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  • Vue requests the local JSON file, config.json Configure dynamic address and maintain without modifying code


    Local use of config . json You just need to config.json The file is placed in the public generated by static or webpack3use config.json File, dev or serve development environment can run and use, production environment will report cross domain error. { “BASE_URL”:”www.baidu.com” } Use( main.js (inside) import “../public/config.json” //webpack3/4 import “../static/config.json” production environment Because […]

  • Windows-server-2012 installing nginx service starts automatically


    1. Download nginx1.1 mainline version or stable version2. Download winswDownload winsw2.1 rename winsw-2.2.0- bin.exe (user defined name, use nginx here)- service.exe (for example)2.2 adding an XML file must have the same name as an EXE file <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ ?> <service> <id>nginx</id> <name>nginx</name> <description>Nginx Startup</description> <logpath>C:/Program Files/nginx-1.17.7/logs/winsw</logpath> <logmode>roll</logmode> <executable>C:/Program Files/nginx-1.17.7/nginx.exe</executable> <startargument>-p</startargument> <startargument>C:/Program Files/nginx-1.17.7</startargument> <stopargument>-p</stopargument> <stopargument>C:/Program […]