• What is microkernel architecture design?


    Introduction:   As a java programmer, I believe students have heard of microkernel architecture design and have their own understanding. So how was microkernel proposed? What role does microkernel play in the design of operating system kernel? This paper interprets the micro kernel architecture design from the perspective of plug-in architecture, and shares its reference […]

  • Using flask and mongoengine to develop a blog system


    Flask is a lightweight web development framework with micro kernel. It can keep the kernel as simple as possible and provide flexible extension mechanism for development. At present, flask has a large number of high-quality extensions in the open source community, so using flask for web development is very efficient.Flash and mongoengine are used to […]

  • Chinese seL4 kernel reference manual


    The Chinese translation of seL4 kernel reference manual is mainly based on the original version 11.0.0 (November 20, 2019), and a small amount of changes of kernel tree up to now (April 7, 2020) have also been synchronously updated. SeL4 is a unique representative of the operating system family. Its security and formal verification features […]