• Modular development


    Modular development is one of the most important front-end development paradigms Modular evolution process Stage1 file division methodThe specific method is to put each function and its related status data into different files separately. It is agreed that each file is an independent module. Using a module is to introduce the module into the page, […]

  • Cloud effect NPM private warehouse? Unlimited capacity free of charge


    Cloud effect product warehouse packages provides enterprise level private product warehouses such as Maven private warehouse, NPM private warehouse and general product warehouse for maven, NPM and other software packages and dependency management. Unlimited capacity and free use Unlimited capacity and free use of cloud Devops Product management Warehouse Cloud packages automatically creates an NPM […]

  • Make good use of this idea plug-in and improve the efficiency of writing code by at least 5 times!


    Are you still writing boring and difficult to maintain POJOs? Where is the spring of cleanliness addicts? Look at Lombok! In past Java projects, there were too many unfriendly Codes: getter / setter / toString of POJO; Exception handling; The closing operation of I / O flow and so on. These template codes have no […]

  • Does the team still need a scrum master- After the team matures (transfer)


    This article is reproduced from the official account of WeChat, “the North Ming tangerine”. The author: Guan Tingting. When will we be able to kill the donkey As team members become more familiar with Scrum processes, the work of Scrum master gradually decreases. Many people have a question: does a mature scrum team still need […]

  • Get a free permanent member of station B and watch the video of station B for free (latest 2021)


    What is the soul in station B? White whoring is the soul, and the real white whoring is white whoring the whole station B So today, xiaosoft wants to share the black technology of a big white whoring member!! Unlocking mode: Oil Monkey (everyone knows it, and those who don’t understand it must have heard […]

  • TypeScript


    1、 Overview of typescript (superset and extension set of JavaScript) image.png Any JavaScript runtime environment supports The function is more powerful, and the ecology is more sound and perfect Angular 、Vue3. 0 replaces flow with typescript Second language in front-end domain Disadvantages: there are many concepts in itself. Typescript will increase some costs at the […]

  • Tpextbuilder – selectpage drop-down data


    Series articles: Background development framework based on (tp5.1, tp6.0) (design ideas refer to laravel admin) Tpextbuilder – hasbuilder (encapsulating page) Tpextbuilder – form Tpextbuilder – Search Tpextbuilder – table Tpextbuilder – selectpage drop-down data Tpextbuilder – left tree navigation Tpextbuilder – displays [component] – field Tpextbuilder – displays [component] – when form linkage Tpextbuilder – […]

  • Developing runtime applications using IOS


    1. Function of runtime Dictionary to model Dynamically modify member variables Method exchange Add attributes to classification 2. Dictionary to model Original reference link:https://www.jianshu.com/p/e0d46032b27f Original reference linkhttps://www.jianshu.com/p/ecdb5fa307f8 #import “NSObject+Json.h” #import <objc/runtime.h> #import <objc/message.h> @implementation NSObject (Json) + (instancetype)xwx_initWithDictionaryForModel:(NSDictionary *)dic{ id myObj = [[self alloc] init]; unsigned int outCount; //Gets all member properties in the class […]

  • Agile management thoughts-2021-02-04


    definition Agile development takes the evolution of users’ needs as the core, and adopts an iterative and step-by-step method for software development. flow chart image.png image.png Three roles 1. Product owner It is mainly responsible for determining the function of the product and meeting the required standards, specifying the release date and delivery content of […]

  • Years are more funny than joy — bears change their faces


    If a woman wants to open, you will understand that in this world, you are you, you hurt, hurt yourself, you are tired, tired yourself, even if someone sympathizes with you, so what? Finally, it’s up to you to clean up the mess. Remember, some people can look forward to it, but don’t rely on […]

  • Small project of Java Web to realize online used car trading platform


    Online used car trading information platform Java Web Implementation Scheme Pure servlet + MVC architecture Servlet JSP JDBC El expression JSTL Filter filter The front end is beautified with layui template The database adopts mysql requirement member: Member registration and basic information modification; Edit, modify, publish (no more information can be modified after publishing) and […]

  • Conversion between C + + class structure and JSON


    1. Background and needs When writing C #, the open-source class library newtonsoft.json is generally used to parse JSON strings. The method is very concise, such as: class Project { public string Input { get; set; } public string Output { get; set; } } JavaScriptSerializer serializer = new JavaScriptSerializer(); Project test = serializer.Deserialize(@”{“Input”:”1″,”Output”:”2″}”); One […]