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  • Funadmin development framework system one click curd


    Rapid development of funadmin development management system, curd modeDownload addressgitee.com/funadmin/funadminOfficial website:www.funadmin.com/Plug in marketwww.funadmin.com/frontend/pluginsHelp documentation:www.kancloud.cn/limingyue/funadminUpdating continuouslyBackground demo (user name: admin Password: 123456) demo address:fundemo.funadmin.com/QQ group 1:775616363QQ group 2:1048893269Before installation, go to the directory and execute composer install or composer updateProject introductionFunadmin is based on thinkphp6 +layui2.6.5+requirejs development permission (RBAC) management framework, which integrates common function modules […]

  • Nocode warm-up series: implementing a task tracking and management system (Part 2)


    This article is the third in the Nocode column and the second in the design and implementation of a lightweight task tracking and management system based on Amazon Honeywell. Nocode warm up series: are you ready Nocode warm up series: implementing a task tracking and management system (Part 1) Keywords: Amazon Honeywell code, Nocode, Nocode […]

  • How to install and deploy MySQL?


    MySQL is a relational database management system and one of the most popular relational database management systems,Relational databases store data in different tables instead of putting all the data in one big warehouse,This increases speed and flexibility.The SQL language used by MySQL is the most commonly used standardized language for accessing databases.The SQL language used […]

  • The best 7 laravel admin background management system recommendations – karayun


    This article starts with:《The best 7 laravel admin background management system recommendations – karayun》 With its ease of use and low threshold, laravel has become the first PHP framework for Stars on GitHub. This paper will introduce the laravel admin background management system I carefully selected for you, from the lowest degree of abstraction (flexible […]

  • Vue advanced 1-2 – project construction (@ Vue / CLI)


    Vue cli package name changed from Vue cli to @ Vue / cli 1、 Install nodejs clickhttps://nodejs.org/en/download/Download and install node. After successful installation, enter in the terminalnpm -v, the version information of NPM will be displayed. 2、 Install Taobao image NPM is the package management tool of nodejs. In order to speed up the download […]

  • Implementation of telephone book management system with C language


    This example shares the specific code of C language phonebook management system for your reference. The specific contents are as follows /*Made by sophomore practice week, Time: September 11, 2017 Phonebook management system */ #include<string.h> #include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<malloc.h> #define NULL 0 typedef struct lianxiren{ char job[30]; char number[20]; char name[10]; char email[30]; struct lianxiren*next; }lianxiren; […]

  • Knowledge database


    1、 Knowledge database 1.1 why learn database Job demand Big data Era Forced demand: save data Database is the core of all software systems DBA   1.2. What is a database database (DB,DataBase) Concept: data warehouse,Software, installed on the operating system (window, Linux, MAC, etc.) Above Function: store and manage data   DBMS (database management […]

  • MySQL (1) – Basics


    1、 What is a database? What is a database management system? What is?SQL? What is the relationship between them? 1) database: English wordsDataBase, abbreviationDB。 A combination of files that store data in a format.As the name suggests: a warehouse for storing data is actually a pile of files. These files store data in a specific format. […]

  • Standard Specification of Java connection database (JDBC)


    Standard Specification of Java connecting database Full name of JDBC: Java database connectivity, which is the standard specification of Java database connectivity provided by Sun company. Localhost and both represent the current computer 1、oracle Oracle database, also known as Oracle RDBMS, or Oracle for short. Oracle is a relational database management system. So far, […]

  • Vue3 element plus admin is a background management system based on vue3 + element plus


    vue3-element-plus-admin introduce Vue3 element plus admin is a background management system based on vue3, vite2, element plus, vuex module decorators, Vue router next and typescript Warehouse Github vue3-element-plus-admin preview Vue3 element plus admin browse address rely on Vue3 Vue-Router-Next Vuex-Module-Decorators Vite TypeScript Element-Plus Mock.js axios Reference items vue-vben-adminA background template based on composition API + […]

  • Section I – getting acquainted with database system


    What is a database? A database is a collection of related data In other words, various relational databases (or tables) are the core of the relational database. In a general sense, a table is composed of table name, header and row by row data. How to formally define a table? The process of formalization or […]

  • Easy to use the open source c# rapid development platform


    Nfine is a very fast web + ORM framework based on c# language. Its core design goal is to develop rapidly, with less code, simple learning, powerful function, lightweight and easy to expand, so as to make web development faster and simpler. Nfine is a set based on ASP Net MVC + ef6 + bootstrap […]