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  • Introduction to angularjs


    Introduction to angularjs Introduction Angularjs was born in 2009, founded by Misko hevery and others, and later acquired by Google. Is an excellent front-end JS framework, which has been used in many Google products. Angularjs is designed to overcome the shortcomings of HTML in building applications. Angularjs has many features, the most core of which […]

  • Non magnetic reinforced screw plate


    Where on earth will non-magnetic reinforcement, non-magnetic thread and non-magnetic steel plate be used?And why do these places use nonmagnetic materials?Concealed works, special infrastructure, wharf. Non magnetic steel is commonly used in these places.In addition, degaussing treatment should be carried out frequently at the ship terminal.These places must be low magnetized, if not low magnetized, […]

  • 30crmnmore bulletproof steel


    30crmnmore code 603 armor steel is a kind of high strength and high toughness quenched and tempered steel with high strength and toughness, good machinability and weldability. As a protective material, it is mainly used to manufacture armor against the penetration of various projectiles, jets and fragments; as a structural material, it is mainly used […]

  • Cold cutting blanking of 40mn18cr4 non magnetic steel


    We don’t understand other non-magnetic steel. High manganese non-magnetic steel series of 40mn18cr3, 40mn18cr4v, 50mn18cr5, 45mn17al3 and other steel grades are mainly used for degaussing steel of motor parts.Many friends reported that it was difficult to cut high manganese steel, and some said it was particularly difficult.Recently, a friend reported that cutting 40mn18cr4v non-magnetic round […]

  • Non magnetic reinforced ribbed steel plate


    Where on earth will use non-magnetic reinforcement, non-magnetic thread, non-magnetic steel plate?And why are nonmagnetic materials used in these places?Concealed works, special infrastructure, wharf. Non magnetic steel is commonly used in these places.Degaussing treatment should be carried out on the site frequently.These places must be low magnetized, if not, the value of the surrounding magnetic […]

  • 304 thread stainless steel bar


    304 is not a high-end material. It is a well-known stainless steel. 304 threaded stainless steel bars are not available.Of course, you have come to know, how can you not see authentic good things?304 stainless steel bar stock is small, the reason is not more detailed.304 steel bars can be rolled more or less, and […]

  • Popular science of hydrology! 35 key technologies restricting China’s Industrial Development


    Science and Technology Daily has published a series of articles to report 35 “neck sticking” technologies that restrict China’s industrial development, which have aroused widespread concern and discussion. The extracts are as follows: 1. Lithography machine “These details make it hard for China to look forward to the top-notch lithography machine Neckback” The upper limit […]

  • MRAM unique function to replace existing memory


    Of all the perennial memories, MRAM seems most likely to be on the verge of large-scale adoption. Whether this will happen soon depends on manufacturing advances and the ecosystem supporting discrete and embedded MRAM device technologies.MRAM, PCRAM and ReRAM have reached a critical point, which is more meaningful than ever before in more applications. However, […]