• Distributed service fuse downgraded current limiter to hystrix


    Original address 1 Original address 2 Full text overview [TOC] Why need hystrix Hystrix official website address GitHub Hystrix is also Netfix’s contribution to distributed systems. Similarly, it has entered the non maintenance phase. Not maintaining does not mean being eliminated. It can only show that the new technology is constantly iterative. The brilliant design […]

  • [Vue] vuex status management mode


    Vuex status management mode Multiple components depend on or modify the same state–shareuseVue.observableIt can realize a lightweight state management Basics Modules 1 Foundation Basic structure and use State Mutations Actions Gtters map 1.1 basic structure and use Structure diagram Install vuex npm install vuex –save Store.js file import Vue from ‘vue’ import Vuex from ‘vuex’ […]

  • OpenMLDB Weekly Update(2021.9.19-2021.9.26)


    OpenMLDB Summary This week, 8 pull requests were merged, 5 pull requests were added, 11 issues were closed and 20 issues were added. A total of 84 documents were modified, 6677 lines of code were added and 511 lines of code were deleted. Merged Pull Requests feat: support spark.master config to run job in yarn […]

  • Webpack first experience


    Webpack basic usage Entry of core concepts Entry is used to specify the packaging entry of the webpack. Webpack is a module packer. In webpack, all resources (JS, CSS, HTML, pictures and fonts) will be regarded as modules. All these modules will have dependencies before. Therefore, webpack will start to look for dependencies from the […]

  • Open source low code platform development practice 2: build a low code backend based on ER diagram from 0


    The front and rear ends are separated! When I first knew this, I was confused. Front end all go out to do spa, SEOs agree? Later, SSR came. He said, “the SEOs agreed!” Anyone’s opposition is useless. Times have changed. All kinds of spas have come, as well as all kinds of small programs wearing […]

  • Re learn JavaScript scope and closure


    1、 Understand the scope, scope chain and internal principles of JavaScript 1.1 scope JavaScript has a set of well-designed rules to store variables, and these variables can be easily found later. This set of rules is calledScope。 The scope is the code execution environment, the global execution environment is the global scope, and the function […]

  • What is the difference between spring and spring boot?


    summary aboutSpringandSpringBootWhat’s the difference? I heard a lot of answers and just started to studySpringBootAt that time, I was also confused. With the accumulation of experience, I slowly understood the difference between the two frameworks. I believe it is useful to use themSpringBootFor a long time, I don’t quite understand itSpringBootIn the end andSpringWhat’s the […]

  • Node.js Security Guide


    When the project cycle is coming to an end, developers will pay more and more attention to the “security” of applications. A secure application is not a luxury, but a necessity. You should consider application security at every stage of development, such as system architecture, design, coding, including final deployment. In this tutorial, we will […]

  • Development tool library from 0 to 1


    In daily development, especially in the middle and background management pages, some commonly used functions are often used, such as anti shake throttling, local storage correlation, time formatting, etc. However, with the continuous increase of projects, reusability and versatility have become a very important problem. How to reduce the operation of copying and posting is […]

  • A security warning repair & Analysis of GitHub project dependency


    I write this article because I think I can supplement the marginal knowledge in the process of solving problems & the method of learning open source projects. Let’s take a look at your GitHub project. If there is a safety warning, you can refer to the idea of this article to practice together~ summary Repair […]

  • Read a little webpack-001 every day


    Read a little webpack every day Day-01-webpack entry NPM package we can usepackage.jsonQuickly locate the package information file in the package to the entry file of the package throughwebpackPackage information formainField can get the entirewebpackThe entrance location of the project islib/index.js Entry file Each module of the project is integrated through dynamic import in the […]

  • On the use of Kafka


    Take Python as an example, from pykafka to Kafka Python to confluent Kafka to Flink Note that it is best to use the latest versionThe performance of pykafka and Kafka Python is not very good. You can also find out the specific situation Coufluent Kafka is a python module and a lightweight package of librdkafka. […]