• Front end of. NETCORE + Vue framework building journey: Micro front end architecture design (2)


    What you want, go ahead!Record the small things in the development process and add some experience value to yourself. preface The first part of the “journey to build a.netcore + Vue framework”: Micro front end architecture design “describes the core idea of the design. This article mainly talks about the remote loading module (dynamic loading […]

  • Data platform panoramic architecture and module analysis! One article introduction to Taiwan architect!


    In retrospect, the first article big vernacular six ask data center! That’s all you want to know!. What is the data center? Why? What’s the value? It’s very clear.Data middle platform is an enterprise level capability reuse platform. The goal is to make data continuously used. Through the tools, methods and operation mechanism provided by […]

  • Mean stack novice navigation?


    How do I use mean stack to build a simple app Recently, I have been studying the development of mean stack, but the tutorials from Google are too scattered. There are express, restful interfaces and angular resource designs, but there is no complete set of mean. And mature frameworks such asmeteor、meanio、meanjsIt’s not very suitable for […]

  • The manufacturing mode of tool factory


    The manufacturing mode of tool factory Factory pattern is one of the most common and easy to understand design patterns. The most popular way to interpret the factory pattern is to hand over the object created to the factory. Analysis of factory mode When writing object-oriented programs, new object is a very important part. Then, […]

  • Go document: go command


    This paper is updated on April 8, 2020. Translated from the official document of command go( https://golang.org/cmd/go/ It can be used in China https://golang.google.cn/cmd/go/ )The structure of chapters and paragraphs is slightly changed, and the corresponding go version is 1.14. catalog go Go bug — start bug report Go build — compile package and its […]

  • On NGX_ Application of lua in upyun


    ngx_ Lua is a third-party extension module of nginx, which can embed Lua code into nginx to execute. Upyun CDN uses nginx as a reverse proxy server, and most of its business logic has been driven by Lua. This topic has been briefly shared in OSC source Creation Association 2014 Beijing station and segmentfault D-Day […]

  • Code splitting-01 of Vue package optimization


    preface In the era of http1, a common performance optimization is to merge the number of HTTP requests. Usually, we will merge a lot of JS code together. However, if a JS package is very large, it will be a bit overkill for performance improvement. If we split all the code reasonably, split the first […]

  • [discard IDE, embrace command line] compile and run Java program with terminal


    Refer to link 1: get out of the IDE and see how javac compilesInclude all jars in the directory in the Java classpath Overview of engineering structure The current engineering structure is as follows: PS D: ye Jiancheng, Java, primary, test_ Jsoup – replica > tree / F Folder path list of volume data The […]

  • How to monitor Tomcat? ZABBIX vs. cloud insight


    There are many JVM monitoring tools, such as jstat, jmap, jstack, Jinfo, which can view different system information according to different requirements, and jconsole, a graphical interface, are very convenient tools. These can refer to the Java built-in monitoring tools. However, modern monitoring tools are integrated, which can monitor the performance of the server, and […]

  • Nginx introduction and basic command line operation


    Introduction to nginx Nginx is a high-performance web server. From 2001 to now, because of nginx’s deep mining of hardware and operating system kernel characteristics, it can maintain high concurrency and high throughput at the same time. Nginx also adopts module design, and there are a large number of third-party modules that can expand the […]

  • Code splitting-03 of Vue package optimization


    What is code splitting and whyPreviously, in order to reduce HTTP requests, we used to package all the code into a separate JS file. However, if the JS file is very large, then the gain is not worth the loss. At this time, we might as well divide all the code into blocks and load […]