• Basic features of solidity in smart contract writing


    As mentioned in the previous article, most of the alliance chain platforms, including FISCO bcos, use solidness as the development language of smart contracts, so it is necessary to be familiar with solidness. As a Turing complete programming language for blockchain platform design, solidness supports function call, modifier, overload, event, inheritance and other features, and […]

  • PHP real regular expression (2): extracting HTML elements


    This article introduces how to extract HTML elements from regular expressionspattern modifier 、Greedy matchingAndNon greedy matching、Unicode mode、Look aroundAnd so on.Before reading this article, it’s better to read the same series of articlesPHP real regular expression (1): verifying mobile phone numberRead it carefully first. Basic extraction There is such a form user name occupation Kobe Bryant […]

  • Using Unicode to match special characters in regular expressions


    Using Unicode to match special characters in regular expressions [email protected] Original [email protected] First of all, I declare that all the code in this paper is run under ES6, and Es5 needs to be modified before it can run. However, this paper does not involve too many new features of ES6, and because V8 does not […]

  • Introduction to the use of pattern modifier and reverse reference of PHP regular expression


    Matching order of regular expressions:1. Mode unit2. Repeated matching? * + {}3. Boundary limit ^ $B4. Mode selection| Mode modifier:Pattern modifiers are marked outside of the entire pattern I: characters in the pattern will match both upper and lower case lettersM: strings are treated as multilinesS: treat string as single line, newline as normal characterX: […]

  • Basic knowledge of regular expressions (PHP)


    The knowledge points here are basically the reading notes of the regular guide, but the sample code of each knowledge point is implemented in PHP. 1. Character group Character class is a group of characters. In regular expressions, it means “all kinds of characters that may appear in the same position”.Writing: [AB], [314], [#.?] Basic […]

  • The evolution of Java language


    –Compiled from “Java core technology (Volume I) basic knowledge (the 11th edition of the original book)” Version | year | new language features 1.0 | 1996 | language itself 1.1 | 1997 | internal class 1.2 | 1998 | strictfp modifier 1.3 | 2000 | none 1.4 | 2002 | assertion 5.0 | 2004 | […]

  • Regularity and regularity in JS


    Recently, I helped students to process some documents, and most of the work related to some structured documents had to use regular expressions. Most of my previous knowledge of regularity came from the introduction of those pages in the language book, and I didn’t use it several times. Here, I will sort out the concepts […]

  • JavaScript regular library: xregexp


    It seems that there are not many articles about the JS regular library on the Internet. Maybe it’s also because complex regular matching rarely needs to be run on the client, so it’s not used much on JS. Moreover, I haven’t found a second one by searching the JS regular library. But some of its […]

  • V-on and its event modifiers


    This article is aboutv-onBasic grammar, also includesv-onEvent modifier for . stop: prevent event bubbling Original HTML: <div class=”inner” @click=”first”> < input type = button “value = poke him” @ Click = second “> </div> <script> var vm = new Vue({ el: “.inner”, data: {}, Methods: {// the methods attribute defines the methods used in the […]

  • 12 Python regular expressions


    Why learn regular when you master XPath and CSS selectors? Regular expressions, which are parsed with standard regular expressions, generally treat HTML as ordinary text and match it with specified format as relevant text. They are suitable for small pieces of text, or a string of characters (such as telephone number, email account), orHTML contains […]

  • Three small exercises to help you understand nginx location matching


    In nginx, we can configure the location instruction block to decide how to handle a request URL. If we write multiple location blocks, how can we ensure that each location does not conflict? How to clarify the matching order of location? With these two questions, let’s do some exercises first. Welcome to star and subscribe […]

  • Vue introduction-1


    1、 Introduction to Vue Vue is a set of * * progressive framework * * for building user interface, which can be applied layer by layer from bottom to top. The core library of Vue only focuses on the view layer, which is easy to use and easy to integrate with third-party libraries or existing […]