• Technology sharing | MySQL: high CPU% sys caused by time zone conversion


    Author: Gao PengAt the end of the article, there is his book “deep understanding of MySQL master-slave principle 32 lectures”, in-depth and thorough understanding of MySQL master-slave, gtid related technical knowledge. This is a learning record. Please understand if there is any mistake. This problem is a friend encountered @ Fengyun, and this friend has […]

  • Test the should know and should know of twemproxy


    1、 Background Recently, the middleware development group has reformed the discovery and registration mechanism of tweakproxy. It has never been exposed to tweakproxy before. Taking the opportunity of this test, I have learned some knowledge about tweakproxy. Now I will use “test language” to sort out (from the perspective of testing, what skills can be […]

  • On line project configuration of Linux Cluster Architecture (4)


    On line project configuration of Linux Cluster Architecture (3) Write it at the front So far, the installation and configuration of all application projects have been described. Today, we will introduce the database installation, configuration, master-slave synchronization and other related processes How to install MySQL As for the installation and configuration of the database, many […]

  • MySQL master slave synchronization slave_ sql_ No is running


    background The master-slave was built before, but the read-write separation was not set, and the slave database can also write data. So I want to test the synchronization caused by writing data from the library. It was found that slave_ sql_ Running is no, Slava_ IO_ Running is still yes reason Since the slave database […]

  • Redis full replication and partial replication


    Redis master slave replication Redis instance is divided into master node and slave node By default, redis is the master node Each slave node can only have one master node, and the master node can have multiple slaves at the same time The replicated data flow is unidirectional and can only be replicated from the […]

  • Redis learning


    1 basic content of redis 1.1 data type of redis character stringlistaggregateHash tableOrdered set 1.2 data storage mode of redis cluster 1.2.1 single node 1.2.2 master / slave mode a) A master can have multiple slavesb) Under the default configuration, the master node can read and write, while the slave node can only read and […]

  • Deploying MySQL master-slave in k8s


    1、 Deployment instructions You can use kubesphere to quickly build MySQL environment. Stateful service extraction is configured as configmap Stateful services must use PVC to persist data The stable domain name provided by DNS is used for access within the service cluster When k8s deploys stateful services, refer to the above figure.Deployment details: Stateful service […]

  • Several replication methods of MySQL master slave replication


    catalog Asynchronous replication Multithreaded replication Enhanced semi synchronous replication Asynchronous replication MySQL replication is asynchronous by defaultMaster slave replication requires at least two MySQL services, which can be distributed on different servers or on the same server. MySQL master-slave asynchronous replication is the most common replication scenario. The integrity of the data depends on whether […]

  • Great! Send you 6 MySQL essential tips!


    Author: Lao ZhangOriginal text: http://blog.51cto.com/sumongo… Today I’d like to share with you an article about the use of MySQL DBA essential tools. It can help us manage our database conveniently and make our work more efficient. This tool is from percona, an important branch of MySQL,It’s called percona toolkit,It is a set of commands. Today, […]

  • Technology sharing | using binlog event to find problems


    Author: Gao Peng (eight monsters)At the end of the article, there is his book “deep understanding of MySQL master-slave principle 32 lectures”, in-depth and thorough understanding of MySQL master-slave, gtid related technical knowledge. With the previous understanding of events, we can use these events to complete some work. After learning these common events, I used […]

  • High availability architecture of MySQL: MHA


    MHA (Master HA) is an open source MySQL high availability program, which provides automatic master failure function for MySQL master-slave replication architecture. When the MHA monitors the master node failure, it will promote the slave node with the latest data to become a new master node. During this period, MHA will obtain additional information from […]

  • Master slave synchronization settings of MySQL database cluster series


         Recently, I have been sorting out the related operations of database cluster. Now I will take some time to sort out the operation summary of MySQL database cluster. It happens that you are looking at this part again for reference. The end of this series includes the following contents: multi database installation, MYCAT deployment […]