• A wave of HTML5 canvas basic drawing example code collection


    Basic drawing XML/HTML CodeCopy contents to clipboard var canvas = document.getElementById(‘canvas’);    if (canvas.getContext) {        var context = canvas.getContext(‘2d’);    //   line width     context.lineWidth = 4;    //   stroke color     context.strokeStyle = ‘red’;    //   Fill color     context.fillStyle = “red”;    //   Wire cap type     context.lineCap = ‘butt’; // round, square    //   Start path     context.beginPath();    //   starting point     context.moveTo(10,10);    //   End     context.lineTo(150,50);    […]

  • Vue + websocket + ES6 + canvas to make [draw and guess] games


    Project address:https://github.com/jrainlau/draw-something Download & run git clone [email protected]:jrainlau/draw-something.git cd draw-something Node ws-server.js // start the websocket server NPM run dev // run the client program Then the browser opens localhost: 8080 Effect preview: Overall architecture Because I’m busy, I’ve been playing small games such as you draw and I guess with my friends. I suddenly […]

  • Online mind map generation tool


    Online mind map generation tool Online mind map generation tool Mind map, also known as mind map in English, is an effective graphic thinking tool to express divergent thinking. It is simple, effective and efficient. It is a practical thinking tool. https://tooltt.com/mind/

  • Android view’s twin brother — Introduction to surfaceview


    Getting started with surfaceview Why use surfaceview Android has provided view drawing processing. View can meet most drawing scenes. View returns to the view by refreshing. Android system redraws the view by sending Vsync signal. The refresh interval is 16ms. If it exceeds 16ms, we may feel stuck. For scenes with too much logic and […]

  • Summary of front-end knowledge points – H5


    Summary of front-end knowledge points – H5 1. New features of HTML5 (1) New semantic tags(2) Enhanced form*(3) Audio and video(4) Canvas drawing(5) Svg drawing(6) Geographic location(7) Drag API (8)Web Worker (9)Web Storage (10)Web Socket 2. Enhanced form 1. New input type < input type =? > H4:text;checkbox;password;radio;submit;reset;File; H5:email;url;number;search;color;date;month;week 2. New form element H4:input;button;select;textarea H5:datalist;progress;meter;output […]

  • Seaborn’s six simple tips


    Author | zolzaya luvsandorjCompile VKSource: towards Data Science In this article, we will explore some simple ways to customize your charts to make them aesthetically better. I hope these simple techniques can help you get a better picture. Baseline map The script in this article was tested in Python 3.8.3 in the Jupiter notebook. Let’s […]

  • Learning summary and sharing of excellent students (1)


    preface Before learning, I ask students to use XMIND to summarize knowledge points. This kind of beneficial skills can improve our ability of editing mind map. Doing mind map is an essential skill in future work. Through daily summary, we can achieve the purpose of practicing mind map. In the future work, we can save […]

  • Applet comments / handwriting


    This chapter mainly introduces how to make handwriting / picture annotation in small programs. Introduction to small program documents Canvas:Canvas, drawing context:CanvasContext 1. Create a canvas in the front end, and the canvas ID of the front end’s canvas,Using Wx. Createcontext to get the drawing context var context = wx.createCanvasContext(‘myCanvas’) 2. Set properties / styles. […]

  • Five powerful techniques for visualizing data using Matplotlib


    By rizky Maulana nurhidayatCompile VKSource: towards Data Science Data visualization is used to display data in a more direct way and is easier to understand. It can be formed in the form of histogram, scatter chart, line chart, pie chart, etc. Many people still use Matplotlib as a back-end module to visualize their graphics. In […]

  • Essential software for learning notes: OneNote + mindmaster


    There are two key points in taking notes: first, the content of notes is detailed and appropriate. Second, the framework of knowledge is clear and complete. Why do you say that? For example, as shown in the figure, my note taking interface is free of charge. As a note taking software produced by Microsoft, it […]

  • A collection of resources and tools commonly used by programmers


    Search resources website In the process of learning technology, we often need to use search engines to retrieve information, which is commonly used in China. Of course, if conditions permit, the search engine should first recommend Google. If you can’t use it, you can use the following as a backup: Bing Bing International Edition:https://cn.bing.com/ It’s […]

  • Daily tools


    Office software communication PC and mobile instant messaging software mailbox meeting Full time cloud Conference Tencent Conference zoom Telecommuting vpn Science Online R & D tools editor VS Code Sublime Text Node.js nrm version management git Markdown Typora browser Chrome Firefox Edge Debugging tools H5 debugging, for hybrid, IOS / Android H5 debugging, for H5 […]