• The method of executing SQL statement in Jenkins project


    Preface In many Jenkins projects on the Internet, SQL files are called based on shell or batch processing to execute SQL commands. Most of them need to be completed based on SQL files. Therefore, when the SQL statements change, you need to go to the Jenkins server to modify the corresponding SQL files or replace […]

  • Memory authentication based on spring boot integrating spring security (1)


    Memory authentication based on spring boot integrating spring security (1) In the first tutorial, we have a brief understanding of spring security’s usage posture, add dependencies, and use theapplication.ymlAdd a few lines of configuration in the file to realize a basic login authentication; The default configuration can only set one account. How can multiple accounts […]

  • Android shape for shadow or blur edge effect


    1. To achieve shadow or blur edge effect:     2. It is realized by shape, specifically by layer list multi-layer stacking Use: android:background=”@drawable/layer_white_bg” Top zoomed: Android: Top = 2 * 5 = 10dp

  • Stoke rest: think about react asynchronous data management


    review Eight months ago, I wrote an article about react asynchronous data management thinking. At that time, I thought that using react hooks to manage asynchronous data was a better choice. I have been using this solution in the project for half a year, and found that there are a lot of this solution: good […]

  • Vue uses Vue video player to play HLS video


    install Vue video player in“ devDependencies In install Video JS contrib HLS in“ dependencies In   Introduced in main.js import hls from ‘videojs-contrib-hls’ import VideoPlayer from ‘vue-video-player’; import “video.js/dist/video-js.css” import “vue-video-player/src/custom-theme.css” Vue.use(hls) Vue.use(VideoPlayer)     Use the first method in the page import “video.js/dist/video-js.css”; import videojs from “video.js”; import “videojs-contrib-hls”; mounted(){ videojs( “my-video”, { bigPlayButton: […]

  • Simple cloud toolkit tutorial to help you deploy applications in seconds


    1. What is cloud Toolkit Cloud toolkit is a plug-in in the developer’s local IDE, which can help developers develop, test, diagnose and deploy applications more efficiently. Through this plug-in, local applications can be deployed to any server with one click = = or even to the cloud (Alibaba cloud’s ECs, EDAs, kubernetes, applet cloud, […]

  • How to complete Chinese word segmentation efficiently?


    Before we talk about word segmentation, the author first introduces what word segmentation is: word segmentation is the process of recombining continuous word sequences into word sequences according to certain norms. In English, spaces are used as natural separators between words. However, Chinese word segmentation is much more complex, involving some algorithms, for beginners, there […]

  • Support URL


    If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us through the following ways, and we will respond to your feedback as soon as possible: Email: eighteyes [email protected]

  • Appreciate the charm of native JavaScript ES6 ~ ES10


    As a front-end development engineer, blindly chasing the framework seems to be a bit cost-effective, we need to know that the basic skills are the hard core. The syntax of JavaScript has been updated in recent years. Whether we are the core developers or business shapers of the framework, it is very beneficial to learn […]

  • MySQL replication table structure


    There are several ways to copy table structure with command line in MySQL: 1. Copy only the table structure to the new tableCreate table new table select * from old table where 1 = 2;orCreate table new table like old table; Note the above two methods. The first method is that the primary key type […]

  • [golang system programming] the flags parameter used to open the file


    This is mainly about parameter notes. There is no dry product Open flags are mainly divided into the following types T1: file access mode flag, cannot be used at the same time, only one of them can be specified T2: file creation flag T3: status flag of opened file sign purpose Unified UNIX specification version […]

  • The most comprehensive strategy of weex stepping on the pit – from a lot of practice and precipitation


    It is used in its own business environment and open to third-party ISVs and enterprise developers. This is an article with a story. If you are interested in wechat micro applications and are developing wechat applets, let’s take a look at the technical comparison table prepared to let you reduce your concerns. Yes, it’s so […]