• React series — Redux asynchronous stream


    Using Redux to access the server also needs to solve the asynchronous problem. The Redux one-way data flow is driven by the action object. After each action object is distributed to the store, it is assigned to the reducer function. The reducer returns immediately after completing the data operation. The result returned by the reducer […]

  • Laravel octane first experience


    Laravel octane has been released for several weeks. Although it is still in beta status, it can’t stop developers from loving it. In less than a month, its number of stars in GitHub has exceeded 2K; partdeveloperTheir project has been run on laravel octane. If you are still waiting, you can also wait for the […]

  • Why need distributed database!


    In recent years, due to the increasing data scale and business access load, more and more companies can not rely on a single database server to support their business. More and more companies have to do data partition storage, that is, the so-called sub database and sub table, but a lot of troubles and doubts […]

  • Redux: ask yourself and answer yourself


    I read the source code of Redux some time ago and wrote an analysis on the source code of Redux:Redux: one hundred lines of code and one thousand lines of document, you can have a look. The whole article mainly analyzes the operation principle of Redux, but there are many contents that have not been […]

  • The laravel 5.4 API allows cross domain access


    The laravel 5.4 API allows cross domain access Requirement: Spa single page application request interface, error reporting XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://api.console.vms3.com/api/user. No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘http://localhost:8080’ is therefore not allowed access. This means that the server response does not allow cross domain access Then we need to make the […]

  • Django global completely disables the CSRF mechanism


    Write before Only disableCSRFMethod, NoCSRFReason Will recordDjangoAboutCSRFSome common methods and classes To understandDjangoOn the premise of middleware, see the following contents Disable method The simplest and most recommended method on the Internet, findsettings.py => MIDDLEWAREConfiguration item = > modify as follows MIDDLEWARE = [ … ‘django.middleware.common.CommonMiddleware’, #’django. Middleware. CSRF. Csrfviewmiddleware ‘, # comment out this […]

  • Architecture design | service layered monitoring strategy under distributed system


    Source code of this article:GitHub · click here || Gitee · point here 1、 Distributed fault The architecture and business development of distributed systems are relatively easy to handle under good ideas and design document specifications. The relative here refers to the sudden failure of the production environment under the distributed architecture. In the actual […]

  • Introduction Guide to MySQL sub database, sub table and partition


    preface Relational database is easy to become a system bottleneck. The storage capacity, connection number and processing capacity of a single machine are limited. When the amount of data and concurrency are increased, the database must be segmented. The means of data sharding is to divide databases and tables. There are two aspects of sub […]

  • Released by mix Vega, it supports the CLI HTTP network framework of swoole and workerman


    Mix Vega Vega is a cli HTTP network framework written in PHP and supports spoole and workerman Overview Vega isMixPHP V3+Built in core components (can be used independently), refer togolang gin muxDevelopment, which contains a large number of functions of web application processing (except database processing), including: routing, rendering, parameter acquisition, middleware, file upload processing, […]

  • Summary of KOA practice


    What is koa? Koa is the next generation of express web framework based on node.js. Using koa to write web applications, by combining different generators, you can avoid the tedious nesting of callback functions, and greatly improve the efficiency of common error handling. Koa does not bind any Middleware in the kernel method. It only […]

  • What you want — Redux source code analysis


    Hello, everyone. Today we bring you the source code analysis of Redux (v3.6.0)~ The first is the GitHub address of reduxPoint me Next, let’s take a look at the simple use of Redux in the project. Generally, we start with the simplest Note: in the example, react is used. Of course, Redux can not only […]

  • How to build API based on notadd (laravel writes API)


    How to build an API based on notadd The bottom layer of notadd implements the passport mechanism and has unified authorization management. It mainly supports two methods of API authorization, one is client and the other is passport. This is described in detail in other documents. Here we mainly talk about how to develop API […]