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  • Go language slice


    section brief introduction In short, slicing is a simplified version of a dynamic array. The length of go array cannot be changed, and the length of slice is not fixed, so the length of slice cannot be a part of type. Although arrays have their own applications, the types and operations of arrays are not […]

  • After years of development framework, do you still know the pointer?


    1: Background 1. Tell a story If you play with high-level language a lot, maybe many people forget about pointer or assembly. This article will talk about pointer. Although C ා is not advocated, can you say that pointer is not important in C ා? You should know that there are a lot of pointers […]

  • Research on deep copy / shallow copy of nsarray and nsmutablearray


    1、 Yuanqi The following two questions should be asked frequently during the interview. YesNSArrayandNSMutableArrayconductcopyandmutableCopyWhat kind of arrays do you get? WhenNSStringAs a property of an object, we should usestrongstillcopyTo decorate? During the interview in March this year, I was confused by these two questions, so I specially studied them today.I believe that you will have […]

  • Do you really understand the const command in JS?


    We all know that const generally declares a read-only constant, which cannot be modified after declaration, and must be initialized const message = ‘hello’ message // hello const message // A kind of Syntax error: missing initializer in const declaration const message = ‘hello’ message =’world’ // A kind of Type error: assignment to constant […]

  • Realization of data structure in C language


    Source: http://blog.seclibs.com/ Data In the section of linked list, we mentioned single linked list, bidirectional linked list and circular linked list. We have already implemented single linked list and double linked list with code. At that time, we did not realize circular linked list at that time. In the process of implementation, we didn’t want […]

  • Why is data in Vue component a function?


      1、 Why is data in Vue component a function In order to ensure the independence and reusability of components, data It is a function. When a component is instantiated, this function will be called to return an object. The computer will assign a memory address to this object. If you instantiate it several times, […]

  • One second minesweeping


    You can directly use CE to modify the total number of mines. The following is the memory address of the total number of mines directly modified through C ා /// PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS -> (STANDARD_RIGHTS_REQUIRED | SYNCHRONIZE | 0xFFF) public const int PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS = (STANDARD_RIGHTS_REQUIRED| (SYNCHRONIZE | 4095)); /// STANDARD_RIGHTS_REQUIRED -> (0x000F0000L) public const int STANDARD_RIGHTS_REQUIRED = […]

  • What is an array?


    The main character to introduce today is-arrayAn array is also a data structure in which data are arranged linearly. Unlike the linked list in the previous section, in the array, accessing data is very simple, while adding and deleting data is time-consuming. This is similar to the phonebook in pinyin order mentioned in the article […]

  • Comprehensive analysis and summary of JS memory model


    preface Recently, I will review the core knowledge of modern front-end as a whole, which will be sorted into a series of articles on front-end analysis and summary. This article is the second one, which mainly summarizes the underlying memory model of JS. (in addition, this series of articles can also be found in the […]

  • The initialization process of Java object


    Class person: public class Person { private String name; private int age; public Person(String name, int age) { this.name = name; this.age = age; } } Person p = new Person(“zhangsan”,20); What does this sentence do? 1. Because new uses Person.class , so we’ll find it first Person.class File and load it into memory. 2. Execute the […]