• Learn Vue, learn Vue JSX


    Only inrenderFunctionJSXIs that right Of course not. You can define itmethod, and thenmethodBack insideJSX, and thenrenderThis method is called in the function, not only that,JSXYou can also assign values to variables directly, such as the following code methods: { $_renderFooter() { return ( determine cancel ) } }, render() { const buttons = this.$_renderFooter() return […]

  • ES6 (8) – regexp


    RegExp Sticky — y modifier On regularization of Chinese — u modifier Multibyte Chinese character matching Dot character Add a new Unicode code point to match Chinese characters classifier I modifier Predefined patterns Es6-es10 learning map Sticky — y modifier Y means sticky, global matching, must start from the first, continuous matching const s = […]

  • The detailed use of V-model in vue3. X


    1. When used to customize components, the prop and default event name of V-model are changed, and the model option is removed //Parent component Bound value: {message}} //Subcomponents export default { //2. X usage, you can modify the prop and trigger the event name, model to discard // model: { //Prop: ‘value’, // the default […]

  • Why use it in block__ Strong life again, weak object?


    At this time, I was asked a question about block in an interview. I exclaimed “good question” (I haven’t thought about it before). Now I want to think about it again __weak __typeof(self)weakSelf = self; Block(param) ^{ __strong __typeof(weakSelf)strongSelf = weakSelf; // Do stuff }); First, when there is no weakself, block will make a […]

  • Abstract class of Java object oriented


    Java abstract class   Java abstract class: 1. Abstract modifier can be used to modify a method or a class. If you modify a method, the method is an abstract method; if you modify a class, the class is an abstract class 2. Abstract classes may not have abstract methods, but classes with abstract methods […]

  • API removed by vue3


    API removed by vue3 Key modifier Keycode is no longer supported as a v-on modifier No longer supported config.keyCode <!– 2.x –> <! — key code version — > <input v-on:keyup.13=”submit” /> <! — alias version — > <input v-on:keyup.enter=”submit” /> <! — through the overall situation config.keyCodes Options — > <script> Vue.config.keyCodes = { […]

  • Chapter 4: detailed explanation of event method, event monitoring, method value transfer, event object, multi event handler, event modifier and key modifier in vue3. X


    1、 Vue3. X listening events Listening events in Vue can usev-on:[email protected] ,@clickbyv-on:clickFor example: data() { return { counter: 1 } } Template template: div id=”basic-event”> <button @click=”counter += 1″>Add 1</button> <p>The button above has been clicked {{ counter }} times.</p> </div> 2、 Vue3. X defines methods, executes methods, obtains data, and changes data Business logic: […]

  • C # constructor (instance, static, private)


    Microsoft official constructor doc link Whenever you createclassorstructureIts constructor is called. A class or structure may have multiple constructors with different arguments. Using constructors, programmers can set default values, restrict instantiation, and write flexible and readable code. There are three types of constructors instant constructor private constructors static constructor Modifier public Default without modifiers (preferably […]

  • Description of modifier character and escape character of PHP regular expression basic function


    I use a lot of regularization in writing, so I will gradually reduce the application of regularization in the next version The characters to escape in PHP regular expressions are as follows: $^*()+={}[]|/:<>.?’” Note: in Perl style, expressions are required to start with / and end with, for example, / food / table matches the […]

  • Regular expression pattern modifiers such as / ESI


    explainThe possible modifiers currently used in PCRE are listed below. In brackets are the internal PCRE names of these modifiers. Spaces and newlines in the modifier are ignored and other characters can cause errors. i (PCRE_CASELESS) If this modifier is set, the characters in the pattern will match both upper and lower case letters.s(PCRE_DOTALL) If […]

  • Regular expression error prone point summary!


    Recently in learning regular expressions, found that the original understanding of regular expressions is not particularly accurate, or even wrong! Here a simple record, I hope some friends can help! ① “[]”: character set (character cluster, character group…) What does he really mean“Or”For example: [123], it means to match a 1 or 2 or 3! […]

  • New features of C × 6.0


    attribute What are automatic attributes There is no need to define a field. The corresponding field is produced at compile time, which is equivalent to a “syntax sugar” provided by Microsoft  public int Age { get; set; }  Read only automatic properties Modifying set with access modifiers public string Name { get; private set; } […]