• Three ways of using JS to control route jump in react-router 4.2


    1、 Background In many cases, we need to use js to control the routing switch of the page, rather than through the link tag. For example, there is a scene where users have to log in to a website to see the content inside the website. The login interface is an independent sub page. After […]

  • CentOS Linux release 7.8 compiling and installing nginx


    How to use CentOS Linux systemyumThe installed nginx lacks some required modules, which can only be solved by compiling. Record the installation process. First, you need to use Yum to install system dependencies: sudo yum install -y gcc make \ pcre-devel perl-ExtUtils-Embed openssl-devel Then download nginx source code: wget -c http://nginx.org/download/nginx-1.18.0.tar.gz Unzip and enter the […]

  • Electron + Vue – Basic Learning (1): creating projects


    What do electron and Vue do? I don’t want to introduce them too much. You can go to the official website. The following is a summary of the project created by electron + Vue. The project created by electron + Vue is actually equivalent to:Creating Vue projects + Electron packaging。 1、 Create Vue project + electron […]

  • Configuration of SSH and HTTP in gitlab environment


    After the gitlab environment is deployed, there are two ways to download gitlab code locally or remotely: SSH and HTTP 1) SSH: a relatively secure way, which requires uploading the local public key to gitlab: Profile Settings > SSH keys > add an SSH key SSH mode can be used in three modes of gitlabWindow […]

  • Introduction to elasticsearch (3) Elasticsearch.Net &Nest as elasticsearch client


    Introduction to elasticsearch (3) Elasticsearch.Net &Nest as elasticsearch client GitHub warehouse https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch-net choiceElasticsearch.NetAs a client Connection mode var node = new Uri(“http://myserver:9200”); var config = new ConnectionConfiguration(node); var client = new ElasticLowLevelClient(config); var myJson = @”{ “”hello”” : “”world”” }”; client.Index(“myindex”, “1”, myJson); var myJson = new { hello = “world” }; client.Index(“myindex”, “1”, PostData.Serializable(myJson)); […]

  • Electron + Vue – Basic Learning (2): Project packaged as an EXE desktop application


    The project is created and started normally. The next step is to package the project. Package the test demo as an EXE desktop application, click the EXE file and run the project. Following the above, there are three ways to create a project: git copy and direct creation. To create a project through the command […]

  • Global sequence of distributed timestamps in distributed | dble


    Author: Wu JinlingAikesheng is a member of the dble project team, mainly responsible for the daily testing work related to dble, and is good at troubleshooting problems in dble. I love testing work and want to carry it out in the end for the rest of my life.Source: original contribution*The original content is not allowed […]

  • Asynchronism in Redux


    About asynchrony Whether it is front-end development or back-end nodejs, asynchrony is always the core. My company does big data processing, and often needs to get a lot of data from the background, which leads to the time-consuming of the whole request. Here is a scenario:I choose application a and click search. At this time, […]

  • Deploying aggregated Maven project with Tomcat


    Recently, when I was working on SSM project (enterprise rights management system) and using Tomcat to deploy Maven’s collection project, I encountered some problems. The reason is that the service class cannot be found and cannot be created. As a result, the service attribute cannot be injected into the controller and the initialization of the […]

  • Golang string formatting


    golang format In go language, fmt.Sprintf (), fmt.Printf (), fmt.Fprintf (), Log.Printf (), log.Panicf () and other functions often use string to format parameters. This article will familiarize you with all parameters. Parameter introduction Verbs Function %v Output according to the original value of the value %+v Expand the structure field name and value based […]

  • Paging query optimization under large amount of data


    preface When there are tens of thousands of records in a table that need to be queried from the database, it will be very slow to query all the results at one time, especially with the increase of the amount of data, so paging query is needed. For database paging query, there are many methods […]

  • Technical summary: C # grammar optimization


    *1. Entity classes use attributes instead of fields *1.1 error example: *1.2 correct example: In fact, the latter is very simple and comfortable. When there are many private fields, the amount of code of this class is very ugly. *2. Correct use of extension method Wrong usage: class name. The static methodCorrect way: This to-do […]