• Memo mode of design mode


    Memo mode, also known as snapshot mode, is a behavioral mode. A snapshot that uses one memo object to store the internal state of another object. The memo mode is used to capture, externalize and store the state of an object without destroying the encapsulation, so that the object can be restored to the stored […]

  • Behavior type: VII Memo mode


    What is the memo mode Memo pattern is a behavior design pattern that allows you to save and restore the previous state of an object without exposing the implementation details of the object. Why use memo mode When you need to create a snapshot of the state of an object to restore its previous state, […]

  • Perl learning basic memo


    1. Perl array (1): 1) Initialize array @ array = (“stringa”, “stringb”, “stringc”);2) Use the negative index loop to retrieve print $array [- 1]; # output stringc with index (- 1 + 3)% 3 = 23) Dynamic growth $array [4] = “stringd”# Although $array [3] has not been used yet, the use of dynamic assignment […]

  • Design pattern learning 21 (Java implementation) — memo pattern


    Write in front Take notes of learning design patterns Improve the flexible use of design patterns Learning address https://www.bilibili.com/vide… https://www.bilibili.com/vide… Reference articles http://c.biancheng.net/view/1… Project source codehttps://gitee.com/zhuang-kang/DesignPattern 23. Memo mode 23.1 definition and characteristics of intermediary model Definition of memo mode:Without destroying the encapsulation, capture the internal state of an object and save the state outside […]

  • Memo mode of PHP design mode


    Memo, the name has actually vividly explained its role. A typical example is the archive function when we used to play hard disk games. When you have concerns about the big boss you are about to face, you usually save the progress archive first. If the challenge fails, you can directly read the archive and […]

  • Memo mode (learning notes)


    1. Intention Without destroying the encapsulation, capture the internal state of an object and save the state outside the object. In this way, the object can be restored to the original saved state later 2. Motivation Suppose you develop a text editor application. In addition to the simple text editing function, the editor also has […]

  • Use exchange protocol to realize multi terminal intercommunication of calendar, notes and to-do of apple, Android and Microsoft. How to synchronize calendars and to DOS?


    Use ancientExchange protocolAnd realize the data exchange between apple, Android and Microsoft, and the multi terminal exchange of calendar and notes. High level usage of Microsoft todo and some common problems catalog: Preface, what can this software doBackground, multi terminal synchronization, pain point problemThe inadequacies of the schemeadvantageParticular attentionQ & A1. How fast is synchronization2. […]

  • Memorandum of design pattern


    Introduction to memo mode Memo modeIt is a design pattern that can restore or rollback, configuration, version and repentance as the core functions, and this design pattern belongs to behavior pattern. On the basis of not destroying the original object, the memo operation class is added to record the behavior of the original object, so […]

  • Dynamic programming – algorithm Introduction


    Algorithm Introduction Dynamic programming (DP) is a method used in mathematics, management science, computer science, economics and bioinformatics to solve complex problems by decomposing the original problem into relatively simple subproblems.Dynamic programming is often applied to problems with overlapping subproblems and optimal substructures. The time consumed by dynamic programming method is often much less than […]

  • How to efficiently solve the problem of receiving rainwater


    After reading this article, you can take the following questions: 42. Rainwater ———– Then rain this topic is very interesting, in the interview question frequency is still very high, this paper to step by step optimization, explain this problem. Let’s look at the topic first That is to use an array to represent a bar […]

  • Modern programmer’s necessary skills (algorithm): recursive explanation


    preface Recursion is a very important algorithm, whether you are front-end development or back-end development, you need to master it. In daily work, statistics folder size, parsing XML files, etc., need to use recursive algorithm. It’s too basic and important, and that’s why interviewers often ask us to write recursive algorithms. In this paper, we […]

  • Memo mode of design pattern


    Memento Intro Memo mode, without breaking encapsulation, captures the internal state of an object and saves the state outside the object. This will restore the object to its original saved state later. Memo mode is also called snapshot mode. The definition of this mode expresses two parts: one is to store copies for later recovery; […]