• What are those who work in the blockchain industry doing?


    Link to the original text: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Ku… In recent years, the concepts related to blockchain have become very popular and attracted many people to join the industry. What are these people really engaged in the blockchain industry doing? Generally speaking, the “blockchain industry” is a general term, which includes three pillar industries: the coin circle, the […]

  • Tencent security: tens of thousands of MSSQL servers become Monroe coin miner, and tens of thousands of MSSQL servers become Monroe coin miner. Tencent security experts remind us to do this!


    Here comes the new Trojan horse! Recently, Tencent Security Threat Intelligence Center has detected a mining Trojan horse against MSSQL server attack. The mining Trojan horse mainly carries out blasting weak password attack against MSSQL service. After successful blasting, the Trojan horse will be planted to mine. According to Tencent’s security assessment, up to now, […]

  • Truechain analysis


    preface Truechain Chinese official website Truechain, the Chinese name is translated into the first chain What is blockchain? It’s a kind ofdistributed database It was first widely used inBitcoin Maintain a continuousTransaction file Each piece of data is called aBlock Each block can containMore than one transaction Each block is associated with another blockMaking connections […]

  • Building blockchain based on Java language (2) — workload proof


    The final content is subject to the original texthttps://wangwei.one/posts/789… introduction stayLastIn this paper, we implement the most basic data structure model of blockchain, add blocks and connect them with the previous block. However, our implementation is very simple. In the real bitcoin blockchain, adding each block requires a lot of calculation. This process is well […]

  • The world of bitcoin


    brief introduction In 2008, a mysterious man, whose pseudonym is Nakamoto Cong, put forward for the first time in the form of a paper: bitcoin: a peer-to-peer e-cash system( Bitcoin:A Peer-to-Peer From then on, it marked the birth of bitcoin. From 2008 to 2020, after 12 years of development, bitcoin has become the virtual currency […]

  • Blockchain series tutorial 1: Mining in bitcoin


    brief introduction We know that bitcoin is produced by mining. What are the characteristics of mining in bitcoin network? How to distribute the mining income? You can find the answer in this article. Node construction of bitcoin As we mentioned in the last article, bitcoin is a P2P network. There are many nodes in the […]

  • Saltstack’s major loophole: many enterprises are involved! Here comes the solution


    A few days ago, Tencent Yujian Threat Intelligence Center reported an invasion case of h2miner gangs using saltstack vulnerability to control server mining. It is reported that Tencent Security Threat Intelligence Center detected on May 3, 2020 that h2miner Trojan horse used saltstack remote command execution vulnerability (cve-2020-11651, cve-2020-11652) to invade enterprise hosts for mining. […]

  • [blockchain] bitcoin mining process


    In simplest terms, the mining node repeatedly tries until it finds a random adjustment that results in a hash value lower than a specific target. The result of the hash function cannot be known in advance, and there is no pattern to get a specific hash value. For example, if you play billiards alone in […]

  • Finally, the virus reached out to me


    preface Server good end unexpectedly in mining virus!!! Unfortunately, my 1-core 2G server is weak and small, but I can’t avoid being pulled to be a miner. It’s really miserable. It turned out to be like this… Just this afternoon, when I was going to log in to my remote server to do something, I […]

  • Hand in hand to teach you how to solve the server mining virus


    This morning, I opened the server and found that the card was not working. So I used the top command to check it. As expected, the server was mined. Here is a complete solution!   I use the docker deployment environment. After checking the docker PS, it is found that only three of them have […]

  • Combined mining specification


    Combined mining Aux assist Note: this standard is used by namecoin, but the new merge mining data may propose a new BiP to replace it, using something based on p2pool merge mining. content term Supporting workload proof block Merkle branch Combined mining coinbase Artificial Hawthorn example note term Auxiliary Proof-of-Work (POW) a.k.“AuxPOW”。 This is how […]