• Invisible Obelisk: why blockchain is important with media thinking


    Blockchain technology breaks the balance between media time binding and space binding. You can read data from anywhere. It can last as long as paper or stone. **The invisible Obelisk: McLuhan on the blockchain (Part 1)By David MorrisMako, business operations manager, imtoken** This series of articles is based on a book about bitcoin and blockchain […]

  • How to judge whether the page is opened by mobile terminal or PC terminal


    How to judge whether the page is opened by the mobile terminal or the PC terminal, that is to say, how to judge the type of access device? 1. Media query, but this can only judge the size, not whether it is a mobile device. 2. Judge by user agent value. Use the useragent property […]

  • Focus on the edge computing session of cloud habitat 2020


    Introduction:The annual science and technology circle event cloud habitat conference was held as scheduled. With the theme of “digital intelligence future, full speed reconstruction”, this conference, together with industry colleagues and partners, has created a cloud gathering in the digital era. In the special session of edge computing technology application innovation held on the afternoon […]

  • CSS3 media queries and mobile device display size


    Recently in the company’s official website, we need to adapt to the mobile terminal, so we can refer to our previous knowledge and relevant information found on the Internet. Take a chestnut <link rel=”stylesheet” media=”screen and (max-width: 375px)” href=”solution_schoolNet.css” /> This media property value means that when the page width is less than or equal […]

  • REM layout and less usage of mobile web development


    REM layout of mobile web development Target (directory) Be able to use REM units Be able to use the basic syntax of media query Be able to use the basic grammar of less Ability to use nesting in less Be able to use the operation in less Can use two REM adaptation schemes Thinking: 1, […]

  • Source code analysis of social media login to spring social


    In the last article, we introduced the oauth2 authorization standard, and focused on the authorization code authentication mode of oauth2. At present, the vast majority of social media platforms open their interfaces (login authentication and user information interface) through oauth2 authorization code authentication mode. However, we also see that oauth2 has certain complexity. If all […]

  • Orientation reset matchmedia


    Recently, there is a demand for productsAdaptive horizontal and vertical screensThat makes you bald. I don’t want to be idle when I work at home. Although the demand has been raised, as a front-end Er, we still need to have our own ideas. We need to count a wave of dataLet’s see how many people […]

  • CSS tutorial: media types of CSS properties


    One of the most important features of the stylesheet is that it can be used in a variety of media, such as page, screen, synthesizer and so on. Specific attributes can only be applied to specific media. For example, the “font size” attribute is only valid for scrollable media types (screen). Declare a media attribute […]

  • How to use @ media in mobile adaptive style


    General mobile terminal style: @media all and (orientation : portrait) {/*Vertical screen*/ } @media all and (orientation : landscape) {/*Horizontal screen*/ } Specify mobile terminal height style: @media screen and (max-width: 750px)@Media screen and (min width: 720px) and (max width: 960px) {/ / 720 < = XXX < 960 devices} Set the style according to […]

  • Take a look at the airpods Pro web page. Some interesting statistics about a large number of media pages


    The original text is in https://twitter.com/wesbos/status/1189190729219760130?s=20The author is Wes BOS @ wesbos https://www.apple.com/cn/airpods-pro/ Fully loaded with 70 megabytes of dataThere are more than 1700 jpgs, most of which are loaded after the page is loaded 348kb JSIt’s about 25000 linesRequirejs is usedUsing data attributes extensivelyHeavy use of event delegation About 18000 lines of CSS704 media […]

  • [book intensive reading] intensive reading notes sharing of responsive web design HTML5 and CSS3 practice (Second Edition)


    Write in front Book Introduction: this book mainly explains how to use HTML5 and CSS3 for responsive web design, so that the design and development of the page can respond and adjust according to the user behavior and the device environment (system platform, screen size, screen orientation, etc.). My brief comment: responsive web design, personal […]

  • REM use configuration


    How to make the font size of the root element change dynamically? /*dpi*/ /* for 1080+ px width screen */ /* for 1080 px width screen */ /* for 800 px width screen */ /* for 800 px width screen */ @media only screen and (min-width: 751px) { html, body { font-size: 31.25px; } } […]