• How does Notepad + + generate MD5 data? How does Notepad generate MD5 value of text


    MD5 as a way to protect data, we can use Notepad + + to generate MD5 data. Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software name: Text (code) editor (Notepad + +) 64 bit v7.8.9 multilingual Chinese installation version Software size: 3.78MB Update time: 2020-07-17Download now 1. First, open Notepad + +, the version […]

  • A VBS code to extract user name and MD5


    The injection code is as follows: links.php?t=search&search_keywords=asd&start=1,1 UNION SELECT 1,username,user_password,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 FROM phpbb_users where user_id limit 0,1000/* In this way, 1000 user names and MD5 are extracted, and the top ones are saved as HTMs. It is very troublesome to extract MD5 and user names one by one, and a piece of code is written. I’m […]

  • Explain the command use of MD5 code and SHA1 code of the check file in Linux


    md5sumUsage: md5sum [options]… [file]Display or check the MD5 (128-bit) check sum.If there is no file option or “-” at the file, it is read from standard input. – B, — binary read in binary mode– C, — check read the check value of MD5 from the file and check it– t, — text read in […]

  • Performance comparison of three different MD5 computing methods in go language


    Preface This paper mainly introduces three different MD5 computing methods, in fact, the difference is the difference between reading files, that is, disk I / O, so it can also be used in network I / O. Let’s have a look. ReadFile First, look at the first, simple and rough: func md5sum1(file string) string { […]

  • VBS MD5 encryption algorithm code


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: Private Const BITS_TO_A_BYTE = 8 Private Const BYTES_TO_A_WORD = 4 Private Const BITS_TO_A_WORD = 32 Private m_lOnBits(30) Private m_l2Power(30) m_lOnBits(0) = CLng(1) m_lOnBits(1) = CLng(3) m_lOnBits(2) = CLng(7) m_lOnBits(3) = CLng(15) m_lOnBits(4) = CLng(31) m_lOnBits(5) = CLng(63) m_lOnBits(6) = CLng(127) m_lOnBits(7) = CLng(255) m_lOnBits(8) = CLng(511) m_lOnBits(9) = CLng(1023) […]

  • SHA1 & MD5 encryption by calling capicom object in vbs


    Originally I planned to write it myself, but when I saw the complicated algorithm description, I retreated. Come on, there are ready-made COM object calls, so why care about the algorithm? Just use it directly. If the following example code prompts that the object cannot be created, you need to download the capicom component and […]

  • Introduction to MD5 and SHA-1 Encryption (with iOS Encryption)


    MD5 encryption MD5 Message-Digest Algorithms (English: MD5 Message-Digest Algorithms), a widely used cryptographic hash function, can produce a 128-bit (16-byte) hash value to ensure that information transmission is complete and consistent. MD5 was designed by Ronald Livist and published in 1992 to replace the MD4 algorithm. 1. application MD5 has been widely used in providing […]

  • A magic GIF chart that shows your MD5 value


    This is a magic GIF image that shows its MD5 value. The MD5 value of this picture is: f5ca4f935d44b85c431a8bf788c0eaca Original picture address: https://shells.aachen.ccc.de/… Related links: An animated GIF that shows its own MD5 Reddit:Animated GIF displaying its own MD5 hash • r/programming The discussion area also gives a general explanation of the principle of image […]

  • Introduction to MD5


    Introduction to MD5 1. Introduction to MD5 The full name of MD5 isMD5 Information Summarization Algorithms (MD5 Message-Digest Algorithms)A widely used cryptographic hash function can produce a 128-bit (16 bytes, 1 byte, 8 bits) hash value (commonly expressed in 32-bit hexadecimal notation, such as: 0caa3b23b8da53f9e4e041d95dc8fa2c) to ensure the integrity and consistency of information transmission. 2. […]

  • encryption algorithm


    classification According to the different types of keys, the current cryptographic technology is divided into symmetric encryption algorithm and asymmetric encryption algorithm. Symmetric encryption algorithm uses the same key for encryption and decryption, and both sides of communication must acquire the key and keep it secret. The asymmetric encryption algorithm uses encryption key (public key) […]

  • VBS Add the Implementation Code of Right-click Computing File MD5


    Recent backups are relatively frequent. In order to verify the integrity of the file, it is always troublesome to open a file HASH checking tool. So I wrote this thing. When the file is large, the calculation is a little slow. The MD5 value of the file is saved in the clipboard! The effect is […]

  • VBS Gets MD5 Value of File (Component Free)


    The following code can obtain MD5 values without requiring components. Copy codeThe code is as follows: Option ExplicitDim wiDim fileDim file_sizeDim file_attributesDim file_versionDim file_hashSet wi = CreateObject(“WindowsInstaller.Installer”)file = “111.exe”file_size = wi.FileSize(file)file_attributes = wi.FileAttributes(file)file_version = wi.FileVersion(file)file_hash = GetFileHash(file)Set wi = NothingMsgBox “File: ” & file & vbCrLf & _“Size: ” & file_size & vbCrLf & _“Attributes: […]