• Preview of new features in the software v4.7 version Co:: cancel()


    I believe that many users wanted an API to cancel the collaboration process before, but they didn’t add it. Now it is added in v4.7: For specific implementation, see:#4247 ,#4249 New API & constants Two APIs have been added, namely Co::cancel($cid): bool It is used to cancel a collaboration, but cannot cancel the current collaboration […]

  • Nexus 3 upload Maven dependency


    When developing in the Intranet environment, it is extremely unfriendly to Maven and other projects, because it cannot be connected to the Maven central warehouse, so the existing solution is to build a maven private library (of course, if you want to import all packages through LIB). After using nexus to build and configure, you […]

  • Mac computer electronic packaging windows software stepping on the pit trip (homebrew)


    1. Install the electron The first step went wrong and couldn’t be installedThe specific embodiment is that NPM install does not report an error, but when running, it prompts that there is a lack of electron and asks whether it is installedOr an error is reported during direct installation In essence, when installing the electron […]

  • Uninstall and reinstall Android studio


    1.360 unloading 2. Enter the “C: \ users \” directory and manually delete the “. Androidstudiox. X”, “gradle” and “. Android” directories 3. Find the SDK installation directory and delete the SDK manually. (3 minutes in total)   4. Download (5 minutes) http://www.android-studio.org/ 5. Start Android studio Select custom (1) Choose not to rely on […]

  • Vue uses the TinyMCE console to report resource interpreted as stylesheet but


    Vue uses the TinyMCE console to report resource interpreted as stylesheet but transferred with MIME type text / HTML, causing the editor not to display set upskin_urlSpecify CSS path: { … language: ‘zh_CN’, skin_url: ‘/src/assets/tinymce/skins/ui/oxide’, … } But the console prompts: Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type text/html: “http://localhost:8080/src/assets/tinymce/skins/ui/oxide/skin.min.css”. Resource interpreted as […]

  • Rust programming video tutorial (Advanced) — scalable concurrency of 019 sync and send trait


    Video address Headline address:https://www.ixigua.com/i677586170644791348…Station B address:https://www.bilibili.com/video/av81202308/ Source address GitHub address:https://github.com/anonymousGiga/learn_rus… Explanation content 1. There are two concurrency concepts embedded in the language: sync in STD:: marker and send trait. 2. Allow transfer of ownership between threads through send(1) The send flag trait indicates that ownership of the type can be passed between threads. Almost all […]

  • Ubuntu 16.04 lts server manually upgrades MariaDB to the latest version 10.2


    Ubuntu 16.04 lts server manually upgrades MariaDB to the latest version 10.2 1. Causes Recently, due to the data problem of different software, it was just some small things, which made it more and more troublesome. During this period, there was such a demand, but I didn’t see any Chinese resources, so I specially recorded […]

  • [PHP] the JIT of php8 does not support 32-bit system warning: JIT not supported by host architecture


    The JIT of php8 needs to be started manually when compiling the opcache extension For example, my php8 source code directory is here: /home/ubuntu/myphp/php-8.0.0alpha1/ext/opcache implement ./configure  –enable-opcache-jit   –with-php-config=/usr/local/php8/bin/php-config Warning will appear WARNING: JIT not supported by host architecture   View the configger script   x86_ Only 64 can be detected. Everything else can’t be detected […]

  • Custom starter


    Custom starter naming rules The starter provided by springboot is named ‘spring boot starter xxx’. It is officially recommended that custom starters use ‘xxx spring boot starter’ naming rules. To distinguish the starters provided by the springboot ecosystem The whole process is divided into two parts: -Custom starter -Using starter First, complete the custom starter […]

  • How to create a tablespace with oracle?


    Create a temporary tablespace (Note: D: \ project \ oracletablespace \ fhadmin \ create path manually)*/ create temporary tablespace C##FHADMIN_TEMP tempfile ‘D:\Project\OracleTableSpace\FHADMIN\C##FHADMIN_TEMP.dbf’ size 50m autoextend on next 50m maxsize 20480m extent management local; watermark,size_14,text_QDUxQ1RP5Y2a5a6i,color_FFFFFF,t_100,g_se,x_10,y_10,shadow_20,type_ZmFuZ3poZW5naGVpdGk=establishgameData tablespace fhadmin.org*/ create tablespace www.sangpi.comC##FHADMIN_DATAlogging datafile ‘D:\Project\OracleTableSpace\FHADMIN\C##FHADMIN_DATA.dbf’ size 50m autoextend on next 50m maxsize 20480m extent management local; watermark,size_14,text_QDUxQ1RP5Y2a5a6i,color_FFFFFF,t_100,g_se,x_10,y_10,shadow_20,type_ZmFuZ3poZW5naGVpdGk=Create a user […]

  • Cooperate with the supervisor to create a websocket server in laravel using swoole


    I want to implement a chat room with wesocket. I see that swoole supports this very well on the Internet, so I tried to combine laravel with swoole. I just made an attempt and it can run successfully. The specific details are not yet perfect. 1. Please refer to the official website documentation for the […]

  • Electron uses node native modules


    In this section, we learn how toElectronUsed inNodeNative module. ElectronSupport nativeNodeModule, but due to and officialNodecomparison,ElectronIt is possible to use one and the one installed on our systemNodedifferentV8Engine, so the modules used need to be recompiled before they can be used. If we want to compile the native module, we need to set it manuallyElectronYesheadersThe […]