• Use of gSOAP in C + +


    catalogue Introduction to soap gSOAP preparation Header file Building client applications Generate soap source code Create client project Building server applications Generate soap source code Create a server project Print message Soap test Project source code This paper mainly introduces the use of gSOAP in C + +, with the basic knowledge of soap protocol, […]

  • Please accept this TCP summary


    preface Nice to meet you~ TCP these things, basically every program ape is more or less master. Although I feel that there is no use in actual development, he has to ask during the interview Recently, big guys are preparing spring moves after the new year, and so am I. After reading some okhttp source […]

  • What if the company’s platform functions are not enough for automated testing?


    Now there is a common situation. The company has introduced a large platform to implement Devops, such as the cloud effect of a bat company. However, in the area of interface automation, the function can not meet the needs of its own project team, and the platform side is far from developing this function. What […]

  • Interview must ask: TCP’s three handshakes and four waves, do you really understand?


    Look at the picture: Serial number seq: 4 bytes, used to mark the sequence of data segments. TCP encodes all data bytes sent in the connection with a serial number, and the number of the first byte is randomly generated locally; After the byte is numbered, a sequence number is assigned to each message segment; […]

  • Network protocol – HTTP protocol (packet capture practice and network layering)


    This article mainly introduces  Wireshark  Obtained by packet capture tool  HTTP protocol  Relevant data, and then make a simple analysis of these data, the main purpose is to have a deeper understanding  HTTP protocolAnd then find out why the network is layered,  OSI modelandTCP/IPDifferences between models. 1. HTTP protocol packet capture practice (Wireshark) 1.1 opening […]

  • IOS development interview only needs to know these, and the technology basically passes the customs! (Network)


    1、 HTTP protocol HTTP protocol: Hypertext Transfer Protocol It is a rule that specifies the communication between the browser and the world wide web (WWW = World Wide Web) server, which is transmitted through the Internet Data transfer protocol for World Wide Web documents. HTTP is an application layer protocol based on TCP (from top […]

  • HTTP protocol overview


    HTTP history origin Sir Tim Berners Lee (born in Britain in 1955) is the inventor of the world wide web and the father of the Internet. In 1989, Dr. Tim Berners Lee of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) put forward an idea: with the help of hypertext formed by the correlation between multiple […]

  • Challenge front-end knowledge points http / ECMAScript


    Nezha’s life creed: if you like what you learn, there will be strong power support. Learning programming every day makes you a step away from your dream. Thank every programmer who loves programming. No matter how wonderful the knowledge is, join me to settle down like a wandering heart, keep going, come on,2021come on. Welcome […]

  • HTTP message structure and content


    HTTP message content First, understand the following HTTP message contents through mind map The format of HTTP request message is as follows: 1.1 request line The request line consists of three parts: request method, request URL (excluding domain name), and HTTP protocol versionThere are many request methods:GET、POST、HEAD、PUT、DELETE、OPTOINS、TRACE、CONNECTThe most commonly used isGETandPOST 1.1.1 request method 1、GET […]

  • Principle of web proxy server & Implementation Based on netty


    Proxy, also known as network proxy, is a special network service that allows one (generally a client) to connect indirectly with another network terminal (generally a server) through this service. Some network devices such as gateways and routers have the function of network proxy. It is generally believed that proxy service is helpful to protect […]

  • Introduction to Wireshark packet capture tool


    Introduction to Wireshark packet capture tool This article mainly introducesWiresharkHow does this tool capture packets? Learning and using packet capture tools are very helpful for learning various network protocols. 1. How to capture messages (1) OpenWiresharkAfter the packet capture tool, clickCapture – > Options: (2) In the newly openedCapture optionsYou can see the following interface: […]

  • Detailed explanation of Socks5 proxy Protocol & Implementation Based on netty


    brief introduction SocksIt belongs to a proxy protocol and can work between some application layer protocols (such as HTTP (s), FTP, etc.). This protocol was originally developed by David Koblas and then extended to Socks4 by Ying Da Lee of NEC. The latest agreement isSOCKS5, compared with the previous version, it supports UDP, authentication, and […]