• Understand mapped types in typescript


    This article will introduce the mapped types in typescript in detail. After reading this article, you will learn the following knowledge points: The relationship between mapping in mathematics and mapping type in TS; Application of mapping type in TS; Application of mapping type modifier in TS; Next, we will start with “mapping in mathematics”. The […]

  • Access to four relationship modifiers in Java


    Four kinds of modifier relations in Java The relationship between the access of four modifiers in Java public protected default private In the same class Can access sure sure sure In the same package sure sure sure may not Different packages but subclasses sure sure may not may not Different packages and not subclasses sure […]

  • Use of Vue Library


    1. Introduce Vue on the page JS file library addressVue and react: direct operation of DOM nodes is not allowed. All DOM nodes are: virtual DOMGenerally, it is downloaded locally and modified to vue Min.js introduction2. Instantiationvar vm=new Vue{El:’dom object ‘, data:{Attribute: ‘value’}                          } […]

  • Front end internal training foundation – about regularity


    prefaceIn conventional development, regularization may not need to be fully mastered, but with the in-depth mining of technology, or to go deep into a certainFramework source codeAnalyze or find someDaily processing stringA better way to deal with, then regular expressions can be said to beessentialof Next, as I begin to uncover the mystery of regular […]

  • Use of abstract, virtual and override in c\


    Reprinted from: https://www.cnblogs.com/akwwl/archive/2012/08/03/2622026.html 1. the abstract modifier indicates that the modified content is missing or not fully implemented. The abstract modifier is available for classes, methods, properties, indexers, and events. Use the abstract modifier in a class declaration to indicate that a class can only be the base class of other classes. Members marked as […]

  • Application and sharing of gjson in go


    [TOC] In gogjsonApplication and sharing of Last time we shared the data of using go to crawl static web pages. Let’s review it Share a brief description of static and dynamic web pages Go crawls static web page simple data Go crawl pictures on Web pages Concurrent crawling of resources on Web pages If you […]

  • Learn more about mongodb database


    Start mongodb • create a data folder under the root directory of drive C and a DB folder under data • open the CMD command line window and enter mongod • first boot of 32-bit system: – mongod –storageEngine=mmapv1 • the following outputs appear Specify port and path • start mongodb on the console – […]

  • Locks in IOS


    Everyone must know the role of a lock. It is to protect privacy and property security. In fact, in programming, the meaning of a lock is the same. It is to protect the security of a piece of code during execution. The locked code can only be executed by others after it is unlocked image.png […]

  • Advanced swiftui animation part 3:animatablemodifier


    We have seenAnimatableHow the agreement helps us achievepathandTransformation matrixAnimated. In the last part of this series, we’ll take this one step further.AnimatableModifierIs the most powerful of the three. With it, we can complete the task without restriction. The name says it all:AnimatableModifier. It is aViewModifier, compliantAnimatable. If you don’t knowAnimatableandanimatableDataHow does it work? Please come […]

  • Vue note 12.06 V-model deeply understands the basic operation of sync modifier named slot scope slot blending Ajax


    1、 Detailed explanation of V-model: V – model is actually the syntax of V – bind: and V – on:, that is, abbreviations Here, v-on and v-bind are replaced by V-model 2、 Sync modifier When Binding attributes, use xx Sync modifier, you can omit the event binding corresponding to update: XX Convention 1: attribute binding […]

  • function call


    function call One creates an object and then the object name The method name () called is as follows: Another method is to add static to the modifier in the called method. Then the direct method name () is called as follows:  

  • What is the use of Java access modifiers?


    1. Problem description When writing a unit test, the service class is automatically injected, but when calling the method in the service, the method written by yourself cannot be accessed. 2. Causes of problems as a result ofMethod does not use an access modifier, add the “public” modifier to the method to access it 3. […]