• Summary of computer network related knowledge


    1. Definition of HTTP HTTP(HyperText Transfer Protocol): Hypertext Transfer Protocol, based onClient / serverIt is used for the communication between client and server. The party that requests to access resources is the client, who is responsible for receiving, and the party that provides response is the server. The application layer protocol based on TCP / […]

  • Summary of the interview questions of the latest PHP senior engineer in large factory in 2020 (3)


    Summary of the interview questions of the latest PHP senior engineers in large factories in 2020 (1) Summary of the interview questions of the latest PHP senior engineers in large factories in 2020 (2) 81. A refers to B, and an error is reported. The class in C is repeatedly defined. What’s the problem with […]

  • HTTP knowledge


    HTTP access control (CORS) Content type in HTTP request HTTP request message and HTTP response message[need update]

  • Re understanding of HTTP protocol (1) classic model, three handshakes, four wave dannycloud


    Write on the front It was originally arranged by myself, but it was found that the original blogger wrote more comprehensive. Here is the address of the original article, and at the same time, it is pasted out to facilitate future studyOriginal article address My own understanding Three handshakes: Client → server: I’m ready to […]

  • Front end technology foundation (1): Browser related


    Process of browser visiting website The user enters the web address in the browser address bar The browser parses the web address to construct HTTP requestHTTP request message includes request line, request header and request body The browser initiates DNS resolution request and converts the domain name to IP addressThe web address is mapped to […]

  • I’m in the cloud. Originally, Wireshark can capture the HTTPS plaintext package


    preface In use beforewiresharkWhen we do protocol analysis, we always think that it can only grasp HTTP packets, so we always use it when we grasp HTTPS packetsFiddlerOne day, however, I suddenly wanted to grab itHTTP2Take a look at your message,FiddlerI couldn’t, so I found out after GooglewiresharkIt can be supported, only under specific conditions. […]

  • Understanding of TCP, HTTP and http2


    HTTP short connection Why is HTTP a stateless short connection? And TCP is a stateful long connection? Isn’t HTTP based on TCP? Why can it be a short connection? Now I understand that HTTP is to close the TCP connection after each request is completed, so it is a short connection. When we use TCP […]

  • Analysis of nginx network events


    Nginx is an event driven framework. The so-called events mainly refer to network events. Each network connection in nginx corresponds to two network events, a read event and a write event. In order to deeply understand the principles of nginx and the handling of some error scenarios in extreme scenarios, we need to first understand […]

  • SNI support for new features of spool v4.6


    Snore supports SNI in v4.6.0. This article demonstrates and explains this new feature. What is SNI protocol? Server name identification (SNI) is an extended TLS computer networking protocol, which is used to solve the problem that a server has multiple domain names. In this protocol, at the beginning of the handshake process, the client tells […]

  • Http / request enhancement of new features in spool v4.6


    In version 4.6, theSwoole\Http\RequestSome enhancements have been made: New create / parse / iscompleted method (#3938) (@ matyhtf) New getmethod method (#3987) (@ luolaifa000) So what’s the use of these enhancements? Here is an example useTCP Server, providingHTTP ServerVisit to In the absence of these methods, you need to manuallyonReceiveReceived in the event$dataThe data is […]

  • (2.6W) soul torture of network knowledge


    Pay attention to the official account “< font color = Red > kite holder”, get a large number of teaching videos and enterProfessional exchange group。 1、 What happens when a browser enters a URL request? 1. Enter the URL in the address bar of the browser and press enter2. DNS domain name resolution(1) Search in […]

  • How does HTTPS ensure web security


    It is imperative for the whole network to implement HTTPS HTTPS (full name: Hypertext Transfer Protocol over secure socket layer) is to ensure the security of data transmission between client and server. In the past two years, Internet giants such as Google, Baidu and Facebook have started to vigorously promote HTTPS. Many large Internet companies […]