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  • The most concise usage of GIT merge


    Git merge is a frequently used command in git, which is mainly used to add (merge) two or more development histories. This article brings you the common usage of GIT merge command. There are three grammars of GIT merge git merge [-n] [–stat] [–no-commit] [–squash] [–[no-]edit] [-s <strategy>] [-X <strategy-option>] [-S[<keyid>]] [–[no-]allow-unrelated-histories] [–[no-]rerere-autoupdate] [-m <msg>] […]

  • How to use merge in SQL


    Merge statement is a kind of SQL statement. It is available in SQL server and Oracle database, but not in MySQL and PostgreSQL. Merge is a new syntax of Oracle9i, which is used to merge update and insert statements. Through merge statement, query another table (target table) according to the connection conditions of one table […]