• 2. Vue constructor and extension


    1、VUEBrief introduction of constructors VUEConstructor is a very important grammar. eachVue.jsApplications are all through constructorsVueCreate a root instance.     New了VueObject, and then called thisvueObject and passed data to the constructor. InstantiationVueYou need to pass in aJSONObject, which can contain data, template, hanging element, method, callback function and other options. All options can beAPIView in […]

  • Paper reading: reducing general reply based on statistical reweighting


    Paper reading: reducing general reply based on statistical reweighting Conference name: emnlp2018 Title: rewards less generic responses in neural conversation models: a statistical re weighting method Original link: https://link.zhihu.com/? Target = HTTPS% 3A / / www.paperweekly.site/papers/2440 One sentence summary: to solve the problem of many to many relationship and general reply in open dialogue field, […]

  • The creation of laravel framework model and the example of model to data operation


    An example of this paper describes the creation of laravel framework model and the data operation of the model. To share with you for your reference, as follows: Model creation: <?php namespace App; use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model; class Admin extends Model{ //Specify table name protected $table = ‘wd_user’; //Specify the fields that allow bulk copying protected $fillable […]

  • [notes] learning record of special video of Yuan learning (Taiwan University · Li Hongyi)


    Catalog I. overview Meta Learning = Learn to learn Let the machine learn how to learn: use a series of tasks to train the model. The model becomes a powerful learner based on the experience learned from these tasks, and can learn new tasks faster. Meta Learning VS Lifelong Learning Lifelong learning: focus on learning […]

  • [series] go in API planning directory and parameter verification (2)


    Catalog Summary Planning directory structure Model binding and validation Custom validator Develop API return structure Source address Go in API series Summary First, synchronize the following project overview: In the previous article, we used go modules to initialize the project. In this article, we share: Planning directory structure Model binding and validation Custom validator Develop […]

  • Official disclosure of the strongest Chinese NLP pre training model eniernie [with video]


    “Recently, I was writing my graduation thesis with Ernie.” “I think it’s pretty good” “Why Ernie? What’s the meaning of the name?” “I want Ernie to help me with my homework” After reading the hot discussion above, you must be curious about what “Ernie” and “Ernie” are? Natural language processing (NLP) is known as the […]

  • AI data tagging


    Catalog Material annotation tool Possible problems in labeling Notes How to improve the marking quality of material     Calculation poweranddataIt is the two key factors that affect deep learning. In order to achieve better results, we need to provide a large amount of high-quality material data to neural network in order to train a […]

  • Free fish recommendation, let intelligent computing move from cloud to end


    Free fish recommendation, know you like. Author: Chu Rui (Liu Sijia), Jin Yi (Chen Xiaoping), Ming Dong (Ou Mingdong), Zixu (Yang Zixu). Key word: Intelligent recommendation, feature engineering and feature processing. Explanation of terms: Machine learning: an algorithm for generating “model” from data on a computer; Data set: a set of records; Model: generally referring to the […]

  • Chinese pre training model ernie2.0 model download and installation


    In July 2019, baidu Ernie upgraded again and released Ernie 2.0, a semantic understanding framework for continuous learning, and Ernie 2.0 pre training model based on this framework. It takes advantage of Baidu’s massive data and paddlepaddle multi machine and multi card efficient training advantages, and continues to learn massive data and knowledge through deep […]

  • Building MLP based on keras


    Keras is a set of high-level neural network API based on tensorflow, theano and cntk back-end, which can support fast experiment very friendly. This paper introduces how to use keras to build MLP from scratch and gives two examples. Install keras based on Ubuntu The specific installation process is detailed in the official Chinese and […]

  • Baidu NLP pre training model ernie2.0 the strongest practical courses come! [with tutorial]


    In March 2019, baidu officially released the NLP model Ernie, which once attracted extensive attention and discussion in the industry when it comprehensively surpassed Bert in Chinese tasks. After just a few months, baidu Ernie has been upgraded to release Ernie 2.0, a semantic understanding framework for continuous learning, and Ernie 2.0 pre training model […]

  • Flutter learning notes (24) – singlechildscrollview scrolling component


    For reprint, please indicate the source:Flutter learning notes (24) – singlechildscrollview scrolling component In our actual project development, there are often too many UI contents on the page, which leads to the endless display of one screen on the mobile phone. For example, in Android, we usually use Scrollview to wrap the contents. If we […]