• Oracle to pay for workplace discrimination, 4100 female employees class action


    On Thursday, the California High Court approved a historic Class Action Lawsuit: three female employees of Oracle, representing 4100 other female employees, will sue Oracle for employment discrimination in which female employees are paid less than male employees. On April 30, 2020, the high court of California approved a class action lawsuit. Allow Rong Jewitt, […]

  • [SQL] intermediate SQL (3)


    data set This article adopts PostgreSQL’s SQL syntax. Focus we focus onselect…from…whereThis read operation analyzes query (analytical query).Datasets can be used directly at https://hyper-db.de/interface. In addition, write operations are not allowed on this page:insert, update, deleteTransactional query like this. Of coursecreate tableanddrop tableAnd not allowed. Schema: Download:https://db.in.tum.de/teaching… Schma and most SQL statements come from pro. […]