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  • [pl / SQL] basic exercises 1-8 (1)


    1. Query the information of the employee whose third letter of ename is a (using two methods). analysis:Either fuzzy query, or accurately locate the location and then judge SELECT * FROM EMP WHERE ENAME LIKE ‘__A%’; SELECT * FROM EMP WHERE SUBSTR(ENAME,3,1) = ‘A’; 2. Inquire how many months the employees of department 10 and […]

  • Database learning 7-25


    Classroom exercise 1 1. Query the names of other employees in one department with Simth.  select ename from emp  where deptno=(select deptno from emp where ename=’SMITH’)and ename !=’SMITH’; 2. Query the work location of the Department where the employee exists.  select loc from dept   where deptno in(select distinct deptno from emp); 3. Query the […]

  • Oracle programming


        Into usage: DECLARE a NUMBER; b number; c number;BEGIN SELECT MAX(SAL),MIN(SAL),AVG(SAL) INTO A,B,C FROM EMP;DBMS | output. Put | line (‘maximum wage: ‘| a);DBMS | output. Put | line (‘minimum wage: ‘| b);DBMS | output. Put | line (‘average wage: ‘| C);END;   If statement   DECLARE   score NUMBER := 90;BEGIN   IF score < […]