• Special notes for crmeb multi merchant system


    1. Environmental requirementsPagoda Linux panel installation is recommendedPHP version 7.3mysql 5.7mysql5. 7. Precautions for version:http://help.crmeb.net/crmeb_m…Latest version of Supervisor Managerhttp://help.crmeb.net/crmeb_m…2. Extensions that PHP needs to installfileinfo redis swoole4 swoole-loaderhttp://help.crmeb.net/crmeb_m…3. Pseudo static and running directories do not need to be set. If pseudo static is configured, the reverse agent cannot be added4. The reverse agent must be […]

  • Share a simple redis current limiting


    /** * Class RedisLimit * @package app\common\service *Redis simple current limiting */ class RedisLimit { /** * @var int */ static $oneITime = 60; // Unit time: one minute /** * @var int */ static $oneIMax = 50; // A user IP can only be accessed up to 10 times a minute /** * @var […]

  • ASP. Net core wechat payment (IV) [payment result notification callback (not in accordance with official steps) apiv3]


    Official documents   Payment notification API   Decryption of certificate and callback message reference material   There is no request in NETCORE InputStream Theory and Practice For me, this wechat payment result notification callback has two difficulties. Difficulty 1 At first, I was thinking about how it happened Net core accepts the data sent to me by wechat […]

  • Alipay (Alipay payment) how to achieve a project configuration multiple merchant information payment to the corresponding merchant.


    How to configure multiple merchant information for payment to corresponding merchants in one project Recently, a problem was encountered when docking Alipay‘s payment. When paying, users need to pay directly to the designated Alipay account. This demand is understandable. For example, our company has four branches in Beijing, Shanghai and other places. If the money […]

  • Sort out recently used Mongo query statements


    background Recently, I have made several rule logic. Mongo query is often used, which is to query transaction information, run established rules to screen out trading merchants, use aggregation pipeline for statistics and take out simple processed data, and use SQL instead of business code logic judgment. method Mongodb aggregation usageaggregate, the aggregation pipeline adopts […]

  • Go zero payment service I


    There’s a lot of code, so I wrote it separatelyGo zero payment service II Wechat payment Because it is wechat code scanning payment, it is used hereNativeplace an order. MerchantNativePayment order interface, wechat background system returns link parameterscode_url, the merchant background system willcode_urlValue generates a QR code picture, and the user initiates payment after scanning […]

  • Use tidb as the core database of zalopay merchant platform


    Tan to Nguyen duy, vng Devops engineer, participated in the development of zalopay infrastructure of E-wallet. First, introduce vng. Vng is a leading Internet technology company in Vietnam. In 2014, we were rated as the only startup company in Vietnam with a valuation of US $1 billion. Vng has launched many important products, such as […]

  • PHP access to wechat payment points


    1、 Introduction and opening of wechat payment sub branch Product introduction:Official documents Preparation before access:Reference website Test number configuration:Reference website 2、 Development of confirmation free mode Reference website Step 1 the user places an order to purchase products or services at the merchant side. At this time, we need to query the user’s authorization status […]

  • Analysis and design of initial construction of commodity module in e-commerce system


    Why create a new column The creation of this column is different from the personal sharing articles of grace development and my blog in the past. My positioning of this column is a technical column with attitude and high standard. In grace development, I will still talk about some technical problems we will encounter in […]

  • Wechat small and micro merchants for personal collection


    Introduction to wechat payment small and micro merchants Wechat payment merchants apply for opening to offline small and micro merchants, which can be opened by individuals without a business license.Qualified wechat payment service providers can initiate access applications for small and micro merchants.Click to open a small and micro merchant 1、 Introduction to the capabilities […]

  • Wechat payment jsapi


    20200701 wechat payment Jsapi (open in mobile wechat for payment)    1.Introducing API packages Download PHP version API         https://pay.weixin.qq.com/wiki/doc/api/jsapi.php?chapter=11_1 Note: Under the 1.tp5.1 framework, put the subfolders of API files into extend / wxpay 2. If the framework is used, please use public as the current path for file path processing 3. When receiving the callback, […]

  • Core3.1 wechat V3 jsapi payment


    1. Foreword “Xiao Wei, how long will this wechat payment take?”“ Soon, soon, boss, waiting for the last step… ““ Hurry up, just waiting to go online “,”….. “ Because the company’s business needs wechat payment, I haven’t done it before. I spent a few days writing a jsapi payment for wechat v3. I dropped […]