• Increase the recognition ability of simulator false equipment by 15%! Clean up the integrity test of master app integrated system every day


    preface Daily cleaning master is a smart and convenient mobile phone cleaning software, which can quickly clean up useless cache, garbage files and application residues, and deeply clean up useless cache in social software, so as to effectively solve the problems of mobile phone jamming, fast power consumption, insufficient memory and so on. After combining […]

  • 5 minutes per day – behavioral model (II)


    Iterator mode This name is familiar to Java programmers. Traversing a collection is still a common operation. You can access data without caring about types, using the iterator pattern. Aggregate (Abstract container):Abstract classes that should be implemented by all classes and traversed by iterators. Similar to collection interface Iterator (Abstract iterator):Defines the operation of traversing […]

  • The first note of little zebra


    Let’s summarize my common usage of markdown As we all know, markdown is a lightweight markup language, which can usually be learned in the second grade of primary school. It is easy to use and suitable for taking notes. I will introduce its simple grammar below. (1) Title I’m heading number two. The label is […]

  • “Free and open source” front end spa project crudapi background management system based on Vue and Quasar


    Business data of front end spa project based on Vue and Quasar (7) review Through the last articleTable relationship of front end spa project based on Vue and Quasar (6)This paper mainly introduces the crud function of business data. brief introduction In crudapi system, metadata is defined by configuring forms. After the form is configured, […]

  • Notes on go multivariable assignment


    When it comes to multivariable assignment, first calculate all relevant values, and then assign values from left to right, but this rule does not apply to pythonLet’s take an example package main import “fmt” func main() { Data, I: = [3] string {“Qiao Bangzhu”, “Murong Fu”, “Jiu Mozhi”}, 0 i. Data [i] = 2, “master […]

  • master.exe The master process is used to query what process is


    Process file: Master or master.exeProcess name: MasterProcess category: processes with security risksEnglish Description: master.exe is a process which is registered as a Trojan. This Trojan allows attackers to access your computer, stealing passwords and personal data. It is a registered security risk and should be removed immediately. Please see additional details regard Chinese reference:master.exe Is […]

  • Solution to no sound in front panel headset of win8 — win7w.com


    When we use the headset, we may encounter no sound fault, so we need to set it through Realtek high definition audio manager, which can be found in the control panel, But sometimes after installing it, we find some problems. The most common one is that the headset on the front panel of win8.1 computer […]

  • Special topic – Hungarian algorithm


    Hungarian algorithm for maximum matching of bipartite graphs The author of such a dish just learned now Maximum matching of bipartite graph of board Title Luogu p3386Hang up a link- https://www.luogu.com.cn/prob…Problem surface – given a bipartite graph, the number of left vertices is n, the number of right vertices is m, and the number of […]

  • Problems and solutions of (Master | rebase 1 / 10) after careless git rebase


    Sometimes it’s going to the servergit push origin masterThere will be failures. It’s like this Then, I went through a lot of hardships on Baidu and found a solution.He said that the remote warehouse and the local warehouse file conflictgit pull –rebase origin master(pull the remote file, overlay the local file, and then upload it). […]

  • Using dependency injection in xUnit


    Using dependency injection in xUnit Intro I wrote an article about dependency injection of xUnit, but it is not so convenient to use This paper introduces a “real” way to use dependency injection based on xUnit and Microsoft’s dependency injection framework——Xunit.DependencyInjection, from the master‘s work, allowing you to use dependency injection like in your test […]

  • More elegant use of dependency injection in xUnit


    Xunit.DependencyInjection 7.0 was released Intro Last time we introduced the masterXunit.DependencyInjectionhttps://www.cnblogs.com/weihanli/p/xuint-dependency-injection.html Recently, the master has completed the refactoring of 7.0 and has been officially released, which can be directly installed and used 7.0 brings us a better programming experience. In version 6. X, ourStartupNeed to inherit fromDependencyInjectionTestFrameworkIn addition, an assembly attribute needs to be set, […]

  • How to realize the infamous mobile phone verification code function


    preface Now basically all kinds of mobile phonesAPPRegistration will use mobile phone verification code, including somePCThe mobile phone number will also be used as the unique identification verification for the end website! Coincidentally, Xiao Ming’s boss asked him to develop a user registration function, and forced users to register and bind mobile phones. He called […]