• Python numpy implementation of gray image segmentation and merging


    I don’t want to talk much nonsense. Let’s go straight to the code! from numpy import * import numpy as np import cv2, os, math, os.path from PIL import Image base=”F:\\Spy_CNN\\pythonCode\\cvSPY\\cvTest\\LBP\\LBPImag3\\” base2=”F:\\ProgrameCode\\FaceDataLib\\orl_Arry\\” imageOld=cv2.imread(base2+”s1_1.bmp”) image=cv2.cvtColor(imageOld,cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY) Synthesis of image H,W=image.shape#(112, 92) kuai=5 A = 1 # in order to adjust the program maskx,masky = H/kuai,W/kuai  #29 14 […]

  • ThinkPHP 3.2 framework view model instance view query result two dimensional array merge operation example


    This paper describes the two-dimensional array merging operation of ThinkPHP 3.2 framework view model instance view query results. The details are as follows: This is the result of using the view model query array(6) { [0] => array(5) { [“pictitle”] = > string (7) “title 2” [“piccategroy”] = > string (6) “poster” [“picauthor”] = > […]

  • The most concise usage of GIT merge


    Git merge is a frequently used command in git, which is mainly used to add (merge) two or more development histories. This article brings you the common usage of GIT merge command. There are three grammars of GIT merge git merge [-n] [–stat] [–no-commit] [–squash] [–[no-]edit] [-s <strategy>] [-X <strategy-option>] [-S[<keyid>]] [–[no-]allow-unrelated-histories] [–[no-]rerere-autoupdate] [-m <msg>] […]

  • Summary of common ES6 tips [de duplication, exchange, merge, inversion, iteration, calculation, etc.]


    This article describes the common skills of ES6 with examples. The details are as follows: 1-array de duplication var arr = [1,2,3,4,3,4]; var arr2 = […new Set(arr)]; At this time, arr2 is the array after de duplication~ 2-exchange the values of two variables let [x,y] = [1,2]; [y,x] = [x,y]; console.log(y); 3 – get a […]

  • Java merge list method code example


    This article mainly introduces the Java merge list method code example, the article through the example code introduction is very detailed, to everybody’s study or the work has certain reference study value, needs the friend may refer to List includes the list interface and all implementation classes of the list interface. Because the list interface […]

  • Two methods of GIT branching and merging


    How to merge two branches together. That is to say, we create a new branch, develop a new function on it, and then merge it back to the main line after the development. 1.   git merge Let’s take a look at the first method——git merge Merging two branches in Git results in a special commit […]

  • Three scenarios of GIT merge command application


    1、 Three scenarios of GIT merge command application 1.1 “fast forward” (no conflict) Master branch Suppose that there is only one default master branch and it has been submitted three times. B0, B1 and B2 are all submission objects. First of all, it should be clear that each generated submission object contains a pointer to […]

  • Examples of image channel separation and merging in Python


    I will not say much nonsense, directly on the code! import cv2 img = cv2.imread(“1.jpg”) b. G, r = CV2. Split (IMG) ා separation function Merged = CV2. Merge ([b, G, R]) ා merge function cv2.imshow(‘image’,img) cv2.imshow(“Blue 1”, b) cv2.imshow(“Green 1”, g) cv2.imshow(“Red 1”, r) cv2.imshow(“merged 1”, merged) cv2.waitKey(0) cv2.destroyAllWindows() The above example of image […]

  • Tensorflow2.0: instances of merging and splitting tensors


    ** one tf.concat () function – Merge ** In [2]: a = tf.ones([4,35,8]) In [3]: b = tf.ones([2,35,8]) In [4]: c = tf.concat([a,b],axis=0) In [5]: c.shape Out[5]: TensorShape([6, 35, 8]) In [6]: a = tf.ones([4,32,8]) In [7]: b = tf.ones([4,3,8]) In [8]: c = tf.concat([a,b],axis=1) In [9]: c.shape Out[9]: TensorShape([4, 35, 8]) ** two tf.stack […]

  • Using VBScript to write the script of merging text file


    The script for merging text can be written as follows: Copy codeThe code is as follows: Sub AppendTextFile(filename) Set objTextFile = objFSO.OpenTextFile(filename, ForReading, true, -2) Do Until objTextFile.AtEndOfStream objOutFile.WriteLine(objTextFile.Readline) Loop End Sub However, if the read file is in UTF-8 format, the identifier of the first three bytes of the file will be considered as […]

  • Git failed to pull the warehouse referring to merge unrelated histories


    Git failed to pull the warehouse referring to merge unrelated histories This article talks about how to solve the problems in the latest 2.9.2 of GIT by merging two different projects of pull fatal: refusing to merge unrelated histories I built a new warehouse in GitHub, wrote the license, and then uploaded a local warehouse […]

  • Using DOS command to merge the contents of multiple text files


    (1) First of all, rename these more than 100 text files by serial number using the method described in “batch change file names in order” in this book; (2) In the “command prompt” window, use the CD command to enter the folder where the novel file is located; (3) Enter the copy *. TXT book.txt […]