• Ruoyi aidex sharp rapid development platform


    A true master will always have an apprentice’s heart! For more than ten days Recently, I went to solve the major issues in my life Please forgive me, young friends 1、 Project introduction The ruoyi aidex sharp rapid development platform is actually based on the famous open source project “Ruoyi Vue“Transformed 2、 Implement functions Basically, […]

  • Android practice: Food Project (II)


    Create navigation and bottom menu bar Create fragments of several pages and add navigation For the creation of fragments, please refer tohttps://www.jianshu.com/p/5974e52a024dAdd marked fragments temporarily, and refer to others later image.png Change the constraints of XML files corresponding to all fragments to constraintlayoutAnd all fragments are changed into binding to access the control Template Create […]

  • HMS core version 6.4.0 release announcement


    Support the transfer events to Huawei application market for commercial promotion, convenient attribution and real-time tuning; Uninstall analysis adds path analysis before uninstallation to deeply analyze the root cause of uninstallation. View details New key frame capability. Through key frame points, dynamic effects such as moving and rotating positions of pictures and text can be […]

  • Uniapp development app summary


    Recently, the company needs to develop apps. As a front-end development, it chose uniapp because it combines Vue and small programs, so it is not difficult to get started. However, because it is the first time to develop apps, it also encountered many small problems in the middle. Here is a summary.First, you can return […]

  • Nexus2 set up NPM private server


    Recently, due to work needs, NPM private servers need to be set up in the company to meet the team’s component development needs. The company has set up nexus2. However, Baidu has found that nexus 3 is used to set up NPM private servers. There is no article about nexus 2, so this article is […]

  • Getting started with the shuttle AppBar


    Implementation effect diagram Main code class _MyHomePageState extends State<MyHomePage> { @override Widget build(BuildContext context) { return Scaffold( appBar: AppBar( leading: new Icon(Icons.arrow_back_ios), title: new Text(widget.title), backgroundColor: Colors.blue, centerTitle: true, actions: <Widget>[ //Non hidden menu new IconButton( icon: new Icon(Icons.add_alarm), tooltip: ‘Add Alarm’, onPressed: () {}, ), //Hide menu new PopupMenuButton<String>( itemBuilder: (BuildContext context) => <PopupMenuItem<String>>[ […]

  • “Micro front end practice” uses Vue + Qiankun micro front end scheme to reconstruct the local verification of old projects


    In October, I changed my job and received the task of project reconstruction after participating in a month’s requirements iteration. In short, it is necessary to put forward scheme ideas in a short time, conduct local verification at the same time, and finally come up with a set of technical replacement scheme. So, after working […]

  • Python3 installation pymongo


    This tutorial shows how to install the pymongo library. Of course, the editor uses pycharm. Blog post address:https://weiya.me/item/66.html prepare Pycharm is directly used to install pymongo library and mongodb related management plug-ins of pycharm. Install pymongo This is very simple to install with pycharm. First, open the relevant window according to the following menu path. […]

  • Phabricator (code review) server installation and deployment


    Phabricator is an open-source visual code review tool for Facebook. It integrates a series of open-source Web applications, including code review, code (GIT / SVN) hosting, syntax check, unit test, Wiki and other functions. It can also track bugs and directly associate JIRA with code review. It supports two code review workflows: “review” (review before […]

  • Construction and one-step analysis of SAP ui5 application in business application studio


    Open an SAP ui5 application in SAP Business Application studio and select MTA Yaml file to build:Build MTA Project: This article describes what happened behind the selection of this menu. Executing task: mbt build -s ‘/home/user/projects/project1’; sleep 2; < The command line to execute ismbt build -s, execute the file in the root directory of […]

  • This time, visit health codes all over the country on the desktop


    Background introduction During the epidemic, in order to facilitate access to the health code,Cross space-time appIt integrates the function of arousing wechat applet, and puts the entry in the long-click menu of the system desktop application icon (in Apple operating system, it is called quick action; in Android system, it is called app shortcuts). However, […]

  • Spring boot integrates Shiro and JWT


    reference resources: https://blog.csdn.net/qq_43948583/article/details/104437752 https://blog.csdn.net/weixin_42375707/article/details/111145907 It is planned to realize the permission control of adding, deleting, modifying and querying levels 1. Table structure Menu table CREATE TABLE `menu` ( `id` bigint(20) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `name` varchar(128) COLLATE utf8mb4_ unicode_ Ci not null comment ‘menu name’, `parent_ ID ` bigint (20) not null comment ‘parent node ID’, […]