• Operation principle of nginx + PHP FPM


    Nginx and PHP operation principle Noun description CGI Common Gateway Interface Request mode: Web browser — HTTP protocol — HTTP server — CGI program — DB Server and CGI transfer data through stdin / stdout (standard input / output) Nginx (dynamic load module) Apache (specify load module) CGI working principle Whenever a client requests CGI, […]

  • C ා. Net core 3.1 about process.start start start URL link


    There were a lot of problems when the WPF project was migrated to the. Net core… (very speechless) Today, I found that process.start can’t open the URL link when using it? Can’t find the exception of the specified file?! 1、 Bug recurrence First, take a console project in the. Net core 3.1 framework to open […]

  • Node version switching


    Nodejs version control and switching NVM is the version manager of node.js, which can install and switch different versions of node.js Step 1: Download Download address: https://github.com/coreybutler/nvm-windows/releases Step 2: installation Follow the prompts to complete the installation. After the installation, you can check whether the installation is successful Enter NVM at the CMD command line. […]

  • [art topic] set up sky box


    Tired of blue sky and white clouds? Let’s change the sky. Skybox In real-time rendering, if you want to draw a very far object, such as a distant mountain, sky, etc., with the distance of the observer moving, the size of the object is almost unchanged. Imagine that there is a mountain in the distance, […]

  • Tensorflow queue multithreading


    1. Create a queue Q=tf.FIFOQueue(10000,tf.float32) 10000: queue sizeTf.float32: queue data type2. Create data var = tf.Variable(0.0) data = tf.assign_add(var, tf.constant(1.0)) 3. Put the data into the queue en_q=Q.enqueue(data) 4. Create a queue manager qr=tf.train.QueueRunner(Q,enqueue_ops=[en_q]*2) 5. Create thread manager coor=tf.train.Coordinator() 6. Start thread threads=qr.create_threads(sess,coord=coord,start=True) 7. Recycle thread coord.request_stop() coord.join() Complete code import tensorflow as tf Q […]

  • . netcore3.0 short URL project


    Wei.TinyUrl Short URL project based on. Netcore3.0 + MySQL Project address: https://github.com/a34546/wei.tinyurl Demonstration effect:     Quick start 1. Modify the connection string Change ConnectionStrings in appsettings.Development.json to your own MySQL connection 2. Update database Open package manager console Select the wei.tinyurl.data project and execute the update database command 3. Start project Set wei.tinyurl.api as […]

  • Mongodb 4.2 memory limitation


    Let’s start with conclusions. This paper adapts mongodb 4.2.1 Cannot strictly limit the memory occupied by mongodb through its configuration file Just configure the storage.wiredtiger.engineconfig.cachesizegb to occupy about 60% of the expected maximum memory Recommended to learn Tang Jianfa’s mongodb master class How to use memory in mongodb? Why is the memory full? View mongodb […]

  • The ultimate solution of vscode Caton


    Problem: vscode is stuck, and the code can be displayed even after a few seconds delay.Analysis: open the Windows Task Manager, and detect that the CPU utilization rate is 100% and the memory utilization rate is also high when coding and typing. At this time, my heart breaks down. What should I do? At this […]

  • Solve the problem that the file opened by atom is too large, resulting in the aotm stuck


    As a fan of atom, I really can’t tolerate aotm. When editing, special cards are used. The previous version is OK, so I don’t eat much memory. Since the update, all kinds of cards are stuck. Open the task manager and look at atom. Some atom.exe can eat 2G of memory. When the direct connection […]

  • Good tools that may be used


    Good tools that may be used All the things introduced in this article are usually used, cool stuff Drawing tools, UML, prototypes, etc When writing papers or documents, sometimes you need various diagrams, UML, prototypes, etc,At this time, we need a good app to handle these things easily. Processon is free and seems to be […]

  • Privilege escalation vulnerability of ms12-042 user state scheduling mechanism


    Vulnerability No.: ms12-042 Date of disclosure: June 12, 2012 Affected operating systems: Windows 2000; XP; Server 2003; Windows 7; Server 2008; Test system: Windows 7 X64   Test with the existing power lifting tools on the Internet Run test.exe List process ID Y can also directly call the task manager to find pid=3996 When executing […]

  • How to activate SQLiteManager


    How can SQLiteManager be activated?SQLiteManager is a powerful SQLite database management tool. The software supports multi-national languages, with functions of visual interface, table management, data browsing and editing, SQL statement query, database file error correction, optimization, etc. it can view SQLite database (encrypted database can also be viewed), which is a very reliable software. Small […]