• Understanding of nginx


    preface Record the configurations I have encountered in my current work. Writing an article is just for convenience, because there is no markdown format for notes. Ha ha Reference demo server { listen 80; listen 443; listen 14000; #Notes notes location /dddd/adar { if ($request_uri ~ “[&\?]max_age=([0-9]+)”) { add_header “Cache-Control” “max-age=$1”; } alias /vdar/wdww/hdtml/rdadar/dddist/; } […]

  • Detailed explanation of Flink taskmanager memory model


    Apache Flink provides an efficient workload on top of the JVM by strictly controlling the memory usage of its components. Although the community strives to provide reasonable default values for all configurations, it cannot be applied to all applications deployed by users on Flink. In order to provide maximum production value to our users, Flink […]

  • Basic operation (file) of CMD (command prompt)


    Open the CMD window. Next, we will introduce how to use CMD to create, delete, modify and view files 1.1 create an empty file using CMD (for better demonstration, disk D is the current path in this paper). The command is as follows: Copy nul xxx.xx (file name) Command details: Copy means copy, nul means […]

  • CentOS 7 regularly executes Python scripts


    CentOS 7 regularly executes Python scripts In CentOS, crontab can be used to process scheduled tasks. 1、 Installation of crontab By default, crontab is already installed in CentOS 7. If it is not installed, you can install it through Yum or up2date. yum install crontabs 2、 Timing syntax description of crontab In corntab, a line […]

  • Good characteristics of machine learning


    We have explored the method of mapping raw data to appropriate feature vectors, but this is only part of the work. Now, we must explore what values are good features of these feature vectors Avoid discrete eigenvalues that are rarely used In this way, the model can learn how the eigenvalue is related to the […]

  • How do programmers read English documents? The best way to improve ability!


    This article is reproduced from: wind tower Why read English documents? Before answering how to do it, I want to say why. Don’t we have Chinese documents in the process of learning new technologies? Since there are Chinese documents, why learn to read English documents? Isn’t it unnecessary? In my opinion, this is definitely not […]

  • Fluent notes | exploration on size optimization of fluent apk


    Chase, explore, never stop ~ preface I still remember when I first went into the pit to pack, I was deeply shocked. Lying in the trough, this bag is so big! ✓ Built build/app/outputs/apk/release/app-release.apk (23.8MB). Nearly 24 MB, the first reaction was really confused. Of course, after directly submitting to the market, they are also […]

  • Getting things technology — Introduction to JSON schema


    Article introduction:Introduce JSON schema in vernacular, from basic concepts to high-order usage, from simple to deep, and analyze the practical role of JSON schema combined with practical application. 1、 Origin What is JSON schema? Before answering this question, let’s understand the background of it. With the development of the Internet, the front and back end […]

  • Tfa.seq2seq.trainingsampler understanding summary


    summary Tfa.seq2seq.trainingsampler, simply read the input training sampler.Call (initialize. Train input)_ Tensors), take the time in each batch_ The data with Step = 0 is spliced into a data set and returned.Call sampler.next next next_ When using the inputs function, the time in each batch will be taken_ The data of step + + is […]

  • Deep understanding of tree sharking (1)


    Introduction This article will take you from a macro perspective to see what tree sharking is. Is it mysterious? No, let’s expose his face together 1、 What is tree sharking Tree is a tree, sharking is shaking. When the tree shakes, it will surely shake down some useless leaves. From a programming point of view, […]

  • Reservation of significant bits and decimal places in C + +


    If you want to keep N decimal places According to the explanation on the C + + official website, this function has no specified return type, and it is used to set the exact decimal place on the output operation. This function is only used to modify the data stream if the return value is […]

  • WCNSS_ qcom_ Detailed analysis of cfg.ini WiFi configuration file parameters


    General configuration of sta parameter meaning minimum value Maximum Default value gNeighborLookupThreshold The condition that triggers roam scan is in wcnss_ qcom_ In the cfg.ini file, gneighborlookupthreshold = 78, which means that roam scan will be triggered when the signal is less than – 78dB. 0 120 0 RTSThreshold Mainly used to solve the “hidden […]