• Modularization, the use of closures and immediate execution functions, V and C in MVC


    Modularization, V and C in MVC, the use of closures and immediate execution functions This article records the knowledge I learned in the process of writing an online resumeComplete code (not yet completed)preview address The use of carousel Swiper components English official website Chinese website–How to use Swiper4.x Modular How to learn to code:CRMcopy, run, […]

  • Modular programming, MVC, object-oriented programming


    modular programming the so-calledmodular programming, is to modularize the code, and each piece of code only performs one operation, which can be understood in this way. Conversion of global variables and local variables modular programmingThe important point is that in a module, all variables are local variables (for the entire project, of course it can […]