• About VIM / Neovim / Some thoughts on spacevim


    1 Preface I’ve seen it recentlyNeovimas well asSpaceVimSo I tried. 2 NeovimAndSpaceVim NeovimyesVimIt’s a branch of, with more modern featuresGUIThe default configuration file is~/.config/nvim/init.vim. andSpaveVimIs a community driven, modularVim IDE, organize and manage plug-ins and related configurations in the form of modules, customize related development modules for different language development, and provide automatic completion, syntax […]

  • Windows shortcut key record


    -1: After installing IIS, run > inetmgr pops up the IIS manager 0. Hold down the shift key and right-click the mouse to open the command line window 1. ODBC data source Managerrun->odbcad32 2. Computer management (viewing devices, disk management, user groups, services and applications, etc.)run-> compmgmt.msc —Computer managementrun-> devmgmt.msc —Device manager 3.run-> services.msc Open […]

  • Common shortcut keys for Windows development


    After graduation has been engaged in Windows development work, master some commonly used Windows shortcut keys can greatly improve work efficiency, but also show a wave of operation. This paper records the Windows shortcut keys commonly used in work, and vs shortcut keys commonly used. Mastering these keyboard operations can reduce the dependence on mouse […]

  • Linux software installation method


    1、yum/rpm(*.rpm) Package manager: direct Yum / RPM installation. Advantages: full automatic installation, no need to worry about dependency problems, disadvantages are poor autonomy, software function, storage location is fixed, not easy to change. 2. Source code package * tar.gz ) There are some disadvantages in compile install. / configure; make; make install: you can customize […]

  • Authority Subsystem (6) — Shiro security framework


    Introduction to Shiro security framework Shiro overview Shiro is an open source security framework of Apache(http://shiro.apache.org/)It extracts the functions related to the security authentication of the software system, realizes the functions of user identity authentication, authority authorization, encryption, session management, etc., and forms a general security authentication framework. Using Shiro can quickly complete the development […]

  • “3.0” develop an app by one person, delete and add small programs from 0 to 1


    On this auspicious day, we are going to do a great thing, which is well known to women and children, that is to delete the source code automatically generated by wechat development tools. Delete the index and logs directory under pages and leave nothing; Delete under utils util.js It only flows air; Delete app.js Only […]

  • The network doesn’t work after the Linux system restarts the network card (network manager)


    1、 Fault phenomenon In rhel7.6 system, after using nmcli to bind the dual network card, and then using the following command to restart the network service, the host network is abnormal, resulting in the failure to remotely log in to the system through SSH.      # systemctl restart network 2、 Theoretical knowledge After the configuration […]

  • JDK installation Maven installation


    JDK Download:https://www.oracle.com/java/t…Choose the default path at the end of the installationConfigure environment variables: newly build: JAVA_HOME C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_152 Path new addition: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_152\bin Is the test successfulCMD manager input: JavaCMD manager input: javacCMD manager input: Java – version Compile java file as. Class file: javac file name. Java Run the. Class file Maven configuration Maven […]

  • How to use Pacman command in arch Linux


    Pacman package manager is archLinuxOne of the main differences from other major distributions, such as red hat and Ubuntu / Debian. The purpose of Pacman is to manage packages conveniently. Whether the packages are from the official arch library or created by users themselves, Pacman can manage them conveniently. environment Archlinux 2020.04 Using Pacman to […]

  • SQL server sets the client to log in with IP address


    1、 Set up SQL server authentication 1. Press windows + R to pop up the run box. 2. Enter CMD in the pop-up box and press enter. 3. Input in DOS command window compmgmt.msc Command, press enter. 4. In the computer management window expand services and applications expand SQL Server Configuration Manager expand SQL server […]

  • An efficient resource monitor in Linux bpytop


    For terminal enthusiasts, it is also crucial to be able to monitor the use of system resources. Understanding the resource utilization of the system can help you make wise decisions in general system maintenance. There are some options, such as top and htop, but they only show some system indicators, such as CPU and memory […]

  • The solution of long CPU consumption of Google browser software reporter tool


    As shown in the figure below, do you find that the CPU fan is spinning wildly in the process of using Google browser? Open the task manager and find a task named software_ reporter_ tool.exe Our software takes up half of CPU resources! This is intolerable, according to the following tutorial, you can solve this […]