• Various implementation principles of function composition


    //Responsibility chain model (executed one by one) const fn1 = (x, y) => x + y; const fn2 = (z) => z * z; //Normal combination const compose = (fn1, …other) => (…args) => { let ret = fn1(…args); other.forEach(item => { ret = item(ret); }); return ret; } //Redux middleware combination mode const reduxCompose […]

  • Google Developer Conference: tensorflow tips you have to know


    Google development days China 2018 was recently held in China. It’s a pity that Xiaobian stayed in Hefei due to non resistant factors and couldn’t attend. But Xiaobian’s friends were lucky to attend the meeting and brought first-hand information about tensolfow. Here we follow Xiaobian to focus on the best application of tensorflow in the […]

  • Differences between on (), bind (), live (), delegate () in jquery


    The differences between. On (),. Bind (),. Live () and. Delegate () of jQuery are not always obvious. However, if we have a clear understanding of all the differences, it will help us write more concise code, better performance optimization and prevent unnecessary errors. First, briefly describe several knowledge points involved in the next round:DOM […]

  • Configure LNMP environment


    The virtual machine environment is Oracle VM VirtualBox ubuntu-16.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso To ensure that you update to the latest package, usesudo apt-get updateCommand update source list Basic dependency Autoconf: a tool for generating configuration scripts (for example, the. / configure file needs to be generated) sudo apt-get install autoconf phpizeUsers can easily add various extensions Zlib: compressed […]

  • Get the absolute path of the current process in Linux


    Get through readlink. bool GetExePath(std::string &path) { std::string exe_path(PATH_MAX, std::string::value_type()); auto exe_path_len = readlink(“/proc/self/exe”, &exe_path[0], exe_path.size()); if (exe_path_len < 0) { std::cerr << “readlink failed!, exe_path_len < 0″<< std::endl; return false; } else if (static_cast<size_t>(exe_path_len) >= exe_path.size()) { std::cerr << “readlink failed!, exe_path_len >= exe_path.size()”<< std::endl; return false; } exe_path.resize(exe_path_len); auto pos = exe_path.rfind(‘/’); if […]

  • 001 springboot environment setup


    development tool Eclipse smart code tips Menu:Window->Preferences->Java->Editor->Content AssistThe following figure will.Change to.abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Idea hot deployment Mode 2 – jrebel modeMode 2 – jrebelBreak through Jrebel Idea other configurations Idea convenient configuration mybatis.xml file Maven package manager Install Maven (Windows 10 environment) Maven Download:maven.apache.org/ Maven warehouse:mvnrepository.com/ Switch Ali sourceSwitch Ali source 2 Adjust according to your […]

  • JavaScript realizes one click Copy of input box content (Vue 3 implementation method is attached)


    1、 JS implementation mode Implementation code: One click Copy const inputText = document.getElementsByTagName(“input”)[0]; const copyButton = document.getElementsByTagName(“button”)[0]; copyButton.addEventListener(“click”, () => { inputText.select(); document.execCommand(“copy”); }); 2、 Vue3 implementation Implementation code: One click Copy const inputText = ref({} as unknown); const clickCopy = () => { (inputCode.value as HTMLInputElement).select(); document.execCommand(“copy”); };

  • Xi Da Pu Ben, wechat finally supports the external network to open the applet!


    preface After a long call, the wechat applet finally supports external arousal in the form of URL scheme. Long long ago ~ we can only use wechat development tag applet jump button in wechat web pagesOpen the applet, there is only such a single scene. In the actual business, we hope to open a small […]

  • Hot reprint – News BTC special report: cross is the world’s first decentralized “NFT + blind box” platform


    This article is reproduced from news BTC’s special report on cross. The following is the original translation: Auction is one of the oldest ways to transfer property rights. Since human beings have the liquidity demand for surplus value, there has been this way of auction. When it comes to picking up leaks, what the collection […]

  • Baidu Dumu face capture machine returns JSON format record


    There are two ways for Dumu face capture machine to return capture data, one is FTP and the other is HTTP + Post + JSONAmong them, FTP can only return pictures, including background pictures (screenshots of the picture where the face is located) and face pictures, without other data.HTTP mode adopts post to send JSON […]

  • Rancher API uses Abas


    function What can be achieved by using the rancher API: You can customize the rancher UI You can trigger various operations on rancher in your own business system You can customize some of your own automation scripts classification Rancher API currently includes two categories: http:///v1API of main services http:///v1-catalogSeparated catalog API When you have logged […]

  • Conversion principle of string and [] byte in go language


    preface Hello, everyone, I’masong。 Why is there today’s article? I saw one in a group the day before yesterdayGoIn the eight part essay of the language interview, one of the questions is “will memory copy occur when a string is converted into a byte array?”; This question is very interesting. The essence is to ask […]