• Code for solving mathematical problems with batch processing page 1 / 4


    #01 ! How many daffodils are there? #02 ! There are four numbers, and the sum of any three numbers is 84, 88, 99, 110 respectively? #03 ! The age of Miss Zhao has the following characteristics:1. Its third power is a four digit number, and its fourth power is a six digit number;2. The […]

  • The use of map


    Previous articles in this series: Installation and use of go A summary of the basic grammar of go language introduction series (2) Introduction to array and slicing (3) 1. Statement A map is a mapping that allows you to map keys(key)Map to value(value), format:map[keyType]valueType。 Declare a map and initialize it using thekey:valueTo initialize: Var scores […]

  • Ten commandments of machine learning


    In the process of self-learning of machine learning skills, we must be responsible for our own education and enlightenment. This article lists ten commandments that should not be taken lightly. Learn from the past and learn from the future. 1. Mathematics, code and data are Trinity Any effective machine learning pipeline is the trinity of […]

  • Smartbi has been selected as the top 50 of the second digital technology weapons spectrum, marching towards the benchmark of big data industry


    On January 13, 2020, at the “digital economy, digital technology, digital Finance – 2021 01 finance and economics · 01 think tank summit” held in Beijing, 01 finance and economics selected the companies with the highest level of digital technology in the industry from the six dimensions of product ability, team ability, operation ability, capital […]

  • Install gnuplot and maxima in Linux system to help deal with mathematical problems


    GnuplotGnuplot is a multi-functional graphic tool for different platforms. Although it has “GNU” in its name, it is not part of the GNU operating system. It’s not freely licensed, but it’s free software (which means it’s copyrighted, but free to use). To install gnuplot on the Ubuntu system (or derivative system), enter: Copy code The […]

  • 4. Group aggregation


    Take this as an example 1、 Group by Parameter name accept meaning default by Liststringmappinggenerator 1. If it is a function, the index is calculated and grouped2. If it is dictionary / series, the value of dictionary / series will be used as grouping basis3. If it is numpy array, it is grouped by array […]

  • 2021 book list recommends 15 AI books with high scores, all for free


    Summary:At present, there are a lot of AI books on the market. As an AI enthusiast, how to select the book list? At the beginning of the new year, KDnuggets compiled a list of AI books for you to use. Original: hyperai super nerve Key words: AI book list, machine learning, data science KDnuggets, a […]

  • Calculator hidden in Linux, do you know its secret?


    Calculator hidden in Linux, do you know its secret? As we all know, there is a calculator tool under windows, which we often use in our work and life. However, do you know that there is also a calculator under Linux? Of course, Liang Xu is talking about the calculator tool under the command line, […]

  • ES7 (2) – Pow


    catalog Math: POW power operation How to abbreviate the power in ES7? Es6-es10 learning map Math: POW power operation ES5 pow console.log(Math.pow(2,4)) // 16 How to abbreviate the power in ES7? ES7 ** console.log(2 ** 4) // 16 Es6-es10 learning map

  • Five commands to use calculator in Linux command line


    Hello, I’m Liang Xu. When using Linux, we sometimes need to do some calculations, so we may need to use a calculator. In the Linux command line, there are many calculator tools. These command line calculators allow us to perform scientific calculation, financial calculation or some simple calculation. Of course, we can also use these […]

  • Algorithms on sets in STL


    Mathematical concepts aggregatesetIs a set of unordered non repeating elements that can be used to eliminate duplicate elements.supportunion(and),intersection(hand in),difference(poor) andsysmmetric difference(symmetric difference set) and other mathematical operations. beginning STLThese common mathematical algorithms are provided,C++Programmers should be familiar with them, but they are only the tip of the iceberg. Union std::set_union(A.begin(), A.end(), B.begin(), B.end(), std::back_inserter(results)); Intersection […]

  • Numex PR: you think numpy is fast enough, but it can be faster


    Opening Python language is widely used in data analysis and machine learning. However, due to the underlying characteristics of python, the low running speed of Python has been widely criticized. Among them, the wide use of numpy and pandas has promoted the speed of data processing and machine learning by several grades. However, with more […]