• Chain of Responsibility Pattern in Design Patterns


    In this paper, through the library management system, user name verification, password verification, need to add questions, each time we need to add an if judgment statement, and change it to the chain of responsibility mode for chain calls. In order to make the code more elegant, we Use the builder pattern you learned before […]

  • Idea maven multi-model cannot refer to each other


    Phenomenon: idea reports an error, and one model cannot find the dependencies of another model. After executing maven install, the dependencies can be found, but what is found is the jar package after the installation of other models, not the source code in the project.Analysis code reason:The model version number is controlled by the properties […]

  • A brief introduction to model scenes in Yii


    Model field validation in Yii has a concept of scenarios, and different validation rules can be set in different scenarios. The default scenario in Yii is default, and the simple implementation is as follows Below I use the user table, the fields in the table are user_name, password Simple rules are as follows public function […]

  • What is the M model or the model in MVC? In the end how to understand?


    Mark-to-win: What is Model? (This topic is relatively deep, and beginners do not need to understand the principle, just remember the results.) The English translation of Model is a model. What is the model? Ever seen a model airplane? Despite its small size, it can operate independently and can fly completely by itself. The same […]

  • Advanced Redis: Principle and Application of Publish-Subscribe Mode


    “Brother 65, if you made a beautiful lady as your girlfriend, how would you spread the news to your WeChat friends?” “Then don’t take some beautiful photos of your girlfriend + intimate photos, get a Jiugongge graphic message and post it in the circle of friends to hype it up and attack the single dog.” […]

  • The whole process of ML for diamond price prediction! Deploy the app from the model build tuning track! ⛵


    author:Han [email protected]📘 Data Analysis◉ Skill Improvement Series:http://www.showmeai.tech/tutorials/33📘 AI Interview Question Bank Series:http://www.showmeai.tech/tutorials/48📘 Address of this article:http://www.showmeai.tech/article-detail/302Disclaimer: All rights reserved, please contact the platform and the author for reprinting and indicate the sourcecollectShowMeAIView more exciting content We often talk about end-to-end machine learning modeling in the industry. The so-called end-to-end refers to building the entire process […]

  • 2022/8/29 Many-to-many TP6 models


    1. User roles The relationship between users and roles is many-to-many: A user can have multiple roles; A role can be assigned to multiple roles. 2. Preliminary preparation (1) Routing // View user roles Route::get(‘userroles/:id’,’UserAccess/read’); // assign roles to users Route::post(‘userroles’,’UserAccess/save’); // delete the user’s role Route::post(‘userrole/delete’,’UserAccess/delete’); (2) Controller use command php think make:controller UserAccess […]

  • MASA Auth – SSO and Identity Design


    AAAA AAAA means authentication, authorization, audit, and account (Authentication, Authorization, Audit, Account). There are two problems that we cannot avoid in the field of security: Reliable authorization process: allow third-party programs to access the required resources without revealing user data. Commonly used multi-party authorization protocols mainly include OAuth2 and SAML 2.0 Controllable authorization result: The […]

  • MVC, MVP and MVVM


    foreword In the era of web 1.0, there is no concept of front-end, and the back-end is written together if you want to write. The front-end and back-end codes are mixed together, such as the front-end and back-end of PHP development, and then the MVC development mode and framework are derived. web1.0 era The original […]