• Memorandum of design pattern


    Introduction to memo mode Memo modeIt is a design pattern that can restore or rollback, configuration, version and repentance as the core functions, and this design pattern belongs to behavior pattern. On the basis of not destroying the original object, the memo operation class is added to record the behavior of the original object, so […]

  • Dynamic programming – algorithm Introduction


    Algorithm Introduction Dynamic programming (DP) is a method used in mathematics, management science, computer science, economics and bioinformatics to solve complex problems by decomposing the original problem into relatively simple subproblems.Dynamic programming is often applied to problems with overlapping subproblems and optimal substructures. The time consumed by dynamic programming method is often much less than […]

  • How to efficiently solve the problem of receiving rainwater


    After reading this article, you can take the following questions: 42. Rainwater ———– Then rain this topic is very interesting, in the interview question frequency is still very high, this paper to step by step optimization, explain this problem. Let’s look at the topic first That is to use an array to represent a bar […]

  • Modern programmer’s necessary skills (algorithm): recursive explanation


    preface Recursion is a very important algorithm, whether you are front-end development or back-end development, you need to master it. In daily work, statistics folder size, parsing XML files, etc., need to use recursive algorithm. It’s too basic and important, and that’s why interviewers often ask us to write recursive algorithms. In this paper, we […]

  • Memo mode of design pattern


    Memento Intro Memo mode, without breaking encapsulation, captures the internal state of an object and saves the state outside the object. This will restore the object to its original saved state later. Memo mode is also called snapshot mode. The definition of this mode expresses two parts: one is to store copies for later recovery; […]

  • Memento code examples of PHP design patterns (25)


    objective It provides recovery to the previous state (using rollback) or getting the internal state of the object without breaking the encapsulation (the object does not need to have a function that returns the current state). The memo pattern is implemented using three classes: originator, caretaker, and memento. Memento — responsible for storing the unique […]

  • VBS memo start code


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: MSG = array (“cancel the call ᦇ 57 ᦇ”, “server processing”, “traffic chart to see if there is a large amount of traffic”, “what tasks should be completed today”)‘msgbox join(msg,vbcrlf)    For i = 0 To UBound(msg)        MsgBox msg(i)    Next 

  • Apple CEO Cook said that malicious use violates the law


    On October 11, Beijing time, apple removed “Hong Kong mob good helper app” hkmap.live from the app store on Thursday. In response, Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a memo to employees explaining the reasons for the decision. Here is the full text of the Memorandum: Team members: You’ve probably seen the message that we decided […]

  • How to change MAC memo font? How Apple Mac changes the default font for memos


    Mac memo can be seamlessly docked and automatically synchronized with iPhone and iPad. It is a very practical and simple memo tool on Mac platform. For many young Mac users, they don’t like the regular text very much. In fact, the memo in Mac can also change the font. Here’s how to change the default […]

  • Learning notes of design mode: (22) memo mode


    This note is excerpted from: https://www.cnblogs.com/patrick liu/p/8176974.html. Record the learning process for future reference.     I. Introduction Today we are going to talk about the 10th mode of behavioral design mode — memo mode. First, let’s look at the name. Memo mode can be understood as saving the state of an object until it needs […]

  • How to add password protection to OS X memo? Mac Memorandum Encryption Detailed Tutorial


    Nowadays, memos often record some important personal information, and Apple has realized that its security is very important. So in OS X10.11.4, Apple has added a “lock” to Mac’s memo application, which enables Mac users to encrypt the memo and make your memo application more effective. Protection. Let’s see how to add password protection to […]