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  • Introduction to go get command


    Go code is hosted in Github.com Site, the site is based on git code management tools, many famous projects are hosted in the site code. There are other similar hosting sites code.google.com 、 bitbucket.org And so on. There is a common standard for the project package path of these websites, as shown in the figure […]

  • . net linked database: the certificate chain is issued by an untrusted authority


    error message The certificate chain is issued by an untrusted authority Error environment .NET web.config Error in linking database (publish to service) resolvent The red part of the following configuration is added or modified in your code configuration <add name=”ConnectionString” connectionString=”Server=.;Initial Catalog=QDJYCZNZZ;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=sa;Password=123456;MultipleActiveResultSets=False;Encrypt=True;TrustServerCertificate=True;Connection Timeout=300;” providerName=”System.Data.SqlClient” /> If an error is reported by connecting […]

  • Go series | 02, go package management tool go Mod


    1、 What is go mod? 1.1 background Since its birth, golang has been criticized for its lack of an effective “official” package dependency management tool. So why is there such a problem? Reason: inside Google, everyone is developing on a code base, so package dependency management tools are not very necessary. But after golang became […]

  • Vue quick start


    Vue is Vue.js It is a popular front-end development framework and has developed into an excellent front-end ecosystem. Before learning Vue, you need to have the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the experience of using these technologies to develop websites. If you are not familiar with JavaScript, you can’t understand it Vue.js 。 […]

  • Installing NVM in Linux CentOS


    1. Install version management tool Git yum install git View git version git –version 1. Download NVM through Git git clone git://github.com/creationix/nvm.git ~/nvm 2. Join the system environment after downloading source ~/.bashrc 3. View NVM version list nvm list-romote 4. Install the required node version nvm install v11.0.0 5. View the installed version number of […]

  • A questionnaire specially for R & D project managers contains super welfare~


    With the acceleration of the pace of digital transformation of enterprises, enterprises in various industries gradually have their own R & D teams. The problems encountered in the process of R & D management are increasingly closely related to the business of enterprises, and R & D efficiency is increasingly valued by enterprise managers. In […]

  • K8s actual combat (19) | k8s package management Helm


    preface Similar to Yum and apt in Linux, helm is a package management tool for k8s. Helm, a binary tool, is used to install, upgrade and uninstall applications in k8s. Helm chart, a tgz package, similar to Android APK. K8s applications are packaged as chart and installed into the k8s cluster through helm. Update history […]

  • Wecube: one stop it architecture management and operation and maintenance management tool


    Open source project name: wecubeLiu Chao, project leaderIntroduction to open source project: one stop it architecture management and operation and maintenance management toolOpen source project type: individual open source projectProject creation time: August 2019GitHub data: 121 star, 26 forkGitHub address: https://github.com/WeBankPart… Project introduction Wecube is an open source, one-stop IT architecture management and operation and […]

  • Vue.js -Solve the problem of data refresh loss in vuex


    When we use Vue to develop projects, we usually use its special state management tool vuex. However, the data in the store in vuex has a feature, that is, when the page is refreshed, the Vue instance will be reloaded, and the data in the store will be re assigned, which will lead to the […]

  • Centos7 uses firewalld to open and close firewalls and ports


    1. Basic use of firewalld Start: systemctl start firewalld Close: systemctl stop firewalld View status: systemctl status firewalld Boot disabled: systemctl disable firewalld Boot enabled: systemctl enable firewalld 2. Systemctl is the main tool in centos7’s service management tools. It integrates the functions of service and chkconfig before. Start a service: systemctl start firewalld.serviceShut down […]

  • Green FTP client, safe and secure green FTP client


    FTP client refers to the software used to upload and download data between local computer and FTP server. In the daily management and maintenance of the website, FTP client is an indispensable and commonly used management tool, but we must try the safe green FTP client. Here is a green FTP client recommended to you. […]

  • Vendor mechanism of golang compilation


    Go 1.5 introduces the vendor mechanism, but you need to manually set the environment variable go15vendorexperiment = 1 to enable the go compiler. Since go1.6, the vendor directory search is enabled by default. The vendor mechanism is to introduce the vendor directory into the package and copy the dependent external packages to the vendor directory. […]