• Squeezenet / squeezenext | lightweight network


    Squeezenet series is an early and classic lightweight network. Squeezenet uses fire module for parameter compression, and squeezenext adds separation convolution to improve it. Although the squeezenet series is not as widely used as mobinet, its architecture idea and experimental conclusions can be used for reference.  Source: Xiaofei’s algorithm Engineering Notes official account SqueezeNet Paper: […]

  • How to design API interface to realize uniform format return?


    Front and rear interface interaction As we all know, the front end usually obtains data through the interface provided by the background to complete the rendering of front-end pages. The front end can be PC, m, applet, app, etc. No more nonsense here. That’s not the point. Interface return value Convention Return value specification Set […]

  • Explain the instruction module and style of angular structure in detail


    catalogue 1、 Structured instruction Two, module Module Write a forroot () 3、 Style definition Use ngstyle to adjust the order when dragging 1、 Structured instruction *Is a syntax sugar, < A * ngif = “user. Login” > Exit < / a > is equivalent to <ng-template [ngIf]=”user.login”> <a>Exit</a> </ng-template> Avoid writing ng template. <ng-template [ngIf]=”item.reminder”> […]

  • 001 first experience of rust and webassembly


    0 Introduction Video address:www.bilibili.com/video/BV1eg411g7c…Relevant source code:github.com/anonymousGiga/Rust-and-… 1 why rust and web assembly? Low level control and high level ErgonomicsJavascript web applications are difficult to achieve and maintain reliable performance.Rust provides programmers with a low level of control and reliable performance. Smaller. WasmCode size is important because. Wasm must be downloaded over the network. Rust has […]

  • Detailed design and simple analysis of ABP background job


    This paper roughly analyzes the main objects and functions of backgroudjob in ABP. It’s a review of this module. You can refer to it when you do third-party integration in the future. Modules involved: Volo. ABP. Backgroundjobs: the default background task manager implementation. Volo. ABP. Backgroundjobs. Abstractions: some common definitions of background tasks. Volo. ABP. […]

  • Handle input support of black soul remake game — Unity notes


    Today’s implementation:Input ManagerTo configure the handle, we will use unity’s own input manager. This system can eliminate the differences of input devices, unify various inputs, customize new inputs, and provide input related parameters for modification.After careful observation, it can be found that two are set for each input form in the default input manager. Take […]

  • Module concept in typescript


    Modules JavaScript has a long history of dealing with modular code. Typescript has implemented support for many of these formats since its launch in 2012, but over time, the community and JavaScript specifications have been integrated into a format called es module (or ES6 module). You may know that it is import / export syntax. […]

  • About webpack


    brief introduction In essence, webpack is a static module packaging tool for modern JavaScript applications. When each application relies on one or more of the required webp bundles, it generates one or more of them internally Official website: https://webpack.docschina.org/ New features of webpack 4 1. Mode attribute: development or production (if mode is not set, […]

  • Start up, memory, and Caton are the three major analyses, which is used for user experience?


    With a large number of applications pouring into the market and joining the “battle of APP roll in”, end users are increasingly picky about the requirements of application quality. The end-to-end R & D students only pay attention to the solution of crash bugs, which can no longer meet the demands of users on the […]

  • The compiler supports spark read / write OSS (CDH 5. X)


    preface Background: use spark to read HDFS files and write them to OSShadoop : 2.6.0-cdh5.15.1spark : 2.4.1Main reference links:https://blog.csdn.net/wankund…Attention points and pit points are added Compile Hadoop aliyun The higher version of Hadoop supports aliyun OSS access by default, but this version does not. It needs to be compiled Pull the Hadoop trunk branch code […]

  • Swoole Getting Started Guide: php7 installation swoole detailed tutorial (1)


    I haven’t updated it for a long time. It’s not lazy. Er, it’s too busy! I finally got a few days of leisure.During this period of time, I’m going to bring you the introduction tutorial of swoole and feel the strength of nodejs in PHP. All the sample code is placed on GitHub:learn-swoole environment Apache […]

  • Write webpack loader and plug-in


    Introduction to webpack Tabable (super housekeeper of webpack controlling event flow) The core function of tapable is to execute the registered events in sequence when triggered according to different hooks.Bail、Waterfall、LoopAnd other keywords, specifying the registered event callbackhandlerSequence of triggering. Basic hook: execute in sequence according to the event registration sequencehandler,handlerNo interference between; Bail hook: execute […]