• An example of implementation of markdown parsing library with go language


    Blackfriday is a markdown processor implemented in go. You can input user provided data safely, fast, support universal extensions (tables, smart punctuation replacement, etc.), and it is safe input for all UTF-8 (Unicode). Currently, HTML output and smartypants extension are supported. use First of all, of course, we should introduce: import github.com/russross/blackfriday then output := […]

  • stay ASP.NET Method of integrating markdown with core MVC


    In the past few days when I was doing article editing, I first thought of markdown. It is newer than other HTML editors, and it is very easy to use. Compared with other HTML editors, it has not been updated for a long time. Oh ~ by the way, I have now used the new […]

  • Technology selection for mdwiki development


    Mdwiki is a markdown wiki system, which can be used as a knowledge base management system for individuals or small teams. Project address: given in the last article of this series (it will take time to organize and test) Why do I develop mdwikis? At present, my knowledge base management system adopts DokuWiki, which is […]

  • How to use table editor


    How to use table editor apply sublime text Effect Table editor is used to quickly create neat and beautiful tables in documents. Activate & close ctrl + shift + p inputTable Editor ChoiceEnable for current syntax(activated) orDisable for current syntax(closed) Use input | Name | Phone Then add the shortcut key:ctrl + k , enterobtain | […]

  • Mdwiki development road 2 resources and track record


    1. Bootstrap snippet: If you don’t have art cells, the way to be lazy is to look for them, such as the login box interface.Sidebar selection: http://www.designerslib.com/b… Mentioned http://bootsnipp.com/fullscreen.Other resources:w3schools-howtoA more dazzling HTML template (although not adopted in the end)Bootstrap theme 2. CSS height of div: 100% invalid solution: Add the following to the CSS: […]

  • Simple method of rolling up a markdown editor with electron


    Markdown is a necessary skill for every developer. In the process of writing markdown, we always look for a variety of editors, but each editor can only meet the needs of one aspect, but not all the needs of daily writing. So Mengsheng tries to do it by himself, using electron to toss a markdown […]

  • Share a free and open source online document management plug-in


    Online document An open source internal document management system based on rageframe At present, it mainly includes the following functions Markdown edit Document management Series of documents Document IP address restricted access Document history Document difference comparison Document historical data restore Function snapshot [home page] [details] [editor] [historical version + difference comparison] install 1. Install […]

  • Implementation of markdown document management tool in PHP


    After working, I have been engaged in PHP development, from the previous big package to the now retired server-side writing interface, and I have met with several interface document management tools or systems. Here is a brief description: Showdoc has comprehensive and simple functions, including user and permission management functions, markdown support, word export support, […]

  • Release easydoc version 2.0.1, a simple and fast document generation tool


    About easydoc Easydoc is a simple and fast tool for generating documents.Just a software file! It comes with you, no installation, no other dependence.Support Microsoft, apple, Linux and other operating systems. Easydoc official website https://easydoc.089858.com Easydoc Download https://easydoc.089858.com/do… Version 2.0.1 update log Software re architecture Customizable theme Import profile The table of contents is clearer. […]

  • Markdown learning and using


    1、 What is markdown and its characteristics Markdown is a lightweight markup language. It uses simple syntax instead of typesetting. Segmentfault supports markdown writing. Characteristic: 1. Easily export HTML, PDF and its own. MD files. 2. Plain text content, compatible with all text editors and word processing software. 3. Change the version of your article […]

  • Markdown an elegant writing tool


    When it comes to writing tools, I have to mention word. Can any company use this software now? As the most popular writing software, word does have many advantages, such as intuitive operation, what you see is what you get, etc., but you must also encounter the problem of more cumbersome style adjustment. Different content […]

  • Problems caused by vscode control characters and Solutions


    1. environment macOS Sierra 10.12.5 Vscode 1.20.0 latest 2. How to reproduce this problem When using the Chinese input method to input Chinese, always press the back key, for example, inputsfsf, when you press the back key four times, you will find that although the pop-up box of Sogou input method disappears, there is still […]