• **Consensus mechanism of wisdom chain document repository**


    At present, there is a consensus mechanism in the global public chain infrastructure, which stipulates how to compete for accounting among nodes. At present, the most mainstream consensus mechanisms are ow, POS, dpos, pbft and dbft, with different emphasis on speed, security and centralization. However, some public chains choose to use the hybrid consensus mechanism. […]

  • React setstate mechanism


    setStatecharacteristic Immutable value It could be an asynchronous update It may be merged stateTo define in the constructor Immutable value Functional programming ideas, pure functions, no side effects When to revise and when to correctstateOperation, do not operate in advance //Operation array this.setState({ list1: this.state.list1.concat(100), list2: […this.state.list2, 100], list3: this.state.list3.slice(0, 3), list4: this.state.list4.filter((item) => item […]

  • Introduction to blockchain consensus mechanism


    Author: qinyutong, chengyueqiang Consensus mechanism is a distributed consensus algorithm for blockchain transactions. With the continuous promotion of blockchain technology, consensus mechanism, as the core of blockchain, has attracted more and more attention. Consensus mechanism plays an important role in protecting data consistency. In this paper, eight common consensus mechanisms are selected. According to the […]

  • Fast implementation of existing system microservice transformation, new upgrading of Boyun microservice governance products


    On April 29, beyond microservice governance product of bocloud Boyun improved its functions and optimized its performance on the basis of V2.2, and finally launched the latest version of beyond microservice v2.3. The new version is based on the original spring cloud governance function,The last version of the load balancing strategy, fuse management strategy, access […]

  • A detailed introduction to spark shuffle


    preface Spark shuffle is a popular topic. It is one of the most important processes in spark task execution. So what is shuffle? Shuffle is generally translated into data shuffling, which is the unique mechanism of MapReduce like distributed computing framework and the most important execution mechanism of this kind of distributed computing framework. Next, […]

  • Server cluster


    Set up server cluster colony Server cluster is a measure of load balancing and pressure sharing through multiple servers. However, there are also some problems: according to the user’s reverse proxy call, the user does not know which server he is accessing. So how to test load balancing??? We can get the access server port […]

  • Security of public blockchain “ternary paradox”


    In the last two issues, we talked about the “ternary paradox” of the public chain system of blockchain[scalability]and[decentralization]In this issue, based on the security problems and challenges existing in the public blockchain system, as well as some practical cases, let’s talk about the final topic of this series of articles:Security。 In the view of many […]

  • Illustrated spring: http request processing flow and mechanism [1]


    In 2003, the veteran brother first came to ZTE to start a postgraduate internship. Spring was born that year. In March 2004, version 1.0 was released, and now it has been more than 15 years. From single layered architecture to cloud native microservice architecture, it has never been shaken at the top of Java application […]

  • Linux system programming mutex


    Mutex As mentioned above, if there is resource sharing in the system, there is competition between threads, and there is no reasonable synchronization mechanism, there will be data confusion. In order to realize the synchronization mechanism, Linux provides a variety of ways, one of which is mutex (also known as mutex). Each resource can be […]

  • Springboot + rabbitmq uses the message confirmation mechanism and feels like it’s in a hole


    This article is included in personal blog: www.chengxy-nds.top Sharing technology resources and making progress together Recently, the Department has called on everyone to organize more technology sharing meetings, saying that it is necessary to activate the technical atmosphere of the company. But I have seen through everything for a long time. I know that this […]

  • Exchange 2013 learning notes 19: Certificate Management


    1、 Preface When the client logs in to OWA, it will often prompt “there is a problem with the security certificate of this website”. To solve this problem, we can create a new certification authority, and then exchange can apply for a certificate from the certification authority. 2、 Certificate services installation 2.1. Open the server […]

  • Three mechanisms of defer statement in go language


    The 1.13 and 1.14 versions of golang optimize defer twice, which greatly reduces the performance overhead of defer in most scenarios. What principle does it experience? This is because the two versions of thedeferEach added a new mechanism to makedeferStatement is compiled, the compiler will, according to different versions and situations, set thedeferChoose a different […]