• Detailed design and simple analysis of ABP background job


    This paper roughly analyzes the main objects and functions of backgroudjob in ABP. It’s a review of this module. You can refer to it when you do third-party integration in the future. Modules involved: Volo. ABP. Backgroundjobs: the default background task manager implementation. Volo. ABP. Backgroundjobs. Abstractions: some common definitions of background tasks. Volo. ABP. […]

  • Configuration in asp.net core


    Asp.net core provides a flexible and extensible configuration system based on key value. However, the configuration system is independent of asp.net core. It is a part of microsoft.extensions class library. It can be used for any type of application 1. Read the configuration as a key value pair Appsettings.json file: { “Position”: { “Title”: “editor,”, […]

  • Common Linux Software summary! Very complete, but not the most complete


    audio frequency Airtime – airtime is an open broadcast software for scheduling and remote site management Ardour – recording, editing, and mixing on Linux Audacious – open source audio player that plays your music the way you want, without taking up computer resources for other tasks. Audacity – free, open source, cross platform sound recording […]

  • Get small program source summary


    A preparation tool 1 node.js running environment Download address:https://nodejs.org/en/ 2 decompiled script Link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1InxRoozDDb-C-g2rKGi1CwExtraction code: i50k 3 night God simulator Download address:https://www.yeshen.com/cn/download/fullPackage Second, start decompilation 1 get the PKG package of the applet: Log in wechat in the simulator and open a small program a at will Open the file manager, find the / data / […]

  • How to effectively generate dump in ten thousand dead methods of net program (Part one)


    1: Background I believe many people know that through theTask ManagerGrabbing dump is simple and crude, but it can’t meet the numerous dead methods of the program Memory expansion, program explosion The CPU explodes high, the program is exhausted Application does not respond, users are angry Unexpected exit, just like life Since the manual is […]

  • Sass mixin and media merging


    If you are not familiar with sass, you may not know that sass has added many very interesting functions, such as the @ media function (often called media merging). Before explaining to you what media merging is, you should understand the basic principles of media queryCSS specificationWhether nested media queries are allowed. Some browsers support […]

  • Node and NPM installation environment configuration (Windows)


    Node installation:1. Download the latest node installation package from the official websitehttp://nodejs.cn/download/ 2. Install nodeDouble click the MSI file and the following interface will appear. Click until the installation is successful 3. Open the command manager and enter node – V to check whether the version is installed successfully NPM installation:Node comes with NPM. If […]

  • All kinds of shortcut keys under Windows 10


    Windows key + Ctrl + D Create virtual desktop     Windows key + Ctrl + direction key You can switch desktops     windows+tab ctrl+alt+TAB Switch Applications     windows+[1-9] Open the fixed program of taskbar (put it first)     CTRL + Alt + direction key Cut song     Windows + direction […]

  • CentOS solution to jam during installation of Yum


    Yum is a package manager based on RPM YUM is an RPM-based package manager Supplementary notes Supplementary note Yum is a software package manager based on RPM in Fedora, RedHat and SUSE. It enables system administrators to update and manage RPM packages interactively and automatically. It can download and install RPM packages from specified servers […]

  • After installing GPU version of torch, torch.cuda.is_ Available() is false


    explain:torch.cuda.is_available()The function of this command is to see if the GPU of your computer can be called by pytorch.If the returned result is false, you can follow the following procedure for troubleshooting. Step 1: confirm the hardware support, confirm whether your GPU supports CUDA (whether it supports being called by pytorch) 1. Determine whether the […]

  • A reasonable game development process should be like this


    This article shares the development process specification, the purpose is to improve product quality, optimize the development process, for your reference. Norms are dead, people are alive, hope that their own norms, do not be beaten in the face. Next, it will be disassembled one by one from the above six stages. 1 Requirement ReviewAs […]

  • The world wide web publishing service (W3SVC) has stopped


    I bought a new set of management system, which needs PHP, Apache and MySQL environment, but the existing servers are all standard configuration of Microsoft. I went to download the relevant environment myself and built the environment manually all the way. After a long time, I still left some problems, so I found the other […]