• Get and post in http


    The difference between get and post in http GET-Request data from the specified resource. POST-Submit the data to be processed to the specified resource GET POST Back / refresh Harmless Data will be resubmitted bookmark Bookmarkable Not bookmarkable cache Can be cached Unable to cache Coding type application Multiple encoding for binary data History Keep […]

  • Product spring: explain bean postprocessor in detail


    A small milestoneFirst of all, thank you for your company.If you read each article carefully, you will find that this series takes bean definition as the starting point, first explains in detail what is bean definition, and then emphasizes why bean definition is so important.Then we talk about how to get the detailed information of […]

  • It’s getting cold. Make a weather reminder assistant for your lover in Python


    Preface The text and pictures of the article are from the Internet, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial use. The copyright belongs to the original author. If you have any questions, please contact us in time for handling. Author: PK brother PS: if you need Python learning materials, you can […]

  • Querylist:: query() the received content is empty


    QueryList::Query() The received content is empty! Recently, the received content is empty! Appears because of the project problem. I have also looked for methods on the Internet, At that time, it was found that it was not suitable. For example, it was not very useful for picking up empty websites   But we can change […]

  • Introduction, usage and summary of Lombok


    The source of the article is the ape man valley. 1 Introduction to Lombok The official introduction is as follows: Project Lombok makes java a spicier language by adding ‘handlers’ that know how to build and compile simple, boilerplate-free, not-quite-java code. Lombok can make java simple and fast by adding some “handlers”. 2 how to […]

  • Alipay SDK signature verification PHP version lower than 5.5 error


    OpenSSL? Algo? Sha256 function is not supported in versions earlier than php5.5. To use RSA2 encryption, replace OpenSSL? Algo? Sha256 function with sha256withrsencryption. The decryption method is the same. Open the open.sll configuration in php.ini and restart the service.    

  • [Objective-C] the dynamics of Objective-C


    The dynamic of Objective-C is mainly reflected in the following three aspects (1) dynamic type: determines the type of object at runtime. (2) dynamic binding: the method to determine the object at runtime. (3) dynamic load: load the required resources or code modules at runtime. I. dynamic type Dynamic type refers to the dynamic nature […]

  • Spring boot2.1. X configuration activiti7 separate data source problem


    Spring boot2.1. X configuration activiti7 separate data source problem brief introduction Recently based on the latestActiviti7ConfiguredSpringBoot2。It’s easy to use. Find solutions on the marketActiviti7There are few tutorials and many mining pitsActiviti6Configure data sources andActiviti7Different, based onActiviti6stayActiviti7It can’t be used normally. Next let’s look at the difference. problem Activiti6Multi data source configuration The configuration of 6 […]

  • Default interface method of C × 8.0


    Example Look at the example directly There is such an interface:    Then there are three implementation classes:    Then call in the main method:  Up to now, the program can be compiled and run successfully.    IPersonInterface modification  All of a sudden, I wanted to add a new feature to all humans, for example, […]

  • Wechat applet select drop-down box component


    I. source address https://github.com/imxiaoer/WeChatMiniSelect   II. Renderings The quality of the recorded pictures is poor, so you will see the shadow (covering your face)   III. component source code 1. select.wxml {{current.name}} {{defaultOption.name}} {{item.name}}   Note: catchtap instead of bindtap is used to prevent event bubbling. In order to click other places of the page […]

  • 20 common JavaScript string methods


    Abstract:Play JS string. Original text: Top 20 common string methods and usage of JS Translator: front-end wit Fundebug is reprinted by authorization, and the copyright belongs to the original author. This paper mainly introduces some of the most commonly usedJSString function. 1. charAt(x) charAt(x)Return stringxCharacter in position, subscript from0Start. //charAt(x) var myString = ‘jQuery FTW!!!’; […]

  • Analysis of yield keyword in C


    Preface Some time ago, I learned thatYield keyword, I always think it’s good. Let’s share the usage of yield keyword today. Yield return return a collection does not return all collection elements at once, but one element at a time. How to use yield return to return a collection? Let’s look down together. How to […]