• Minio – construction and use of services


    catalogue Construction of Minio service 1. Docker mode 2. Binary package installation [not recommended] 3. Domestic mirror RPM installation Java client operation Once upon a time, it seemed that the only choice to build a distributed file storage system was fastdfs. Slowly, it seemed that the surrounding teams and projects were choosing Minio and came […]

  • Centos7 installation Minio


    Download Minio wget https://dl.minio.io/server/minio/release/linux-amd64/minio [[email protected] tools]# chmod +x minio [[email protected] tools]# mkdir -p /home/minio/data [[email protected] local]# ./minio server /home/minio/data Endpoint: AccessKey: xxxx SecretKey: xxxx Browser Access: Command-line Access: https://docs.min.io/docs/minio-client-quickstart-guide $ mc config host add myminio xxxx xx Object API (Amazon S3 compatible): Go: https://docs.min.io/docs/golang-client-quickstart-guide Java: https://docs.min.io/docs/java-client-quickstart-guide Python: https://docs.min.io/docs/python-client-quickstart-guide JavaScript: https://docs.min.io/docs/javascript-client-quickstart-guide […]