• C + + programming 02 — memory partition


    Memory partition Four main memory partitions Stack 1 is the memory area allocated by the compiler when it is needed and cleared automatically when it is not needed. The variables are usually local variables, function parameters, etc. the pointer is also on the stack, but the stored data is in the heap. 2. Heaps are […]

  • Get the submitted content of GIT


    QT Jun recently work need to release a software, but encountered some problems. Software is requiredWrite Version DescriptionHowever, the content of version modification is in every commit of GIT. Manual copy is obviously too time-consuming and not worth it.    so I checked the manual and wrote this immediatelyExtract commit content commandSimple and convenient to […]

  • Install mysqlclient in Python


    Install mysqlclient in Python When using pip to install mysqlclient, python reports an error, timeout or the platform does not support it. I solve the problem by manual installation. The following methods are for reference only 1、 View WHL files supported by current system platform Save the following code as a. Py file and save […]

  • Upgrade php7 to operate mongodb


    preface usePHP+MongoDBA lot of users, becauseMongoDBThe storage of unstructured data is very convenient. stayPHP5Before that, the government provided two extensions,MongoandMongoDBOf whichMongoYes, it isMongoClientAnd so on several core class based class group operation, encapsulation is very convenient, so basically will chooseMongoExpansion. Please refer to the official manual for details:http://php.net/manual/zh/book… But withPHP5Upgrade toPHP7, no longer officially supportedMongoExtension, […]

  • Creating a kubernetes web application from scratch


    preface From how to create aPHP WebStart with the application and bring you into theKubernetesMy world. Basics Environmental Science CentOS 7.5 (Kernel 3.10) Minikube (Kubernetes 1.10.0) What’s required of you I assume that you have mastered the following basic skills: Docker & can write dockerfile How to Google Have a dockerhub account Manually compiled LNMP […]

  • TLS certificate management under k8s


    A series of articles: Application management under k8s — Understanding Helm Application management under k8s — understanding helmfile TLS certificate management under k8s Application management in k8s — creation and maintenance of private helm chart It’s very easy to implement TLS termination in kubernetes. The ingress resource contains asecretNameProperty to specify the name of the […]

  • Meet SQL (3)


    SQL self study notes affair Basic introduction of 1.0 transaction     2.0 automatic and manual commit of transactions   Four characteristics of 3.0 transaction     4.0 transaction isolation level   DCL        

  • Simple installation of docker’s Ubuntu 18.04


    1、 Preconditions1.1. Docker operating system requirements Ubuntu Eoan 19.10 Ubuntu Bionic 18.04(LTS) Ubuntu Xenial 16.04(LTS) 1.2. Uninstall the old version (if the old version has been installed) sudo apt-get remove docker docker-engine docker.io containerd runc 2、 Install docker on Ubuntu 18.042.1 installation method Most users will set up the docker repository and install it from […]

  • Collection V1.3.1 upgrade record


    Collection V1.3.1 upgrade record Project address:github.com/jianfengye/collectionWelcome to star. Collection Manual address:collection.funaio.cn/ The collection library is upgraded to V1.3.1. From v1.2.0 to V1.3.1, the following changes have been made: Transformation of instruction document into online manual Objpointcollection structure is added The toobjs method is added Refactoring absarray Containscount method is added The errors library is replaced […]

  • Http / request enhancement of new features in spool v4.6


    In version 4.6, theSwoole\Http\RequestSome enhancements have been made: New create / parse / iscompleted method (#3938) (@ matyhtf) New getmethod method (#3987) (@ luolaifa000) So what’s the use of these enhancements? Here is an example useTCP Server, providingHTTP ServerVisit to In the absence of these methods, you need to manuallyonReceiveReceived in the event$dataThe data is […]

  • How to create a simple unbound 3D chart? This tool may help! (Part 1)


    Click to get Tools > > In this tutorial, you will learn how to design a simple 3D chart, how to fill it with data, and configure common chart settings. Perform the following steps to create an application with 3D chart. In this article, we will introduce step 1 and step 2 to you. More […]

  • Pathinfo configuration in tp6 — nginx


    You can see that the default report is wrong The official manual explains why     However, this rule is not comprehensive enough. It is recommended to use the following writing method     if (!-e $request_filename) { rewrite ^/index.php(.*)$ /index.php?s=/$1 last; rewrite ^(.*)$ /index.php?s=/$1 last; break; } By the way, the file path is […]