• [Learning Records of Boxue Valley] Super summary, share with heart | Wild Architect IO Common Knowledge Point 3


    Table of contents BIO model Synchronous blocking IO NIO model Synchronous non-blocking IO AIO model Asynchronous non-blocking IO Reactor model NIO orders Reactor-single thread NIO Order Reactor-Multithreading Master-Slave Reactor – Multithreading Master-slave Reactor working mode Master-Slave Reactor Advantages BIO model Synchronous blocking IO BIO is the abbreviation of blocking I/O, it is synchronous blocking IO, […]

  • MySQL master-slave synchronization and read-write separation


    Idea: Configure the main library first. After the configuration is successful, the main library authorizes the slave library, then configures the slave library, sets synchronization on the slave library, and finally tests. Master server ip:, slave server ip: First, the main library (master) configuration 1. Modify the mysql.ini configuration file, add the following […]

  • Data security and performance – redis practice


    Persistence Snapshot (RDB): save a copy of all data in memory at a certain point in time. (BGSAVE/SAVE) Disadvantages: there is data loss: in the next snapshot creation process, if a crash occurs, all data since the last snapshot will be lost. Aof: save the write command to the end of the AOF file and […]

  • MySQL master-slave environment configuration


    sketch Recently, I sorted out the knowledge of database, and I feel that this is still a weak place in my skill tree. In the beginning, I used sqlserver to play c# write WinForm and WPF for relational database, and I studied it for a period of time. Later, due to job changes, I used […]

  • Docker builds MySQL 8 master-slave


    environment MySQL 8.0.27 docker 20.10.11 technological process 1. prepare the configuration file catalogue –mysql_master —-data —-conf ——my.cnf –mysql_slave —-data —-conf ——my.cnf My cnf [mysqld] #Set the server ID, unique value, and identify the host, which must be inconsistent with the slave database server_id=1 #To enable binary logs, the primary database must be enabled log-bin=mysql-bin #Set […]

  • 6. MySQL master-slave architecture


    7 MySQL Cluster 7.1 master slave replication The master-slave architecture belongs to a load balancing cluster It can realize read-write separation and schedule read operations to multiple nodes The primary server responsible for write operations has a single point of failure High availability cluster is to solve the problem of single point of failure 7.1.1 […]

  • Master-slave replication of redis high availability


    Redis high availability Redis master-slave Cap principle C: Consistency A: Availability P: Partition tolerance Nodes in a distributed system are often distributed on different machines for network isolation, which means that there is a risk of network disconnection. The professional vocabulary of this network disconnection scenario is called network partition.When the network partition occurs, the […]

  • Database performance optimization


    The word performance optimization has always occupied an important position in the development process. Generally, we need to consider not only how to develop the program, but also how to optimize the program, such as running speed, concurrent processing, memory optimization, etc. today, we will give a brief explanation on the concurrent processing of the […]

  • Interviewer: let’s talk about MySQL master-slave delay


    background I encountered an online problem some time ago. After a long time of troubleshooting, I found that it was caused by the delay of master-slave synchronization. Therefore, I write an article today to summarize this problem. I hope it will be useful to you. If you think it’s good, remember to add a focus […]

  • Install mysql5.0 for Linux 5, and configure the relevant MySQL load.


    This article has installed mysql5 Version 5 MySQL master-slave service configuration … Before installation, take a snapshot to facilitate the return of problems in the middle. It is best to take a snapshot every node. Check whether MySQL is installed on Linux,rpm -qa|grep mysqlseecentosWhat version is installed undermysql rpm -qa|grep mysql If there is a […]

  • Research on restart failure of mongodb instance (caused by large transaction redo)


    1. Instance restart background According to the feedback from the students in the monitoring group, the application connecting to a mongodb instance took an abnormal time and timed out. Check the database monitoring platform and find that the IO of this instance server is soaring abnormally. Check the replica set status (rs.status()), the master-slave is […]

  • Interviewer: what expansion plans does redis have?


    Author: vtSource:https://juejin.im/post/5eb0e724e51d454d89440da2 preface Redis is no stranger to everyone. Even if it has not been used, everyone has heard of it. As one of the most widely used kV memory databases, in today’s era of large traffic, the single machine mode is slightly thin, so it is inevitable to have some expansion schemes. The author […]