• Learning elementary unity (1) – welcome to the novice village!


    Loading Install Unity Create and start a unity project Introduction to main menus and windows of unity Receive the first novice task Link Start Welcome to novice village! Let’s introduce our world view.Current level:Lv 1Skill:nothingEquip:nothing 1. Install unity In order to start our adventure, we need to download and install unity first. I used unity […]

  • Share “desktop version” of open source markdown editor mditor


    Simple explanation With the release of Desktop Edition, there are currently two versions of mditor: It can be embedded into the embedded version of any web application, which is the basis of a desktop version. Repo: https://github.com/houfeng/mditor Independent desktop version, currently only available for Mac, homepage: http://mditor.com, repo: https://github.com/houfeng/mditor-desktop Correlation characteristics In addition to the […]

  • Xmake v2.1.9 release, add visual graphic menu configuration


    This version is mainly addedxmake f –menuRealize user-defined graphic menu configuration, with interface style similar to Linuxmake menuconfig: For more instructions, please read: documentation manual. Project source code: GitHub, gitee New characteristics Add todel_files()Interface to remove some files from the list of added files Add torule(), add_rules()Interface to implement custom build rules and improveadd_files(“src/*.md”, {rule […]

  • Sublimetext: some cool but useful plug-ins


    HighlightWords Features: text highlighting tool Project address: https://github.com/seanliang/highlightwo Introduction: it can highlight multiple different strings, support regular, support white space characters. Available from the st command line. Typical use: select the string to be highlighted and use the shortcut keyctrl-alt-hAuto highlight; continue to select other highlighted strings and use shortcut keyctrl-alt-hIncrease the highlight. Text-Pastry Functions: […]

  • Sublime Text3 plug-in installation tutorial


    Direct installationIt is very convenient to install the sublime text 3 plug-in. You can download the installation package directly and extract it to the packages directory (menu – > Preferences – > packages). Install using package control componentYou can also install the package control component and install it online directly Open package control component websitePackage […]

  • Win10 beautification, make your win10 unique and unique!


    1. principles Before beautification, there must be a goal right or wrong. The author is a simple person, so beautification is based on three principles: simple, clean and tidyEr… It seems very abstract, as shown in the picture above. No picture, no truthHow about it? It’s OK. There’s nothing extraAnother beauty:Well, it’s very comfortable. Let’s […]

  • Spring cloud project source microservice distributed activiti6 workflow vue.js HTML cross domain separation


    1. Code generator:[positive and negative (single table, main table, detail table, tree table, rapid development tool)Freemaker template technology, 0 codes need not be written, and a complete module is generated, including page, table building SQL script, processing class, service and other complete modules2. Multiple data sources:(supports simultaneous connection of numerous databases, and different modules can […]

  • Implementation of Win32 program based on duilib to minimize to tray


    Recently, I am learning to use duilib, which is very convenient to realize the interface of PC program. The demo program in duilib is all closed by clicking the close button, so here I realize the effect of minimizing the program to the tray after clicking the close button. As well as the routine, the […]

  • Bash technique: explain the use of select compound command in detail, and provide the option menu item


    This article introduces bash’s select compound command, which can provide a menu list for users to select. Select command format Select command instance Custom prompt Modify split character of menu item Select command format In the bash shell of Linux, you can use theselectThe compound command provides a menu list for the user to select, […]

  • How to add code snippets in sublime text


    When we write code, we always encounter some code fragments that need to be reused. At this time, we need to copy and paste repeatedly, which greatly affects the efficiency. We can solve this problem by using the snippet function of sublime text. Generally speaking, it is to save our common code separately, and then […]

  • Spring boot Vue before and after separation of cross domain activiti6 workflow integration code generator Shiro permission


    Particular attention:Spring boot workflow separation before and after + cross domain Version (permission control to menu and button) Background frame:springboot2.1.2+ activiti6.0.0+ Mybaits + Maven + interface Front end page: HTML + vue.js form jQuery Ajax asynchronous cross domain JSON format data interaction before and after separation, before and after separate deployment (pay special attention to […]

  • How to submit message to sap?


    How to submit message to sap?   1. Enter the following URL in the browser: the following interface appears,   2. Click the ‘visit the sap support portal’ button to enter the following interface, and go to my support – > knowledge base,   Next step,   Click “SAP one support launchpad” to open the […]