• Leetcode 529. Minesweeper | Python


    529. Minesweeper game Source: leetcodehttps://leetcode-cn.com/problems/minesweeper subject Let’s play Minesweeper! Given a two-dimensional character matrix representing the game board.  MFor oneNot excavatedMine of mine,EFor oneNot excavatedThe empty square of,BRepresents a mine with no adjacent (top, bottom, left, right, and all four diagonals)ExcavatedThe blank box of,number(‘1’ to ‘8’) indicates how many mines are associated with this areaExcavatedIs […]

  • Application of tdengine in intelligent mine operation system of Huaxia Tianxin open pit coal mine


    Small t guide reading:Huaxia Tianxin red-mos open pit coal mine intelligent mine operating system, based on micro service architecture and combined with HTAP hybrid big data platform, deeply mines and analyzes the production and cost data of production, transportation and marketing. Tdengine is the test point data storage engine used in the bottom layer of […]