• Exclusive interview with Tycho: Wang Zhijian, technical director of nuls, talks about blockchain Technology


    Wang Zhijian, technical director of red ants (nuls), talks with chain customer AMA to discuss nuls blockchain technology! Compere: Hello, it is reported that the POC consensus mining mechanism created by nuls has both POS and dpos advantages. What are the specific advantages of POC? Nuls Wang Zhijian: POC pays more attention to balance than […]

  • Read the assets module of zepto source code


    assetsThe module is to solve the problem that Safari mobile version crashes when loading too many pictures. Because I haven’t dealt with such a scenario, the code in this part won’t be explained too much. To illustrate this problem, I translated the article how to work around the mobile Safari image resource limit as an […]

  • What are the differences between Vue’s v-show and V-IF?


    v-ifThe event listener and subcomponents of the condition block will be destroyed and rebuilt during the switching process. If the initial condition is false, nothing will be done. The module will not be rendered until the condition is true for the first time.v-showJust switch based on CSS, no matter what the initial condition is, it […]

  • Golang open source background management system


    go-admin Go admin is a back-end management system developed by go language. This system is based on RBAC (role-based rights management design), which has completed the development of system management module functions (other example modules are added later). It adopts the front-end and back-end separated implementation mode. The server is based on go open source […]

  • Nginx configuration: read custom header + compose and condition + modify response body + domain name redirection


    demand Without modifying the code, modify the response body to get the expected value when nginx forwards the request. The request has 2 unique features: url:/aaa/bbb/ccc/ddd Custom header (version sensitive):System-Version: proDifferent versions will request the same URL under the same server Tip: the main reason for this is the online management and control. After the […]

  • An agile development practice of amateur project


    This time, a user login permission control module is added to the original apitemplate project to verify how to abstract and support future expansion when facing some simple problems. The user login authority control module looks very simple, but its spare time is always limited. So take advantage of this opportunity to practice a user […]

  • Using cloud toolkit to create Dubbo project in idea quickly


    Environmental Science System: win10 professional 1903 Idea version: Ultimate 2019.2.4 JDK: openjdk version “1.8.0_40” 1、 Install the cloud toolkit plug-in 1. Click on the welcome page of ideaConfigureIn the menu (dimension 1) drop-down listPlugins(Note 2) enter idea plug in management panel 2. Enter in the plug-in search box (Note 3)Alibaba Cloud ToolkitPost pressEnterAfter the Enter […]

  • Package source and Javadoc together during Maven packaging


    Package source and Javadoc together during Maven packaging Items to be configuredpom.xmlModule of file <build> <plugins> </plugins> </build> Add tomaven-source-plugin、maven-javadoc-pluginPlug-ins, where3.0.1、2.10.4Is its version: <! — configure to generate Javadoc package — > <plugin> <groupId>org.apache.maven.plugins</groupId> <artifactId>maven-javadoc-plugin</artifactId> <version>2.10.4</version> <configuration> <! — specify UTF-8 — > <encoding>UTF-8</encoding> <aggregate>true</aggregate> <charset>UTF-8</charset> <docencoding>UTF-8</docencoding> </configuration> <executions> <execution> <id>attach-javadocs</id> <goals> <goal>jar</goal> </goals> </execution> […]

  • MacOS compilation nginx1.17


    background Most developers who use MAC install all kinds of software through brew command, such as PHP, python, nodejs, and nginx. By default, nginx is installed in the/usr/local/Cellar/nginxThroughbrew link nginxAdd soft connection to/usr/local/bin/nginx, although it fully meets the requirements of development and conforms to the management of mac software, but it is not convenient to […]

  • Just for fun – nginx with Lua to write a hello world


    Lua Characteristics of lua Compact: a complete Lua interpreter is no more than 200K Extensibility: Lua’s interpreter is written in 100% ANSI, which provides a very easy-to-use extension interface and mechanism. Therefore, Lua’s script can be easily called by C / C + + code, or vice versa Fast OpenResty Nginx is known for being […]

  • Remember the development process of an atom syntax completion plug-in that supports both fuzzy matching and static derivation: order


    brief introduction In the past week, I slept late, and finally made the API cloud syntax prompt and completion plug-in on atom: API cloud ﹣ autocompleteGPL-3.0Open source, so I can record some technical details that are difficult to understand and understand in detail. Apicloud currently has syntax completion plug-ins of studio, vscode, webstrom and sublime, […]

  • Custom form system based on Vue and nodejs


    Based on the custom form system of Vue and nodejs, the project address is transmitted to https://github.com/kkxiaojun/vueform brief introduction This system decided to use Vue as the overall framework of the web, nodejs as the server language, mongodb as the preferred data storage scheme. This system includes the current situation of custom form system, system […]