• IPFs builds distributed Web3.0, and the value of the only certified fil will rise


    Since this year, fil has attracted the attention of coin circle players and also set off an offline boom of mining machines. The crazy rise of fil has attracted the crazy investment of a number of investors outside the circle. Filecoin is the only token (token) of IPFs (interstellar file system), which encourages miners to […]

  • Spring.factories of springboot startup principle


    1. SPI mechanism in spring boot and spring boot starter startup principlehttps://blog.csdn.net/weixin_…2. How the enableautoconfiguration annotation workshttps://blog.csdn.net/zhousen…3. Enableautoconfiguration of spring factoriesloader principle analysishttps://www.jianshu.com/p/499…4. Description of @ import annotation function (spring 3.0 exists)https://blog.csdn.net/everyok/article/details/81350905?utm_medium=distribute.pc_relevant_t0.none-task-blog-BlogCommendFromMachineLearnPai2-1.nonecase&depth_1-utm_source=distribute.pc_relevant_t0.none-task-blog-BlogCommendFromMachineLearnPai2-1.nonecase Spring boot starter startup principlehttps://www.cnblogs.com/chong…

  • This post is all you need


    1 Introduction Hello, friends. Welcome to Yuelai inn. The paper to be introduced today is a paper published by Google in 2017, called “attention is all you need” [1]. Of course, there have been a lot of analysis about this paper on the Internet, but good food is not afraid of late. The author is […]

  • How to keep the stable output of services in case of traffic surge


    Service adaptive load shedding protection design Design purpose Ensure that the system is not overwhelmed by excessive requests Provide higher throughput as much as possible on the premise of ensuring system stability Design considerations How to measure system load Whether it is in the virtual machine or container, it is necessary to read the load […]

  • Explain the spotingboot parameter verification mechanism in detail, and the verification is no longer chaotic


    preface The spring validation framework provides a very convenient parameter validation function, which only [email protected]@ValidAnd some rule annotations to verify parameters. I read many online spring boot parameter verification tutorials to“Single parameter verification”and“Entity class parameter verification”These two perspectives are used to classify (or the classification of “get method” and “post method” is actually the same, […]

  • The method of real-time data fusion is stable and high error tolerance


    Chen Lei, datapipeline partner & CPOHe once served as chief data scientist and senior consultant manager of cognitive Internet of things Laboratory Service Department of IBM Greater China. Ten years of management experience and fifteen years of experience in data science and finance. Director of industrial innovation Department of National Engineering Laboratory of integrated transportation […]

  • Chapter 8: exceptional control flow


    A series of articles: CSAPP English Learning Series: Preface Chapter 1: a tour of computer systems CSAPP English Learning Series: Chapter 2: data representation Chapter 8: exceptional control flow CSAPP English Learning Series: Chapter 11: network programming CSAPP English Learning Series: Chapter 12: concurrent programming 8.1 Exceptions 8.2 Processes 8.2.1 Logical Control Flow 8.2.2 Concurrent […]

  • The impact of operating system memory large pages (THP) on redis performance


    catalogue THP The influence of THP on redis Turn off THP Warning of redis startup log: WARNING you have Transparent Huge Pages (THP) support enabled in your kernel. This will create latency and memory usage issues with Redis. To fix this issue run the command ‘echo madvise > /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/enabled’ as root, and add it to […]

  • Analysis of SPI service discovery mechanism based on Java programming technology


    SPI service discovery mechanism SPI is a service discovery mechanism provided by Java JDK. SPI > service provider interface is a built-in service discovery mechanism of Java JDK Find the file in the meta-inf / services folder under the classpath path, and automatically load the classes defined in the file [ ⚠️ Note]:In the object-oriented […]

  • Redis fragmentation mechanism


    Redis performance optimization Second speed: the memory capacity of a single redis is limited. However, if there is a huge amount of data requiring cache storage, multiple redis nodes should be usedDefinition of redis fragmentation mechanism: Redis fragmentation mechanism configuration Configuration planningConfiguration Description: prepare three redis servers with port numbers of 6379 / 6380 / […]

  • You may not know about the handler synchronization barrier


    The big picture on the cover of the article is from:https://www.zacsweers.dev/rxa… preface Nice to meet you~ About the content of handler, almost every Android Developer has mastered it, and there are many excellent blogs on the network. I have written an article before, and readers can go and have a look if they are interestedPortal。 […]

  • Learn go and rust through examples — Types and generics


    These two languages are strongly typed, but because of its unique trait mechanism, we can only specify the trait of the type instead of specifying the parameter type. In go language, functions are usually written only for certain types. Let’s take an example to compare how to compare bytes in the standard libraries of trust […]