• Nodejs from entry to advanced 2 (network part)


    I. network server 1. HTTP status code 1XX: indicates a normal request without special meaning 2XX: request succeeded 200: request succeeded 3xx: indicates redirection 301 permanent redirection 302 temporary redirection 303 use cache (server not updated) 4xx: cannot access 403: cannot access 404: resource not found 5xx: server error 500: wrong server code 502: gateway […]

  • Analysis of source code of vuex (3) detailed explanation of getter attribute


    Sometimes we need to derive some states from the state in the store, for example: {{reverseMessage}} <span style=”background-color: #f5f5f5; color: #000000;”> const store </span><span style=”background-color: #f5f5f5; color: #000000;”>=</span> <span style=”background-color: #f5f5f5; color: #0000ff;”>new</span><span style=”background-color: #f5f5f5; color: #000000;”> Vuex.Store({ state:{reverseMessage:</span><span style=”background-color: #f5f5f5; color: #000000;”>'</span><span style=”background-color: #f5f5f5; color: #000000;”>Hello Vue!</span><span style=”background-color: #f5f5f5; color: #000000;”>'</span><span style=”background-color: #f5f5f5; color: […]

  • Meterpreter use


    0x01 system command Basic system commands Background – places the current session in the background Sessions – view help Sessions – I ා enter session – K kill session Bgrun / run ා execute the existing module, enter run and press tab twice to list the existing scripts Info – view existing module information Getuid […]

  • IIS7 / iis7.5 + fastcgi + PHP 5.6.4 + MySQL + phpMyAdmin of Windows Server 2008 R2 web environment configuration


    This is a summary of web environment configuration. PHP runs in fastcgi mode, which has higher performance. After configuration, our server will be able to run PHP and. Net programs at the same time, which is called omnipotent server. All configurations can be increased or decreased according to their actual needs. Get ready Prepare the […]

  • Steps to install and configure PHP for IIS in Windows 2016 & windows 10


    The windows 2016 and windows 10 kernels are the same. We need to install Internet information services (IIS) first. Of course, the steps of win2016 and win10 to install IIS are slightly different. Previously, there was an article on this site: how to install IIS for windows 2016 and how to install IIS for windows […]

  • Detailed explanation of vuex source code


    Mutation is the only way to change the state in vuex’s store. Like event registration, each mutation can take two parameters, as follows: State; the state corresponding to the current namespace Payload; the parameter passed in, usually an object When you create a warehouse instance of vuex. Store(), you can create each of them through […]

  • PHP + MySQL + Zend under IIS (full version)


    There are many tutorials about PHP configuration under IIS on the Internet, but they are all rational things. I sorted out this tutorial from themIf you have any questions, you can also communicate with us. If there is anything wrong, please correct The following tutorials are implemented under Windows 2000. For other systems, please refer […]

  • OS module: a built-in module for getting started with Python


    OS module: a built-in module for getting started with Python 1. OS OS is to interact with the operating system and give instructions to the operation OS module is an interface that interacts with the operating system. Its functions are mostly related to working directory, path, file, etc (1) working path Print (OS. Getcwd()) ා […]

  • My opinion on the core idea of micro service and agile development (scrum / Kanban)


    My opinion on the core idea of micro service and agile development (scrum / Kanban) There are many articles about “micro service” and “agile development” on the Internet, so the explanation and characteristics of these concepts will not be repeated here, but the understanding and application of their core ideas in personal practical work will […]

  • Node.js installation detailed steps tutorial (Windows version)


    What is node.js? Simply put, node.js is the JavaScript running on the server side. Node.js is a JavaScript running environment based on chrome V8 engine. Node.js uses an event driven, non blocking I / O model to make it lightweight and efficient. The package ecosystem NPM of node.js is the largest open source repository ecosystem […]

  • Win2012 R2 iis8.5 + PHP (fastcgi) + MySQL running environment building tutorial


    Getting on the busI. preparation toolsServer operating system: Windows Server 2012PHP version: 5.6.9 (according to your own needs)MySQL version: MySQL 8.0.17 II. Relevant software download1. PHP Downloadhttps://windows.php.net/downloads/releases/archives/2. Download MySQLhttps://dev.mysql.com/downloads/installer/3. Download address of Visual C + + redistributable for visual studio 2012 update 4 (x64) (this plug-in is required for PHP installation)http://download.microsoft.com/download/9/C/D/9CD480DC-0301-41B0-AAAB-FE9AC1F60237/VSU4/vcredist_x64.exe4. Download address of Visual […]

  • Parallel Programming of Python 3 Series


    Processes and threads A process is an instance of a program running. A process can contain multiple threads, so all threads within the same process can share all the resources in the thread. It is the basic unit for the dynamic operation of the operating system. Each thread is an instance of the process, which […]