• Two health check mechanisms of spring cloud Alibaba Nacos!


    As a registry, spring cloud Alibaba Nacos not only provides the functions of service registration and service discovery, but also provides a mechanism for service availability monitoring. With this mechanism, Nacos can perceive the health status of the service, so as to provide healthy service instances for service callers, and finally ensure the normal implementation […]

  • Microservice architecture | 2.2 unified configuration management of Alibaba Nacos


    catalogue preface 1. Basic knowledge of Nacos configuration center 1.1 functions of Nacos in configuration center 1.2 composition of Nacos configuration management data ID 1.3 rollback mechanism configured by Nacos 1.4 graphical management interface of Nacos configuration 1.5 relationship among namespace, group and data ID 1.6 crud configured by Nacos 1.7 long polling mechanism of […]

  • Spring source code analysis 11: spring extension loading mechanism


    Spring source code analysis 11: spring extension loading mechanism Spring has two main extension loading mechanisms: automatically loading classes in third-party packages and extending the namespace of beans in XML configuration files 1. Automatically load classes in third-party packages spring-coreProvides an extension mechanism similar to Java SPIMETA-INF/spring.factoriesIf you define the classes that need to be […]

  • Laravel content understanding and summary


    theme Introduction to laravel Foundation Looking at the project architecture from the life cycle of laravel Laravel performance optimization method Introduction to laravel’s unique development mode Value, use and modification of key components of laravel Layering of laravel layer C to layer M Laravel’s distributed architecture? Deep laravel component design Common PHP features of laravel […]

  • Mybatis plug-in mechanism


    This article will talk about the plug-in mechanism of mybatis, which is based on myabtis version 3.4.6. Knowledge points What is a plug-in How to customize plug-ins Plug in implementation principle What is a plug-in I believe you must have used many plug-ins at ordinary times, such as Eclipse Plug-in, idea plug-in, Chrome browser plug-in, […]

  • 40000 word comprehensive and detailed explanation of the attention mechanism in deep learning (conclusion)


    This section introduces various variants of the attention mechanism. Including but not limited to: “Attention mechanism based on reinforcement learning”: a part of the optional append input “Global & local attention mechanism”Among them, the local attention mechanism can selectively attach some parts of the input “Multidimensional attention mechanism”Attention: capture different features in the attention space. […]

  • Spring boot extension mechanism: springapplicationrunlistener


    Spring boot introduces a new extension interfaceSpringApplicationRunListener, you can monitor all stages of the spring application startup process, such as application startup, environment ready, context ready, etc Custom extension class TenmaoRunListenerIt should be noted that the constructor, for example, accepts two parametersSpringApplication application, String[] args。 This is also very interesting. Why do we need some […]

  • Event loop I know, what the hell is a macro task or a micro task?


    Before introducing macro tasks and micro tasks, throw a question. I believe you will encounter similar questions during the interview: setTimeout(function(){undefined console.log(‘1’) }); new Promise(function(resolve){undefined console.log(‘2’); resolve(); }).then(function(){undefined console.log(‘3’) }); console.log(‘4’); Please say the data printed on the console. After careful consideration, many small partners will confidently say the answers: 2, 4, 1, 3. But when […]

  • 2021 Android Facebook (Senior / Senior)


    2021.3 your interview experience is only for record 1、 Xiaomi Internet (offer) Millet side 1 signature mechanismHandler can be created in 2thread Are you?If the looper passed into the mainline city is OK, otherwise the handler that creates the sub thread needs looper Prepare and loop support3 viewpager fragment lazy loadingClass 4 will use the […]

  • Practice — Research on the application of redis client cache in springboot


    This article explores the latest feature of redis – the application of client cache on springboot. Redis Tracking Redis client caching mechanism is based on redis tracking mechanism. Let’s first learn about redis tracking mechanism. Why redis tracking Due to its fast speed and high performance, redis is often used as a cache database for […]

  • Springboot rabbitmq high availability message confirms the actual consumption


    The following example code can be downloaded from GitHub or gitee github:Code link gitee:Code link The first two posts: Springboot rabbitmq getting started Springboot rabbitmq actual combat of different switch types The high availability of rabbitmq is mainly reflected in the process of sending, transmitting and receiving messages, which can ensure that messages are successfully […]

  • UBI. Why did we choose UBI?


    Let’s start with my biggest feeling this week:Circlesubi is a good tool for making friends. Let’s use it together!Next, we will also create UBI based on circlesubi City: UBI.city is the Protocol layer of the future organization. Circles official data weekly Circlesubi released its data for one week on twitter the day before yesterday: 173272 […]