• Webpack optimized development experience


    Webpack Dev Server It integrates the functions of automatic compilation and automatic refresh of browser. The webpack dev server does not write to any output files after compilation, but keeps the bundle files in memory and then serves them to the server. yarn add webpack-dev-server –dev const path = require(“path”); const { CleanWebpackPlugin } = […]

  • node. JS daily soul question – node FS module of JS & common methods


    node. FS module of JS & common methods What is FS??? The FS module is also nodeCore moduleone ofAll andFile related operationsAll of them are implemented through fs} core modulesincludeAdd, delete, modify, check, read and writeAll methods are divided intoSynchronous and asynchronousTwo implementationshavesyncThe suffix issynchronization common method 1. Readfile read file (filename, [options], callback); *The […]

  • Grpc go source code analysis and practical column introduction


    1. Background introduction Whether it is distributed architecture or micro service architecture, how to communicate efficiently and reliably between services is challenging; Then, one of the solutions is to use RPC communication;Grpc go developed by Google is a high-performance, open source and general RPC framework, which is designed for mobile and http2.Grpc go can often […]

  • Modular development


    Modular development is one of the most important front-end development paradigms Modular evolution process Stage1 file division methodThe specific method is to put each function and its related status data into different files separately. It is agreed that each file is an independent module. Using a module is to introduce the module into the page, […]

  • Build a live broadcast system and realize H5 playing RTMP


    RTMP protocol can only be used for streaming, and RTMP protocol and HLS protocol can be used for streaming. RTMP protocol is an open protocol developed by Adobe, and HLS is a live broadcast protocol launched by apple. We use nginx’s RTMP plug-in to build the streaming server RTMP live server based on nginx Install […]

  • [Liu Jian] nginx configuring SSL


    Nginx configuring SSL Author: Abbott Liu (Liu Jian) Create: 2021/09/18 5:50 Update: 2021/09/18 5:50 There is an nginx folder in the certificate file we downloaded. Both files are required. We need to upload these two files to the Linux server. It is recommended to put them in the/etc/ssl/Directory Then we need to find the nginx […]

  • Explain node in simple terms JS (I) module mechanism


    Module classification Node. JS has two modules Core moduleSome core modules have been directly loaded into memory. The steps of path analysis compilation can be omitted and judged preferentially in path analysis, so the loading speed is the fastest File moduleRuntimeDynamic loading, so you needComplete path analysis file location and compilation executionProcess, so the speed […]

  • Jenkins one click deployment


    brief introduction Construction method Manual deployment Docker deployment Manual deployment 1. Environmental requirements Check whether the Java environment is 1.8 2. Add Jenkins source [[email protected] ~]# wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/jenkins.repo https://pkg.jenkins.io/redhat-stable/jenkins.repo –2018-12-31 23:41:42– https://pkg.jenkins.io/redhat-stable/jenkins.repo Resolving pkg.jenkins.io… Connecting to pkg.jenkins.io||:443… connected. ERROR: cannot verify pkg.jenkins.io’s certificate, issued by “/C=US/O=Let’s Encrypt/CN=Let’s Encrypt Authority X3”: Issued certificate not […]

  • One of the four features of C + + 20: detailed explanation of module feature


    What is the biggest feature of C + + 20? The biggest feature is that no compiler has fully implemented all the features so far. Some people think that C + + 20 is the biggest change since C + + 11, even bigger than C + + 11. This paper only introduces the module […]

  • Introduction to spring cloud (I) Eureka


    In the article prepared earlier, we also talked about the five components of spring cloud. Today we will talk about service discovery (Registration). Eureka is a common component for service discovery and registration, whether it is spring cloud version h or the latest version. Project construction Building a EurekaParent module, please refer to the previous […]

  • Python simulated Login, selenium module, python identification graphic verification code to realize automatic login


    preface Use Python to identify the graphic verification code to realize automatic login. No more nonsense. Let’s start happily~ development tool Python version: 3.6.4 Related modules: Re module; Numpy module; Pytesseract module; Selenium module; And some Python built-in modules. Environment construction Install Python and add it to the environment variable. PIP can install the relevant […]