, mobx, DVA and so on, will be considered again and again.For complex projects, […]

  • Programming is a craft. Be an excellent general


    Programming is a craft. As mentioned in the experience sharing article of nginx community, professional programmers are good at overall design and detail processing. This paper discusses the skill of overall design, especially modularity. Omnipotent genius, Fabrice bellard Ffmpeg, the most powerful streaming media libraryQEMU, hardware virtualized virtual machineTCC, mini CC compilerQuickjs, a C engine […]

  • The great webpack scope hosting Learning Guide


    Recent original articles?: “1.2W word initial intermediate front end JavaScript self test list – 1” Great webpack HMR Learning Guide (including source code analysis) Learning guide to the great webpack building process The bad map you don’t know You don’t know blob The great tsconfig.json Guide “200 lines of JS code, take you to realize […]