• Shallow introduction to the implementation principle of spring transaction propagation


    This article analyzes the source code related to spring transactions with you. It is long and has many code fragments. It is recommended to use a computer to read it Objective of this paper Understand the spring transaction management core interface Understand the core logic of spring transaction management Understand the propagation type of transaction […]

  • Leetcode MySQL exercise one – employees who exceed the manager’s income


    The employee table contains all employees, and their managers also belong to employees. Each employee has an ID and a list of the ID of the manager corresponding to the employee. Id Name Salary ManagerId 1 Joe 70000 3 2 Henry 80000 4 3 Sam 60000 NULL 4 Max 90000 NULL The Department table contains […]

  • Sprng MVC + mybatis fully annotated configuration, zero XML file


    Write in front Since the spring boot, a web project has become very simple, This article mainly explains how to use spring MVC to build a web project without using the automatic configuration of spring boot Web.xml can be discarded after servlet 3.0, so this article will not have any XML files, all in the […]

  • Lightweight deployment of Firefox send temporary file sharing service using Tencent cloud


    Firefox send is part of FirefoxtemporaryNetwork disk, it can be inFull platformuse,Web StyleOperation,No add ons required(andNo speed limit), can be used in any modern browser. Share in the form of hyperlink. You can set the shared fileDownload times, time and password, after the specified number or length of downloads is reached, the file automatically expires […]

  • 001 springboot environment setup


    development tool Eclipse smart code tips Menu:Window->Preferences->Java->Editor->Content AssistThe following figure will.Change to.abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Idea hot deployment Mode 2 – jrebel modeMode 2 – jrebelBreak through Jrebel Idea other configurations Idea convenient configuration mybatis.xml file Maven package manager Install Maven (Windows 10 environment) Maven Download:maven.apache.org/ Maven warehouse:mvnrepository.com/ Switch Ali sourceSwitch Ali source 2 Adjust according to your […]

  • How to use third-party libraries in C + + projects in Windows system


    To use a third-party library, you first need to install it. In novcpkgIn the past, the installation of third-party libraries needed to be compiled and linked locally. If we are novices, we will inevitably encounter problems that are difficult to solve in one way or another. But yesvcpkgIt will be different in the future,vcpkgWill automatically […]

  • Spring boot + mybatis configure multiple data sources


    Spring boot + mybatis configure multiple data sources In development, sometimes our database is read-write sub database. Then, when developing and using, we need to read databases from different sources. We need to configure spring boot mybatis for multi-source processing. Four classes required Databasecontextholder: used in Dao layer or service layer to select which data […]

  • Register nginx as a service and start automatically under Windows Environment


    1. Download nginxnginx2. Download Windows Service WrapperGitHub download address Network disk download address 3. Change the name of the downloaded winsw tonginx-service.exePlace inningxDirectory 4. Create a new filenginx-service.xmlThe contents are as follows (also placed innginxDirectory: <!– nginx-service.xml –> <service> <id>nginx</id> <name>nginx</name> <description>nginx</description> <logpath>D:\SoftRepository\DevelopmentTools\nginx-1.16.1</logpath> <logmode>roll</logmode> <depend></depend> <executable>D:\SoftRepository\DevelopmentTools\nginx-1.16.1\nginx.exe</executable> <stopexecutable>D:\SoftRepository\DevelopmentTools\nginx-1.16.1\nginx.exe -s stop</stopexecutable> </service> amonglogpath,executable,executableModify the path in to […]

  • Goodbye, Navicat


    Today I will share with you another free and open source general database management and development tool dbeaver. Introduction to dbaver Dbaver is a free multi platform database tool for developers, SQL programmers, database administrators and analysts. Support any database with a JDBC Driver (basically – any database). The EE version also supports non JDBC […]

  • What is nuget? Why does nuget exist in. Net projects? How do I use the nuget package?


    This article was first published inCode friend network — What is nuget? Why is nuget available in. Net projects? How to use nuget packages summary Hello, I’m the creator of codefriend. NetRector。 In the development of. Net application programming, developers usually use class libraries to manage and maintain the program code belonging to the same […]

  • CentOS Yum stuck during installation solution


    Yum is an RPM based package manager YUM is an RPM-based package manager Supplementary notes Supplementary note The yum command is an RPM based package manager in Fedora, RedHat and SUSE. It enables system administrators to interactively and automatically update and manage RPM packages, automatically download and install RPM packages from specified servers, automatically handle […]

  • Esp32-s2 native USB burning tinyuf2 bootloader plus circuitpython


    summary The most desirable improvement of esp32-s2 is that it supports USB natively, that is, it has a full speed USB OTG peripheral with integrated transceiver, which conforms to USB 1.1 specification and has a theoretical speed of 1.5m/s. If it is properly used, it will be a great progress. At present, esp32-s2 has been […]