• Custom plugin + including build project practice


    01. Preface In the actual project, I have been thinking about how to solve build in an elegant way I think you and I must have the same feeling about the gradle configuration file. In component or modular development, I believe we will carry out the same operation and configure a build for each module […]

  • Elk construction


    ELK “Elk” is an acronym for three open source projects: elasticsearch, logstash and kibana. Elasticsearch is a search and analysis engine. Logstash is a server-side data processing pipeline, which can collect data from multiple sources at the same time, convert data, and then send data to “repositories” such as elasticsearch. Kibana allows users to visualize […]

  • Map + functional interface replaces the strategy mode to solve if else more perfectly


    This paper introduces the specific application of strategy mode and how map + functional interface can “better” solve the problem of if else. Article catalogue demand Strategy mode Map + functional interface Finally, what does this article say demand Recently, I wrote a service: query the distribution method granttype and collection rules according to the […]

  • Write an RPC framework S02 (server configuration) with go


    preface LastWe talked about the internal design of service registration and wrote a service management tool type Server struct { serviceMap map[string]*service options *Options beforeMiddleware []MiddlewareFunc afterMiddleware []MiddlewareFunc beforeMiddlewarePath map[string][]MiddlewareFunc afterMiddlewarePath map[string][]MiddlewareFunc } This time, let’s see how to write the most elegant service configuration Let’s take a look at options first type Options struct […]

  • Laracms background management system


    Laracms background management system It is developed based on laravel 5.5, including content management and API services. (another repeating wheel)) Laracms is an amateur work produced in the process of learning laravel (web development practical advanced + practical architecture API server). It tries to quickly build a set of basic enterprise stations in a simple […]

  • Change the log level dynamically when Flink is running


    background Flink on Yan cluster mode, which is used when submitting tasksFLINK_CONFG_DIRLowerlog4j.properties, the output level of the log cannot be changed dynamically; The official does not support specifying log configuration files by reference. Please check the detailsYarnConfigOptionsInternalDescription on class If you want to specify the log output level for different tasks, you can only use […]

  • Introduction to 23 design modes — single case mode


    Singleton modeSome methods are adopted to make the software run:Only one instance object can exist in a classAnd this class can only provide one method to get an instance. classification: Hungry Han style Static constant mode Static code block mode Lazy style Normal mode, thread unsafe Synchronization method, thread safety Synchronous code block mode, thread […]

  • Several methods for IOS to judge whether the current click position is on a view


    Transfer fromericshen880412 IOS determines whether the current clicked position is on a view Record several methods to judge whether the touch point is on a view The first method: isdecendentofview: Through touch View calls isdecendentofview: method and returns yes, then the touch point is on the view we need to judge; Otherwise, it is not […]

  • Kubernetes core practice (8) — Service


    13、service Four layer network load establish [[email protected] ~/yaml/test]# [[email protected] ~/yaml/test]# vim my-app.yaml [[email protected] ~/yaml/test]# cat my-app.yaml apiVersion: apps/v1 kind: Deployment metadata: labels: app: my-dep name: my-dep spec: replicas: 3 selector: matchLabels: app: my-dep template: metadata: labels: app: my-dep spec: containers: – image: nginx name: nginx [[email protected] ~/yaml/test]# kubectl apply -f my-app.yaml deployment.apps/my-dep created [[email protected] ~/yaml/test]# […]

  • Pandas skills (1) | small but effective methods!


    Hello, I’m cherishPandas has been used for nearly two years. Today I’m going to share an article on data processing! “Lazy tips (*  ̄)  ̄” Pandas is a special tool for data processing (it belongs to a toolkit in Python). It provides a large number of convenient data processing functions and methods, which can be […]

  • In preparation for the “double 11”, Alibaba cloud provides one-stop resource support services for enterprises


    Introduction: Alibaba cloud elastic computing will launch the online resource guarantee service to provide users with one-stop self-service resource guarantee service through intelligent resource diagnosis, recommendation, resource reservation and authorization candidates. It takes into account flexibility and economy, and can also obtain deterministic guarantee at all times, so as to escort the smooth progress of […]

  • HTML form markup tutorial (2):


    This tutorial introduces the application of various attributes of form tags in web design Basic grammar Grammatical interpretationYou can control the relationship between the form and the daemon by naming the form.Insert a form into the page.01 <!– —————————— –>02 <!– Example of document: 11-1 htm –>03 <!– File Description: insert form — >04 <!– […]