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  • Installation and usage of PHP Beanstalk message queue


    This article describes the installation and use of PHP beanstallkd message queue. The details are as follows: 1、 What is Beanstalk? Beanstalk is a high performance, lightweight distributed memory queue 2、 Beanstalk feature 1. Support priority (support task queue jumping)2. Delay (to achieve timing tasks)3. Persistence (periodically swipe the data in memory to the binlog […]

  • Example of delay message queue function of redis implemented by golang


    preface In the learning process, it is found that the Zset of redis can also be used to realize the lightweight delayed message queuing function. Although the reliability needs to be improved, it can be realized for some functions that require less data reliability. This paper mainly uses zadd, zrangebycore and zdel in Zset of […]

  • Xxl-mq v1.2.0, distributed message queuing


    Release Notes 1. The long chain initialization optimization between the client side and the broker prevents the connection from being created repeatedly. 2. POM multi dependency upgrade; 3. UI component upgrade; 4. Standardize the project directory structure; 6. Overtime control; 5. Communication migration to XXL RPC; 6. In addition to the springboot type example, add […]