• Day 2 of learning Vue


    Class is bound to style V-bind: class binds a returned objectCalculation properties。 This is a common and powerful pattern: V-bind: style is usually better to bind directly to a style object, which will make the template clearer. Similarly, object syntax is often used in combination with the calculated properties of the returned object. ? Automatically […]

  • day 3 of learning vue


    Key modifier You can use the global config.keycodes objectCustom key modifier alias Auto match key modifier You can also directlyKeyboardEvent.keyAny valid key name exposed is converted to kebab case as a modifier: <input @keyup.page-down=”onPageDown”> In the above example, the handler function is only called when $event. Key = = ‘pagedown’. System modifier .ctrl .alt .shift […]

  • Sed command notes


    Sed loads the content line by line into the memory space, processes it, and then prints it to the screen; The default is not to modify the source file Sed – niefr ‘line action modifier’ file -N in silent mode, only the processed lines are printed -I modify the source file directly -e script -e […]

  • These java game code optimization details you need to pay attention to


    Many people who study java know that Java programmers can’t do without beating code again and again! Constantly optimizing the code means that it can further improve the efficiency of code operation. So, what are the details of code optimization? Let Xiaoqian give you a brief explanation, hoping to help students who want to master […]

  • Summary of differences between IOS modifiers (recommended)


    atomic When setting the @ property property property of a member variable, it defaults to atomic, providing multithreading safety. In a multithreaded environment, atomic operation is necessary, otherwise it may cause wrong results. When atomic is added, the setter function will become as follows: {lock} if (property != newValue) { [property release]; property = [newValue […]

  • Gitlab migration and 500 problems after migration


    Gitlab migration background Previously, gitlab was deployed on Alibaba cloud machines. Because the external network was relatively insecure, it was considered to move to the internal network environment Gitlab-11.11.3 docker deployment implementation backups docker exec -ti gitlab bash gitlab-rake gitlab:backup:create docker cp gitlab:/var/opt/gitlab/backups/1612427334_2021_02_04_11.11.3_gitlab_backup.tar . Start the same version of gitlab on the intranet machine (the […]

  • Vue basic introductory notes 02: event modifier


    Vue learning notes 2 Event modifier . stop stop bubbling . prevent block default events . once executes only once . self fires only when the event is on the element itself . capture use event capture mode when adding event listeners <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″> <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” […]

  • Vue template syntax


    Introduction to Vue You Yuxi: founder of vue.js In February 2014, vue.js was officially released On October 27, 2015, 1.0.0 was officially released On April 27, 2016, a preview version of 2.0 was released Vue: progressive JavaScript framework Declarative rendering → component system → client routing → centralized state management → project construction Advantages of […]

  • Vue Basics (III): template syntax (II)


    1. Event binding 1.1 basic use of v-on Vue binds events through the instruction v-on, such as the most commonly used click method: v-on: click. We can also abbreviate it as @ click; Let’s take a simple example: Basic use of Vue {{num}} click click1 click2 click3 var vm = new Vue({ el: ‘#app’, data: […]

  • Vue first day study


    Click event of Vue component @Click. Native. Prevent = “handlelogin” it’s strange to see click.native.prevent. I found it onlineWhen binding events to Vue components, you must add native, otherwise it will not take effect (listen to the native events of the root element and use the. Native modifier)This means that the Vue component binding event […]

  • The latest Java modifiers are detailed and easy to understand


    This article is transferred from: Le byteThis article mainly explains: Java modifierFor more Java related knowledge, you can pay attention to the official account number: 999In Java, modifiers can be divided into access modifiers and non access modifiers1、 Access modifierThrough the access modifier, we can restrict the permissions of different classes or method properties. In […]

  • Vue methods and events


    In event binding, the onclick writing method similar to native JavaScript is also monitored on [email protected] The expression of click can use JavaScript statements directly, or it can be a function name in the methods option in the Vue instance. <div id=”app”> Hits: {counter}} <button @click=”handleAdd()”>+ 1</button> <button @click=”handleAdd(10)”>+ 10</button> </div> <script> var app = […]