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  • PHP to realize the effect of simple message board


    First is the index page rendering index.php 0){ $msgs=($string); } } ?> Simple message board-v1.0 Hello, world! This is a visual layout template. You can click the text in the template to modify, or you can click the pop-up edit box to modify the rich text. Dragging blocks can achieve sorting See more » 0):?> […]

  • Simple personal website built by react + koa2


    Browse address: www.xpy.pub At the end of the year, the iteration of the company’s project was almost over, so I wanted to learn something. As a programmer, there is no personal website. I went to Alibaba cloud to buy a server. The reason why the front end chooses react + TS is that I am […]

  • Ajax and MySQL data interactive message board function (all)


    Recently, I have made a small demo to realize the data interaction between Ajax and mysql. In the JS part, JQ is used, PHP is used in the background, MySQL is used as the database, and a node + mongodb version will be used later. About the use and installation of MySQL, I won’t talk […]

  • WordPress powerful website building cforms II message board plug-in


    Recently, when building a customer’s enterprise website, you need to submit information to the form page of the database. However, the comment function of WordPress has its limitations. You’d better customize the form and find a contact form 7. This plug-in can define the form you need to submit in the background. After studying it, […]

  • Simple Message Board Function Example Implemented by PHP [Based on ThinkPHP Framework]


    本文实例讲述了PHP实现的简单留言板功能。 Share for your reference, as follows: Entry file. File name index. PHP <?php // Application Entry File // Detecting PHP environment if(version_compare(PHP_VERSION,’5.3.0′,'<‘)) die(‘require PHP > 5.3.0 !’); // Opening debugging mode suggests opening deployment annotations during development or setting them to false Define (‘APP_DEBUG’, True); // Develop debugging mode // Define (‘APP_DEBUG’, false); // […]