• The method of modifying the version number of multiple modules in Maven project at the same time with one line command


    Maven, a common project management tool for java development, can build and manage Java projects. For many Java programmers, layered architecture is not new, at least the three-tier architecture of MVC is not new, and even someone said, “any problem in computer science can be solved by other layer of indirection.” To layer in the […]

  • Maven multi module and implementation method of version modification


    For Java projects built with maven, multiple sub module projects are usually aggregated. In the process of version iteration, the version number is often changed and the parent version number is updated. It is found that the version number of the sub module is not updated and needs to be updated manually one by one, […]

  • maven:setting.xml


    brief introduction As you can see from the file name of settings.xml, it is the configuration file used to set Maven parameters.Also, settings.xml is the global configuration file for Maven. The pom.xml file is the local configuration of the project.Settings.xml contains configuration such as local storage location, remote storage server modification, authentication information, etc. Setting […]

  • Chapter 4: CentOS 7.3 installation of Maven and environment configuration


    What is Maven? Apache Maven project — an excellent open source project of Apache Maven is a tool for building and managing Java projects What can Maven do? It is convenient to create projects with maven, and various types of Java projects can be created based on archetype Maven warehouse manages the jar package (artifact) […]

  • Custom modification of mybatis generator plug-in


    In order for the front-end engineer to see the annotation description of each entity class attribute in the swagger API document, instead of looking at the data dictionary separately, and to solve the problem of manually adding corresponding annotation to each date format field when receiving and returning data in date format, modify the mybatis […]

  • Maven pom.xml details


    Maven POM file description Coordinates of the parent project. If the value of an element is not specified in the project, the corresponding value in the parent project is the default value of the project. Coordinates include group ID, artifact ID, and version. <parent> <! — component identifier of inherited parent project — > <artifactId/> […]

  • Maven packaging and publishing to nexus


    Compile and pack mvn clean package -DskipTestsr Omit… [INFO] [INFO] — maven-surefire-plugin:2.12.4:test (default-test) @ wechat-wxpay — [INFO] Tests are skipped. [INFO] [INFO] — maven-jar-plugin:2.4:jar (default-jar) @ wechat-wxpay — [INFO] Building jar: /Users/pro/zi/2017/pays/wxpay/target/wechat-wxpay-1.0.jar [INFO] ———————————————————————— [INFO] Reactor Summary: [INFO] [INFO] Pay Parent ………………………………….. SUCCESS [ 0.161 s] [INFO] wechat-common ……………………………….. SUCCESS [ 3.040 s] [INFO] WechatPay […]

  • Maven detailed explanation


    I. Preface In previous projects, Maven is not really used, only its reputation is great, and its role is to manage jar packages.Recently, Maven was used in the process of the project. For the web project built with maven, its project structure only stays in the understanding stage, without in-depth use and understanding. Just recently, […]

  • Maven_00


    This article is about 1026 words, reading time is 4 minutes. This paper mainly introduces the origin of Maven’s name, the background of Maven’s birth and the main functions of Maven. Question: what is Maven? Most people use Maven to manage java project dependencies. This should be the main function of maven, but let’s explore […]

  • Maven configuration dependency of spring boot


    We add spring boot starter web by referring to spring boot starter parent It can realize the function of Web project. Of course, it can also be realized by adding dependency packages by itself without using spring boot start web. But it needs to be added one by one, which is time-consuming and laborious, and […]

  • Jfrog upload to Maven private service


    1. Https://www.jfrog.com/open-so…, my environment is windows, so I downloaded the zip package. You can download the corresponding version according to your computer system, download it, open artfactory.bat, and then start the server software of jfrog, as shown in the following figure: 2. When the above is started, terminal will be started. When we see the […]

  • Spring cloud (Part 002) simple movie micro service (consumer, provider is user micro service)


    Spring cloud (Part 002) simple movie micro service (consumer, provider is user micro service) – 1、 General introduction The communication between microservices and microservices is through HTTP protocol; The user micro service is the provider, the film micro service is the consumer, and the film micro service consumes the user micro service; 2、 Implementation steps […]