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  • Big data report menu bar problem


    1、 Business scenarioThe project is a big data report system, which uses php’s Yii framework combined with Smarty. The main business reports are divided into two types, one is the external chain report embedded in iframe, and the project’s own report.For the convenience of viewing, the menu bar of favorites and recently accessed reports is […]

  • How to start ASM normally?


    Python ide pycharm1) Integrated development environment (IDE)IDE (integrated development environment) integrates most of the tools needed to develop software. It generally includes the following tools: graphical user interfaceCode editor (support code completion / Auto indent)Compiler / interpreterDebugger (breakpoint / step)…… 2) Pycharm introductionPycharm is an excellent integrated development environment for PythonPycharm can be used in […]

  • How to add or delete control center in MacOS Big Sur menu bar?


    Big Sur moves the control center function to the menu bar. How can I move it? How to move the control center function to the MAC menu bar? 1、 The control center function moves to the menu bar 1. Click on the control center and place the cursor on the function to be moved to […]

  • Interface testing tool eolinker makes post request


    Eolink is a domestic interface testing tool, which supports batch automatic testing and can generate document driven testing directly. Address:www.eolinker.com This time, I will introduce the operations related to the post request interface. Select post request: after creating a new API, directly select post request in the page. Configuration environment: you can directly click the […]

  • Quick crack GoLand


    Two activation modesPermanent activation: it is recommended to use it preferentially, and it is permanent and effectiveValidity activation: if you really can’t activate and are in a hurry to use it, this is an alternative activation scheme, simple and fast 1、 Permanent activation 1. Download the new version of the crack patch Click on the […]

  • What to do if QQ browser can’t open web page in win10 system — win7w.com


    The official version of windows 10 brings us not only new functions, but also some new problems. Of course, since the problem appears, we have to solve it. For example, after upgrading to win10 system, all the web pages can’t be opened, and the network is normal. What should we do? Let’s take a look […]

  • Converting java project into Tomcat project


    The first step Download eclipse and install the Tomcat plug-in. Step two In the top menu bar, selectFile->New->Java Project, create a new Java project. Step three After the project is established, select the projectRight click > Properties > Tomcat: Is a Tomcat ProjectTick it Context nameIf you do not fill in the access path, it […]

  • Initial use of bootstrap


    Because I mainly write back-end programs, I recently came into contact with a front-end development framework — bootstrap. There are many beautiful and concise templates for us to use, which is very convenient. It’s very practical for people who write back-end programs like me and also care about the beauty, so let’s just say it […]

  • In Vue, changing the response menu with hash is highlighted


    scene Vue + element manages the menu bar of the page,When you click the menu, router changes the hash to access different sub components. However, when changing the hash, the menu bar expansion state and highlight will not be synchronized,It needs to be implemented manually. Try Try See The first reaction is to monitor the […]

  • Grammar tips of markdown


      Using editor: typora Download official website: https://www.typora.io/ Study course: https://www.markdown.xyz/   1. Code block (1) Source code pattern       (2) Menu bar settings Menu bar paragraph code block Optional code language     (3) Shortcut In the English input mode, click the [center dot · (tilde ~) key] in the number bar […]

  • How to add menu bar in VB? How to add menu bar in VB


    VB, is a programming software, full name visual basic, using basic language for programming, is the software used by most programming enthusiasts. The usage is very simple, it is very suitable for beginners to program. Many functions can be realized. For example, a calculator can be compiled with VB. Of course, the enterprise’s purchase, sales […]

  • How to open 2345 to speed up filtering pop-up ads of browser — win10 Professional Edition


    2345 accelerated browser is a browser with high utilization rate. The software has complete functions, provides all kinds of news information, updates hot spots and headlines in real time, makes the page clear and concise, and gives users better visual effects. Do you have such troubles when you look at information, and there are advertisements […]