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  • Converting java project into Tomcat project


    The first step Download eclipse and install the Tomcat plug-in. Step two In the top menu bar, selectFile->New->Java Project, create a new Java project. Step three After the project is established, select the projectRight click > Properties > Tomcat: Is a Tomcat ProjectTick it Context nameIf you do not fill in the access path, it […]

  • Initial use of bootstrap


    Because I mainly write back-end programs, I recently came into contact with a front-end development framework — bootstrap. There are many beautiful and concise templates for us to use, which is very convenient. It’s very practical for people who write back-end programs like me and also care about the beauty, so let’s just say it […]

  • In Vue, changing the response menu with hash is highlighted


    scene Vue + element manages the menu bar of the page,When you click the menu, router changes the hash to access different sub components. However, when changing the hash, the menu bar expansion state and highlight will not be synchronized,It needs to be implemented manually. Try Try See The first reaction is to monitor the […]

  • Grammar tips of markdown


      Using editor: typora Download official website: https://www.typora.io/ Study course: https://www.markdown.xyz/   1. Code block (1) Source code pattern       (2) Menu bar settings Menu bar paragraph code block Optional code language     (3) Shortcut In the English input mode, click the [center dot · (tilde ~) key] in the number bar […]

  • How to add menu bar in VB? How to add menu bar in VB


    VB, is a programming software, full name visual basic, using basic language for programming, is the software used by most programming enthusiasts. The usage is very simple, it is very suitable for beginners to program. Many functions can be realized. For example, a calculator can be compiled with VB. Of course, the enterprise’s purchase, sales […]

  • How to open 2345 to speed up filtering pop-up ads of browser — win10 Professional Edition


    2345 accelerated browser is a browser with high utilization rate. The software has complete functions, provides all kinds of news information, updates hot spots and headlines in real time, makes the page clear and concise, and gives users better visual effects. Do you have such troubles when you look at information, and there are advertisements […]

  • laravel Pjax


    In laravel background management project, we need to realize the function of keeping the head navigation bar and the left menu bar unchanged, and the middle content module part realizes the function of local refresh.Pjax just meets our requirements.1. Install lead in composer require spatie/laravel-pjax 2. Register MiddlewareEnter laravel project, app \ http\ Kernel.php ;Find […]

  • Android implementation of long press pop-up PopupMenu menu bar


    After sdk3.0 in Android, a special menu effect has been added, which can be displayed on any view and displayed according to the position of view. res/menu/menu.xml <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <menu xmlns:android=”http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android”> < item Android: id = “@ + ID / send” Android: title = “send email” > < / item > < item Android: […]

  • It’s so refreshing to change your sublime text to soda theme


    Since I used sublime to write code, the theme style has always been the default one. It’s pure black. I think it’s cool for a short time, but it’s a long time, especially for the code at night. It’s a piece of black paint. It’s aesthetic fatigue. So I changed the soda light this time. […]

  • Part IV: idea template and comparison


    1、 Reference document Select File Ctrl + D to compare the differences between the two files. As shown below Or through the menu bar view compare with 2、 File template Here are my common file templatesnm LinkedHashMap<String,String> map = new LinkedHashMap<>(); mp map.put(“code”,”0000″); rmp @ResponseBody @RequestMapping(“$Var$”) public Object $Var$($END$){ return null; } log private static […]

  • Interllij idea modifying background color eye protection


    The default color of idea is black. It’s really cool. At first sight, it’s amazing by its interface! However, the default font of the software is too small, which is very painful for me, who has a myopia of more than 500 degrees. I specially arranged some methods to modify the background color,For your reference. […]

  • Pycharm2019.2 permanently activated