• Developing drawing and gesture integrated app points for attention


    Some notes on gestures For uitapgesturerecognizer, we usually need to know the location of the click gesture in the screen ionInView:self ) For uipan gesturerecognizer, we usually need to know how far our slide gesture has moved ionInView:pan ) -(void) pan: (UIPanGestureRecognizer * ) pan { CGPoint transP = [pan translationInView: pan.view]; //$1 = (x […]

  • Drawing with imshow() function in Matplotlib


    Matplotlib is the most famous 2D drawing library in Python. It provides a set of command API similar to Matlab, which is very suitable for interactive drawing. It can also be easily embedded in GUI applications as a drawing control. Through simple drawing statements, we can draw high-quality drawings. Here we mainly talk about the […]

  • Regular expression online tool set


    1. The most powerful function: regex101 advantage: Support multiple languages, prec, PHP, JavaScript, python, golang Beautiful interface Support error prompt, real-time matching Disadvantages: Sometimes the loading speed is too slow 2. Visual regular drawing: regulex advantage: Drawing in real time based on regular expressions Fast page loading 3. Visual regular drawing: regexper advantage: Plot from […]

  • Vue + websocket + ES6 + canvas make [draw and guess] games


    Project address: https://github.com/jrainlau/draw-something Download & run git clone [email protected]:jrainlau/draw-something.git cd draw-something Node WS server.js // enable websocket server NPM run dev // runs the client program Then the browser can open localhost: 8080 Effect preview: Overall structure Because I’m in a hurry, I’ve been playing games like drawing and guessing with my friends all the […]

  • StarUML IV. diagrams, elements and related attributes of StarUML


    Diagrams can be understood as canvases 1: Create graph Right click the first node in the model Explorer management interface on the right, or select the menuModel | add diagram | [diagramtype] can be created       2:Delete Diagram Select right mouse button or menu edit 3:Open Diagram Double click the map area to display […]

  • Python Weekly 419


    An article, course, or lecture How to use Dropbox security to build a tool for threat detection and event response of log system https://blogs.dropbox.com/tech/2019/10/how-dropbox-security-builds-better-tools-for-threat-detection-and-incident-response/ Traditionally, the most common way to build threat detection and response tools is to separate the automation part from the investigation part. In our experience, this can lead to a lot […]

  • Canvas high imitation Apple watch dial


    I don’t know if you had the experience of drawing a watch in your hand in your childhood. I happened to watch it recentlycanvas, so the high imitation dial was born. Implementation process Here I refer to this dial in the apple Watch: Draw dial background <div class=”wrap”> <canvas id=”canvas” width=”400″ height=”400″></canvas> </div> <script> const […]

  • C design mode command pattern


    I. overviewGenerally speaking, “behavior requester” and “behavior implementer” are tightly coupled. However, in some cases, such as “record, undo / redo, transaction” and so on, this tight coupling which cannot resist change is not appropriate. In these cases, it is very important to decouple “behavior requester” and “behavior implementer” to realize loose coupling between them. […]

  • Remember a project experience, pure CSS to achieve a large number of small plot


    It’s a long time since I wrote the article last time. During that time, I was very busy because I changed groups with the project. Now the project we are working on is the viewer library used by all groups in the company. The viewer needs many functions. One of them is to provide some […]

  • IOS Core Animation advanced skills – 7


    13. Efficient drawing Efficient drawing Unnecessary efficiency considerations are often the root cause of performance problems. ——William Allan Wulf In Chapter 12, “curvature of velocity,” we learn how to use instruments to diagnose core animation performance problems. There are many potential performance pitfalls when building an IOS app, but in this chapter we will focus […]

  • 1. Pyplot basic syntax


    Catalog 1. Pyplot basic syntax 2. Scatter chart and line chart 3. 3D map and contour map 1. Pyplot basic syntax (1) Create canvasFigure () creates a blank canvas. You can specify the size of the canvas, figsize, and set the resolution DPI plt.figure() PLT. Figure (figsize = (8,6), DPI = 80) ා (8,6) represents […]

  • These libraries let you interact with each other, leaving the ‘static’ era behind


    A good front-end interface is animation, which can not only optimize the interaction details of the website page, improve the user experience, but also make the page more attractive and bring more visits to the website. If you don’t have the ability to write all kinds of Sao animations, the following animation libraries should be […]