• Kubernetes ecological architecture map


      Original link: https://gitbook.curiouser.top   1、 Kubernetes cluster architecture diagram   2、 Openshift or kubernetes cluster architecture diagram 3、 Common ci/cd architecture diagram 1、Gitlab Webhook + Jenkins SharedLibraries/Kubernetes + SonarScanner Maven Plugin 2、Gitlab CI/CD Workflow 3、Logging 4. Logging and metrics – END –   Recommended reading  Summary of 40 commands necessary for Linux operation and […]

  • Mining virus analysis (centos7)


    Because I have been exposed to various mining viruses for several times at work, I am here to sort out the viruses I encountered and the solutions of the great gods. After mining viruses in the server, the most basic feature is that the CPU utilization suddenly soars. At this time, you can use the […]

  • Is the threshold really so low for primary school students to play with blockchain development?


    On the evening of February 6 this year, a 12-year-old pupil suddenly caught fire in the coin circle.In a picture circulated in the community, a primary school student who claimed to be 12 years old was teaching people online how to deploy blockchain on Ethereum.The little boy, whose name is Huang Zheng, learned programming six […]

  • Case of data time zone of JVM virtual machine


    In the process of Java program, the memory it manages will be divided into several different data areas.Xingchi mining serverThese areas have their own purposes and the time of creation and destruction. Some areas always exist with the start of the virtual machine process, while others are established and destroyed depending on the start and […]

  • Dare you short yfi? Yfi will get rid of CRV, I continue to watch more!


    During the period from June to August, it is better to say that yfi renewed investors’ belief in the bull market with the price than LM liquidity mining to let everyone know about defi. But now the popularity of LM has plummeted, and yfi is also trying to get rid of the current situation that […]

  • Asicboost and segwit


    The discussion on asicboost and segwit has been deserted a lot, but I still want to try to explain it from a technical point of view: What is asicboost What is the relationship between asicboost and segwit Before saying these two things, we cannot do without a keyword:mining, let’s talk about mining first! mining Mining […]

  • Can’t afford an alchemy stove: talk about the graphics card in a special period


    The original text was first published in the princess “oldpan blog” – > original linkHere~ preface A while ago, suddenlyEquipped with hostYour ideas. Er, of course, it’s for deep learning. Imagine,PersonallyBuy your favorite accessories, then assemble them carefully, smell the aroma of the graphics card, ah, full of sense of achievement. The graphics card is […]

  • New play method of defi: how to use DPI index fund to obtain more income?


    Defi pulse index is defi’s ETF index fund, which contains 12 kinds of defi component tokens. I remember when we began to pay attention to DPI in the article “index owl: building a defi wind vane like TVL” in early October this year, DPI absorbed about US $10 million of defi investment funds, In this […]

  • Chat blockchain (V)


    About mining We may often hear about the mining of blockchain in the reports on blockchain. Domestic mining activities have also been vigorously rectified, and the national development and Reform Commission has issued relevant documents to list the mining industry as an eliminated industry. One reason is the pow consensus we mentioned earlier. This algorithm […]

  • Mining Trojan disguised as kswapd0 process


    1、 Cause Tencent cloud sent me several emails saying that my server was attacked by a Trojan horse. image.png When I turned on the server monitoring, the idle server CPU soared. image.png 2、 Check 2.1 first query the three processes that occupy the most CPU Check the K processes that use the most memory Mode […]

  • Bitcoin mining and source code analysis


    Author: chirpyli Source:Hang Seng light cloud community Overview of mining process Bitcoin mining is actually a bitcoin node, which packages transactions into blocks and gets bitcoin incentives while obtaining bookkeeping rights. The main mining process is as follows: Collect the transactions broadcast on the network, verify and join the transaction pool; Construct a new block […]

  • Where will the trading volume go after uniswap stops liquidity incentive?


    From September 18, uniswap’s first liquidity mining award lasted two months, allocating 20 million uni (US $70 million at current prices) to liquidity providers Since then, uniswap’s liquidity has declined from $3.4 billion to $1.5 billion, but uniswap’s market share in trade volume has remained stable at nearly 60% The community is deciding whether to […]