• Android uses surfaceview + mediaplayer to play video


    There are two main ways to play video in Android Use its own player. Specify action as action_ View, data is URI and type is its MIME type Using the videoview of Android, this method is too simple to introduce Using surfaceview + mediaplayer, the effect of this method is better, which is also highlighted […]

  • How to uninstall the media player in win10 V2004?


    How to uninstall Windows media player in win10 V2004? There are too many useless softwares. If you want to unload them, how can you operate them? Now let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. 1. Click taskbar【start】。 2. Point pinion【set up】Button. 3. In【set up】Midpoint【application】。 4. In【Application and function】Find and click to open [b]. 5. […]

  • How Android mediaplayer plays audio


    This paper mainly introduces how to play audio with mediaplayer. For basic knowledge of mediaplayer, such as status, you can refer to the basic introduction of Android mediaplayer. For the convenience of expression, define the variable named mediaplayer. How to use mediaplayer Create mediaplayer You can create a new mediaplayer directly or by using the […]

  • Android mediaplayer audio playback speed adjustment


    Many audio and video apps on the market now have the function of double speed playback, such as adjusting the playback speed to 0.5, 1.5, 2 times, and so on. Starting with Android API 23 (Android m), mediaplayer supports adjusting playback speed. The method used is setplaybackparams, passing in a class playbackparams representing the playback […]