• In the era of human-computer cooperation, AI helps 90.4% of dual 11 front-end modules to generate automatically


    Background In 2017, a paper was publishedpix2code: Generating Code from a Graphical User Interface ScreenshotThis paper describes how to use deep learning technology to recognize and generate UI structure description from a UI screenshot, and then convert the UI structure description into HTML code. Some people think that it is meaningless to generate code directly […]

  • Django — Django connecting to MySQL


    1Django connecting to MySQL If the project uses SQLite, it can be operated directly without additional configuration 2 Django links to MySQL by default. The driver is the mysqldb module. After Python 3. X, this module can’t be used any more. We all use pymysql and need to make a replacement 3 showmigrations: check which […]

  • How to use Maven to refactor project easily


    Now is the era of micro service. It’s hard to say which day leaders will let you reconstruct a big project. Pain points of big projects: slow compilation, cumbersome release, etc. It’s like this picture: I didn’t dare to move. It collapsed accidentally. For example, our user system can be reconstructed in this way (here […]

  • Build a high availability architecture for micro services


    With the rapid development of microservice and cloud computing in recent years, the machine has gradually changed from physical machine to virtual machine, and the application service has gradually changed from a huge single application to an application cluster composed of several microservices. The speed of update iteration has doubled. The traditional deployment mode can […]

  • Webpack compile Vue style “export ‘default’ (imported as’ mod ‘) error


    Recently, the code of the scaffold’s compilation layer was upgraded. Vue gave feedback that there was a warning in the compilation style, and recorded the problems and solutions error message WARNING in ../vueSample/js/index/_pages/app.vue?vue&type=style&index=0&lang=stylus& 1:469-472 “export ‘default’ (imported as ‘mod’) was not found in ‘-!../../../../../node_modules/mini-css…. Problem webpack configuration { test: /\.styl(us)?$/, use: envAttributs(‘styl’, [ ‘stylus-loader’ ]) […]

  • The object oriented writing method of S


    JS object oriented writing1、 The JS file is introduced into HTML <script> var BuyBw8Product = new buyBw8Product(); </script> 2、 Generally, when writing JS code of a larger module, this method is used to write JS Create a new JS. The content structure is as follows: /** * create by wkk *Description:*** */ !function(){ function b(){ […]

  • Go series | 02, go package management tool go Mod


    1、 What is go mod? 1.1 background Since its birth, golang has been criticized for its lack of an effective “official” package dependency management tool. So why is there such a problem? Reason: inside Google, everyone is developing on a code base, so package dependency management tools are not very necessary. But after golang became […]

  • Webpack5 optimization


    catalog 1、 Build optimization (compressed code)2、 Long term cache (hash)3、 Persistent cache (incremental build)4、 New features of webpack55、 Summary 1、 Build optimization (compressed code) 1、Tree Shaking (1) Usedexports: true marks variables that are not exported(2) Minimize: true removes useless variables and compresses code 2. Merge module optimization.concatenateModules = true 3. Side effects (1) optimization.sideEffects =Turn […]

  • Borderdet: greatly improve the detection accuracy through boundary features, plug and play, and the speed is not slow | ECCV 2020 oral


    Boundary is very important for location problem. Borderalign, the core idea of borderdet, is ingenious and effective. It not only integrates boundary features into target location prediction, but also can be easily integrated into various target detection algorithms, which brings great performance improvement. In the open source implementation, the efficient CUDA implementation of borderalign will […]

  • Five minutes to master IOC in JavaScript


    IOC, inversion of control. It is an implementation of dependency inversion principle, that is, interface oriented programming. With the help of the third-party container, IOC can decouple the dependent objects and reduce the cost of development and maintenance. Next, let’s take a complete example to learn more about these concepts. A business module to be […]

  • Segmentfault technical weekly vol.2-666, ES6


    ECMAScript 6.0, ECMAScript 2015, until we finally decided to call it ES6, it took 15 years from the initial formulation to the final release as an international standard. In June 2015, ES6 was officially released. In the past year, many developers have shared ES6 related content in segmentfault, from exploration to depth, from theory to […]

  • Frida experience of source code analysis of Android jar / Library


    catalog:Source code analysis of Android jar / Library  Frida experience: effect: Android mobile phone can hook Java and so layer code, monitor data and process memory data. Dynamic tool kit for developers, reverse engineers and security researchers. Chestnut: Operation steps:     1、https://github.com/frida/frida/releasesDownload the executable program suitable for the running environment. This is arm64, so I downloaded […]