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  • V8 memory management and garbage collection mechanism


    Due to the V8 engine, node has some limitations when operating large memory objects. On 64 bit machines, the default maximum operation object size is about 1.4g, and on 32-bit machines, the default maximum operation object size is about 0.7G.If our node program often operates on objects with large memory, you can modify this default […]

  • IOS New Oriental interview


    As a developer, it is particularly important to have a learning atmosphere and a communication circle. This is my IOS communication group: 761407670, no matter you are Xiaobai or Daniel, welcome to join us, share bat, Ali interview questions, interview experience and discuss technology, 1. How to cache cell height? What is the implementation principle […]

  • Data cleaning in mongdb


    preface Share some common data cleaning methods of mongdb Note: “exceeded memory limit for $group, but didn’t allow external sort. Pass all owDiskUse:true to “Cause and solution: reason During big data calculation and data statistics, each computing task (job or task) will use independent limited memory space. Mongodb does not provide a complex memory allocation […]

  • Structure pointer contains structure pointer


    In the process of converting C + + code to C, some C + + features cannot be used In class private variables are used in class public functions. When they are converted to C, malloc is used to apply for a memory space to store it. In the function, pointer parameters are passed to […]

  • Fundamentals of computer operating system (15) — using fork system call to create process


    introduction This paper is the fifteenth part,Create process using fork system call。 Creating a process is a very important content. No matter what language it is, the bottom layer uses fork function when creating process. This paper uses C language to be familiar with fork system call to create process Create process using fork system […]

  • Detailed explanation of pointer


    A pointer is a value representing a memory address, which is often the starting position of the value of another variable stored in memory Go language supports pointer between Java language and C / C + + language. It does not cancel the direct operation ability of code to pointer like Java, but also avoids […]

  • JS advanced — Summary inheritance


    Summary inheritance   Object oriented features: encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism Inheritance, the relationship between classes, object-oriented language inheritance is for polymorphic services   JS is not an object-oriented language, but it can simulate object-oriented and inheritance, in order to save memory   Inheritance: Prototype function: data sharing, the purpose is: in order to save memory space, […]

  • Object lifecycle


    Before explaining the object‘s lifecycle, let’s look at the following example: There are 50 parking spaces in a parking lot. If the parking lot is managed manually, the administrator has a counter to record the current situationfreeHow many parking spaces are there? When a new parking space is used, the counter will be decreased by […]

  • Memory cache and disk cache in Chrome


    I mentioned chrome caching strategy by accident today and found that I never explored chrome usagememory cacheanddisk cacheSo I went home and studied this easy to be ignored problem and shared it with you. Just like the name,memory cacheIt accesses the cache information from the memory space (RAM) of the browser, so it is faster […]

  • C learning notes (11) — variable parameters, discussion on memory management [end of C basic concept series]


    1. Variable arguments:   Variable parameters allow you to define a function that accepts a variable number of parameters based on specific requirements.   int func(int, … )             (the last parameter of function func() is written as an ellipsis, that is, three dot signs (…). The parameter before the ellipsis […]

  • Getting started with threads and processes


    Concept of process The official interpretation of a process is a running activity of a program on a data set in a computer. It is the basic unit of resource allocation and scheduling of the system and the basis of the operating system structure. Compared with program, process is a dynamic concept. Some people may […]

  • Go – & get address and * dereference


    &Variable gets the address of the variable in memory space *Variable address gets the value of a variable 1、 General data package main import “fmt” func main(){ b :=1111 C: = & B // when getting the type of address C of B * int test(c) FMT. Println (b) // a value of 333 sent […]