• Mono memory problem downloading AssetBundle


    1) Download the Mono memory problem of AssetBundle​2) Obtain the prefab resource path on the Hierarchy when Unity 2019 is running3) Display problems after merging multiple Submeshes models4) Access Time.deltaTime in ToLua is 05) CacheServer inexplicably disconnected This is the 242nd UWA technical knowledge sharing push. Today we continue to select a number of issues […]

  • An in-depth look at JavaScript closures


    An in-depth look at JavaScript closures Guide directory What is a closure properties of closures Advantages and disadvantages of closures The role of closure Notes on closures What are closures? A function is bundled with references to its surrounding state such that the combination isClosure. In layman’s terms: the scope where an inner function can […]

  • In-depth understanding of JavaScript – garbage collection mechanism


    Three soul questions: What is garbage collection, and what is recycled? Why do you have this thing? This article introduces and attempts to answer these three questions What is Garbage Collection? Before talking about this, we need to explain what a memory leak is. Because of a memory leak, the engine will recycle these useless […]

  • [Experience sharing] GPU CUDA uses memory padding to avoid bank conflict


      Welcome to pay attention to my public account [Jizhi Vision], reply 001 to get Google programming specifications   O_o   >_<   o_O   O_o   ~_~   o_O This article talks about how to use memory padding in GPU CUDA programming to avoid bank conflict. 1、Shared memory Shared memory is a small, low-latency on-chip […]

  • Record server memory explosion


    Recently, I was preparing for a full-stack project. I wanted to use the previous project to practice. After a test, I found a bug. Then modify the code, push it to the remote warehouse, log in to the server, and when pulling the code, an error is reported, sayingerror: unable to create temporary file: No […]

  • Performance tuning of high-performance Java computing services


    Author: vivo Internet Server Team – Chen Dongxing, Li Haoxuan, Chen Jinxia With the increasing complexity of business, performance optimization has become a required course for every technician. Where to start with performance optimization? How to locate the performance bottleneck from the appearance of the problem? How to verify that optimization measures are effective? This […]