• Linux cloud computing – MySQL master-slave read / write separation using MYCAT


    Overview of MySQL read / write separation Mysql, as the most widely used free database in the world, is believed to have been contacted by all engineers engaged in system operation and maintenance. However, in the actual production environment, a single MySQL as an independent database can not meet the actual needs, whether in security, […]

  • Redux learning 1: what is middleware?


    I have been in contact with Redux for half a month. At first, I was confused by various concepts. But recently, I realized a demo, and found that Redux is so simple that the source code is composed of five parts, the largestcreateStore.jsJust 151 lines of code. createStore.js applyMiddleware.js bindActionCreators.js combineReducers.js compose.js The charm of […]

  • Scripy retry


    Scray retry mechanism Technology stack Scrapy(Stats Collection) Business background Recently, when crawling the cell information of a platform with scrapy, in order to ensure the integrity of the cell data, reduce the workload and avoid repeated wheel building, we decided to verify the integrity of the data through the scrapy stats collection provided by scrapy […]

  • Uncover the architecture of Uber API gateway


    In recent years, API gateway has become an indispensable part of microservice architecture. Therefore, a well structured API gateway is particularly important. This paper introduces the architecture design of Uber API gateway in detail for the readers. In recent years, API gateway has become an indispensable part of microservice architecture. The API gateway provides a […]

  • Some ideas on data request in Redux practice


    You can also see here:http://leozdgao.me/reduxshi-jian-zhong-de-xie-xiang-fa/ Recently, I wrote a spa project in my spare time. I used react+redux to build a team collaboration system for the current project team. This article is more like an essay, more casual, more in-depth summary, and project demonstration, which will be written after the project is completed. There is […]

  • Use middleware to record slow laravel requests


    A system needs continuous optimization, and logs are particularly critical. By skillfully using middleware to record the slow requests of the system, you can regularly analyze the logs without relying on any monitoring services, so as to optimize the system. By defining a monitoring middleware, slow queries are recorded. <?php namespace ModStart\Core\Monitor; use Illuminate\Http\Request; use […]

  • The next stop of cloud native Middleware


    Author: Yu Yu Yu Yu(GitHub @alexstocks), the principal of dubbogo community, a programmer with ten years of front-line work experience in server-side infrastructure and middleware development, has successively participated in and improved famous projects such as redis/pika/muduo/dubbo-go/sentinel-go, and is currently engaged in container arrangement in the trusted native Department of ant financial services. Since the […]

  • Stm32cubeide software function learning


    Recently, I used stm32cubeide to program. Now I’m learning and summarizing its software architecture and functions. I also hope that later friends can get started with this software faster! Official introduction to stm32cubeide STM32CubeIDE(Integrated development environment for STM32 products) Features: • services integrating stm32cubemx: – STM32 microcontroller, microprocessor, development platform and instance project selection – […]

  • Redux data collection


    Redux data collection I’ve been learning Redux for some time. I hope I can help people who are destined to be friends by sorting out the relevant good materials Five star recommendation Chinese documentsThere are no less than three sides to read through, and the translation is very good. If you want to understand Redux […]

  • Traifik 2.0 enables automated HTTPS


    We learned that the use of TCP routing configuration in traefik requires SNI, and SNI depends on TLS, so certificates need to be configured to normally access TCP services. In fact, traefik not only supports us to manually configure TLS certificates, but also supports the automatic generation of TLS certificates. This article introduces how to […]

  • [from zero to one] koa from understanding to realization


    [Click to view the relevant source code in the text] According to the introduction of the official website, KOA is a new web framework, which is committed to becoming a smaller, more expressive and more robust cornerstone in the field of web application and API development. adoptasyncFunction, KOA not only keeps away from callback hell, […]

  • Redux series X: source code analysis


    Write in front The source code of Redux is very concise. Except that applymeddleware is difficult to understand, most of it is easy to understand. Assuming that readers have a certain understanding of Redux, they will not popularize the concept and API of redux. It is suggested to read this part directlyOfficial documents。 In addition, […]