• Nodejs from entry to advanced 2 (network part)


    I. network server 1. HTTP status code 1XX: indicates a normal request without special meaning 2XX: request succeeded 200: request succeeded 3xx: indicates redirection 301 permanent redirection 302 temporary redirection 303 use cache (server not updated) 4xx: cannot access 403: cannot access 404: resource not found 5xx: server error 500: wrong server code 502: gateway […]

  • Detailed interpretation of distributed dble release notes


    Dble Release Notes version I. Introduction to dble project Dble is an enterprise level open-source distributed middleware, which is nicknamed “MYCAT plus” by people from the Jianghu. It is supported by the community with its simple, stable and continuous maintenance, good community environment and broad mass base; Dble official project: https://github.com/actiontech/dble If you are […]

  • RDS architecture on cloud


    Summary More and more enterprises choose to go to the cloud. The most basic cloud service is IAAs (infrastructure as a service), which is a virtual host. Users do not need to build their own computer rooms and purchase their own servers. Instead, they directly purchase ECS (Elastic Compute service) from cloud manufacturers and pay […]

  • [series] go gin API routing middleware Jaeger link tracing (6)


    Catalog Summary Jaeger deployment Prepare test service Application example Function Effect API source address Service source address Go in API series Summary First, synchronize the following project overview: In the previous article, we shared the routing middleware Jaeger link tracking (Theory). In this article, we will continue to share: routing middleware Jaeger link tracking (practice). […]

  • Laravel JWT multi table validation isolation


    Why quarantine When the same laravel project has multiple terminals (mobile terminal, management terminal, etc.) that need to use JWT for user authentication, if there are multiple user tables (generally, there will be), it needs to do token isolation, otherwise, there will be a problem that the token of the mobile terminal can also request […]

  • In depth explanation of. Net core cores Middleware


    Homology policy and cross domain resource sharing 1. Homology strategy Homology policy, which is a famous security policy proposed by Netscape. Now all browsers that support JavaScript will use this strategy. The so-called homology refers to the same domain name, protocol and port. 1.1, purpose It is mainly to ensure the security of user information […]

  • Redis gossip (1): building a knowledge map


    Scene: redis interview (picture from Internet) InterviewerI see on your resume that you are proficient in using redis, so why do you use redis? Xiao Ming(secretly happy in my heart, isn’t redis caching?) Redis is mainly used as a cache to store non persistent data efficiently through memory. Interviewer: can redis be used as persistent […]

  • The operation mechanism of each part of scrapy is “None” in XPath? How to write multi-level response? Take care of crapy’s hole


    Preface How are so many modules of scrapy combined? It is clear that the XPath helper plug-in on chrome has written the XPath. Why does it read none when it comes to the program? Can scratch write multi-level response directly? Do you have to use the requests library again?? It’s OK. This article is a […]

  • Asp.net core set default start page (such as default. HTML)


    Test page foo.html Using middleware in startup.cs The code is as follows: DefaultFilesOptions defaultFilesOptions = new DefaultFilesOptions(); defaultFilesOptions.DefaultFileNames.Clear(); defaultFilesOptions.DefaultFileNames.Add(“foo.html”); app.UseDefaultFiles(defaultFilesOptions); app.UseStaticFiles();   Or: FileServerOptions fileServerOptions = new FileServerOptions(); fileServerOptions.DefaultFilesOptions.DefaultFileNames.Clear(); fileServerOptions.DefaultFilesOptions.DefaultFileNames.Add(“foo.html”); app.UseFileServer(fileServerOptions);   Operation result: Static Files in ASP.NET Core By default an asp.net core application will not serve static files; / / by default, static […]

  • Koa – Middleware (understand middleware and implement a verification token Middleware)


    Preface Koa application is an object containing a set of middleware functions, which is organized and executed in a stack like manner. When a middleware callsnext()The function pauses and passes control to the next middleware defined. When no more middleware is executed downstream, the stack expands and each middleware resumes its upstream behavior. In the […]

  • Source code interpretation of distributed dble memory management module


    About the author:Lu Lu, a technologist who loves technology and is willing to share, is currently mainly engaged in the research of database related technologies. Preface Today, I bring you the dble memory management module source code analysis article.This paper is mainly divided into two parts, one is the memory management module structure, the other […]

  • The perfect combination of redis streams and spark


    Source: redislabsBy Roshan KumarTranslation: Kevin (public No.: Middleware) Recently, I was honored to present the topic of “spark + AI” at the spark + AI summit.“Redis + Structured Streaming:Expand the perfect mix of your continuous applications”Speech. My interest in this topic is driven by the new features that Apache spark and redis have introduced in […]