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  • Implementation of ratchet modal box


    Everything in the system layout is very important. In fact, I think it’s better to be directly alert (), but now many people think alert () pop-up box is too suck. At the same time, too much text should not be placed in alert(). If you need to register “service agreement” and other pop-up windows […]

  • Implementation of modal box in amazeui


    Compared with the “ratchet” modal box (click to open the link), the modal box of amazeui is closer to an alert (), which is not suitable for carrying too much content. However, its advantage is that it can be controlled by JS, and the ratchet can only be opened through the super link a tag. […]

  • Amazeui embeds a form in the modal box to form a modal input box


    In the article [amazeui] modal box (click to open the link), we have already introduced how to use modal box in the front-end framework of mobile phone version, but the modal box mentioned in this article is only those simple modal box. If you want to implement a form with “submit” and “close” buttons at […]