• NLP tutorial: how to automatically generate couplets


    Demo: https://www.flyai.com/couplets The most important feature of the recurrent neural network is that it can take the sequence as input and output, and the up and down links of the couplet are typical sequence words. So, can we use the neural network to carry out the couplet? The answer is yes. In this project, the […]

  • When Da Mo hall bull learned to dig, all this was out of control


    In the eyes of outsiders,DamoyuanThere are plenty of talents, most of them are strange people, doing mysterious and high-end research, which is like the existence of sweeping monks. But if one day, when mysterious experts are no longer mysterious, you find that they are also starting to play cutout, and all these are developing in […]

  • Python for NLP: multi label text LSTM neural network classification using keras


    Original link: http://tecdat.cn/? P = 8640 introduce   In this article, we’ll see how to develop a text classification model with multiple outputs. We will develop a text classification model that analyzes text annotations and predicts multiple tags associated with them. The multi label classification problem is actually a subset of multiple output models. At […]

  • Reworld role customization


    Custom model import 1. Insert the role model in the workspace 2. It can directly adjust the body color, body shape and body hanging point of the character You can also insert actions, tops, pants, shoes and expressions Your character’s bones are made up of 15 parts 3. Select the head to edit the head […]

  • BGP evpn routing model (3)


    Prefix route (evpn type-5 route) Most of the previous analysis is host routing (32-bit). Evpn also supports network segment routing, which is published through evpn type-5 routing. The main purpose of prefix routing is for the data center to communicate with the external network (typically, the data center accesses the Internet). It is important to […]

  • . obj and. MTL format details


    Obj file is a 3D model file format. A standard developed by alias|wavefront for 3D modeling and animation software “advanced visualizer”, which is suitable for mutual guidance between 3D software models and can also be read and written through Maya. Only model triangle data and material information are supported, without animation function support; The geometry […]

  • Sklearn realizes logical regression


    First, let’s look at the following data set:   The previous X1 and X2 represent the result of whether or not to buy a car determined by the two factors of annual income and age. In the start code part, we first enter the variables of X and y, and then enter the data: from […]

  • Quickly build serverless AI application: write poems for you


    Preface First of all, it introduces some important concepts in this paper: Function compute: function calculation is an event driven service. Through function calculation, users do not need to manage the operation of the server, just write code and upload it. Function computing prepares computing resources and runs user code in an elastic and scalable […]

  • Exploration and practice of deep learning in ETA prediction of meituan distribution


    1. background ETA (estimated time of arrival), that is, how long will the delivery personnel deliver the takeout to the user after the user places the order. The result of delivery time prediction will be displayed in the form of “expected delivery time” on the user’s client page, which is a very important parameter in […]

  • How to evaluate the effect of deep learning model? Engineer Ali did it


    Xiaoji Reading Guide:In the complex depth model, if the effect is not good, is it because of the lack of network design? Or are data natural flaws? Is it a bug in training code? Or the problem of tensorflow itself? Based on this, Alibaba engineers launched deepsinspight deep learning quality platform, which is dedicated to […]

  • Performance evaluation of Baidu brain edgeboard based on resnet50 / mobile SSD model


    ResNet model PrefaceIn the last test, we trained the output of a three convolution layer in series with a full connection layer from the beginning as a prediction model of cat dog classification. This time, we trained a RESNET model ourselves and compared the performance in the following three environments AIStudio CPU: 2 Cores 8GB […]

  • Zero code using Tencent TBP to build intelligent dialogue robot


    Click to watch the sharing Love you alone to bear the suffering of life, lonely night with you only have no one to talk about the depression and nowhere to place anxiety. Keep a pet, but it can’t get your “pet words”. Find a partner and waste time and energy fighting. Back home, can only […]