• (1) Three implementations of – springboot2 – applicationcontextinitializer


    The first implementation methodMETA-INF/spring.factories step1: ImplementationApplicationContextInitializerInterfacestep2: resources create in the resource file directory:META-INF/spring.factories, configure key and value as: interface class = implementation class example:(1) . implement applicationcontextinitializer package com.niewj.fileman.initialized; import org.springframework.context.ApplicationContextInitializer; import org.springframework.context.ConfigurableApplicationContext; import org.springframework.core.annotation.Order; import org.springframework.core.env.ConfigurableEnvironment; import org.springframework.core.env.MapPropertySource; import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.Map; /** * @Author weijun.nie * @Date 2020/4/27 8:00 * @Version 1.0 */ […]

  • Gopath setting method of go language


    Gopath setting method of go language 1. Windows setting mode 2. Linux setting mode $ vim /etc/profile //Add the following to the profile export GOROOT=/usr/local/go/bin export GOPATH=/home/puqiang/go_path export PATH=$PATH:$GOROOT:$GOPATH //Save, last execute $ source /ect/profile This work adoptsCC agreementThe author and the link to this article must be indicated in the reprint

  • MySQL review 7: DDL add / delete / modify


    Continuous rain washed the scattered dust, by the way, also washed the leaves green. The rain will only be less and less, knowledge will be less and less. (within a certain range) Long query past, today will lead readers into the hall of DDL language, feel the unique SQL statement! #DML language Data manipulation language […]

  • The context is coming. Maybe we should let go of Redux or mobx


    Old iron, old fellow? Don’t panic. It won’t take you a few minutes long long ago The compatriots who use react may have been troubled by its state management and data transfer and sharing between components (cumbersome way to pass through props to sub components in turn). At this time, Redux (mobx similar) appeared, we […]

  • PHP modular development based on composer


    Before this topic is in the micro blog company internal technology sharing, here to share with you. We should be very familiar with the introduction of open source projects hosted by GitHub or other platforms, but what should we do about the modularization of internal projects? This may be a headache for many friends. Let’s […]

  • On the front-end responsive design (1)


    Many of the real world operates in a responsive way. For example, we receive questions from others, and then respond and give corresponding answers. In the process of development, the author has also applied a lot of responsive design, accumulated some experience, and hope to be able to draw on the jade. The main difference […]

  • Correct posture of spark combined with GitHub (pull request) pr


    Recently, when upgrading the internal spark version, it involves merging PR on GitHub. Specifically, when spark 2. X is upgraded to spark 3.0.1, it is compatible with HDFS cdh-2.6.0-5.13.1, and a compilation error is reported [INFO] Compiling 25 Scala sources to /Users/libinsong/Documents/codes/tongdun/spark-3.0/resource-managers/yarn/target/scala-2.12/classes … [ERROR] [Error] resource-managers/yarn/src/main/scala/org/apache/spark/deploy/yarn/Client.scala:298: value setRolledLogsIncludePattern is not a member of org.apache.hadoop.yarn.api.records.LogAggregationContext [ERROR] […]

  • Flyter learning notes (40) — timer realizes 60s countdown of SMS verification code acquisition


    If you want to reprint, please indicate the source:Flyter learning notes (40) — timer realizes 60s countdown of SMS verification code acquisition First look at the effect: Two demand scenarios: 1. Jump to the front page after 3S 2. SMS verification code 60s countdown In the first case, according to the demand, we can know […]

  • More sophisticated create react app development environment configuration craco


    background For projects created with CRA scaffolding, if you want to modify the compilation configuration, you may choosenpm run ejectPop up configuration after magic change. However, eject is an irreversible operation. After you pop up the configuration, you will not be able to follow the official steps to upgrade the react script version of the […]

  • DRF — database user information query interface


    One models.py –>Execute data migration command PS: other words can be added to the model layer. As long as they are not field words, they will not be treated as fields from django.db import models class Student(models.Model): name = models.CharField(max_length=32) sex = models.SmallIntegerField (choices = ((1, ‘male’), (2, ‘female’), (3, ‘unknown’)), default = 1) # […]

  • Let’s see how Daniel uses nodejs to realize SMS verification function through request


    Do you know how to use nodejs to realize SMS verification through request? Let’s have a look at how Dashen uses nodejs to realize the SMS verification function through request. The following example shows the SMS interface of SMS suppliers in big cloud market, and the code is as follows:`var request = require(‘request’);var options = […]

  • Using module hot replacement in electron


    Electron + React + WebpackThis combination of desktop applications is quite cool. If you put it on againWebpackOfHot Module ReplacementThat’s perfect. It doesn’t have to be refreshed. aboutHMRYou can watch the video of Dan Abramov’s speechHot Reloading with Time Travel。 stayElectronUse inHMRThe problem is that the open file is local,hostIt becomesfile://, So after monitoring the […]