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  • Detailed explanation of. Net MSMQ message queue instance


    This article shares the. Net MSMQ message queue instance code for your reference. The specific content is as follows 1. Installation of MSMQ message queuing Windows Environment Control panel —– programs and functions —– enable or close windows programs —– Microsoft message queue (MSMQ) server Select the function as shown in the figure and click […]

  • Use AWS SQS as buffer queue (go)


    background As a newcomer, the first task involved in the project is to add message queues for the storage of operation records. Why should we do this? The reasons are as follows: in the existing system, we directly add the user ‘s operation records to the mongodb database, but when the peak value of our […]

  • Learning notes — indirect communication


    What is indirect communication? Indirect communication is defined as communication between entities through intermediaries in a distributed system, without coupling between sender and receiver. Indirect communication has two characteristics:(1) Spatial decoupling: the sender does not need to know who the receiver is.(2) Time decoupling: the sender and receiver can have independent lifecycles. The paradigm of […]

  • Analysis of 2pc and 3pc in distributed transaction


    Distributed transaction The large-scale distributed system architecture will involve the problem of distributed transaction processing. Basically, there is a common principle between distributed transaction and common transaction: A (atomic) atomicity, transactions either complete together or roll back together C (consistent) consistency, the integrity of the database remains unchanged before and after data submission I (isolation) […]

  • The way to transform the message queue of Netease cloud music


    Ten years old copywriter driver, not as good as Netease comment area. Since the launch of Netease cloud music in 2013, the business has maintained a high-speed growth. Cloud music not only provides good music, but also leaves us happy memories in music and people. This article is organized from the recent sharing of Lin […]

  • Lua web rapid development guide (10) – asynchronous task, subscription / publishing, message queuing with MQ


    In this chapter, we will learn how to useMQLibrary. Introduction to MQ Library MQThe library implements the connection protocols of various message broker middleware. At present, it supports:redis、mqtt、stompAgreement. MQBased on the above protocol, the library implements:Producer – > consumerAndSubscription – > publishThe model can accomplish tasks independently without relying on other services API introduction CF […]

  • Kafka principle and Practice


    This article starts with vivo Internet technology WeChat public number https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/bV8AhqAjQp4a_iXRfobkCQ.About the author: Zheng Zhibin, graduated from computer science and Technology (bilingual class) of South China University of technology. Has been engaged in e-commerce, open platform, mobile browser, recommended advertising and big data, artificial intelligence and other related development and architecture. At present, I am […]

  • Rocketmq message trace – Design


    Rocketmq message trace mainly includes two articles: design and source code analysis. This section will introduce rocketmq message trace design in detail. Rocketmq message trace mainly tracks the trace of message sending and message consumption, i.e. records the log of each processing link of the message in detail. In terms of design, at least the […]

  • Phpredis: a method to improve the real-time performance of message queuing (recommended)


    The database storage uses the form of list to store two queues. One is used as message queue to save data. The other is used to read data in real time in redis $redis->lpush($queenkey, json_encode($array)); $redis->lpush($listkey, json_encode($array)); /*Message queue instance*/ public function insertinfo() { $infos = array(‘info1’ => mt_rand(10,100), ‘info2’ => mt_rand(10,100)); $this->insertinfos($infos, ‘tutorial-list’,’tutoriallist’); } […]

  • PHP message queue implementation and application details [queue processing order system and distribution system]


    This paper introduces the implementation and application of PHP message queue. To share with you for your reference, as follows: In the Internet project developers often encounter “mass texting users”, “order system has a large number of logs to record” or the server can’t bear the pressure of instant concurrency when seckilling business. In this […]

  • Explain how redis implements ack for queue messages


    Preface Because the queues provided by the company are too painful and limited to use other queues, in order to ensure data security, a queue with ack function is needed. In the native redis, the function of queue is realized by L/R PUSH/POP. Of course, this can not meet the demand (without ACK function), so […]

  • (High concurrency detection) 3. Use of message queues for common problems in distributed scenarios


    Scenario requirements For existing MySQL master-slave projects, when the amount of data is large, we often adopt the method of sub-database and sub-table. In order to shorten the page response, we adopt the structure of one master-slave master-write + Slave read-write separation. Using redis level: first, using redis as the buffer layer of PHP to […]