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  • Websocket review


    https://juejin.im/post/6865444445479927821 How to realize message communication gracefully?     downside:   The browser needs to constantly send requests to the server. However, HTTP requests and responses may contain long headers, in which the real effective data may be only a small part, so it will consume a lot of bandwidth resources   HTML5 defines websocket […]

  • ASP.NET Processing aborted requests in the core


    When the user makes a request to the application, the server will parse the request, generate a response, and then send the result to the client. The user may abort the request while the server is processing it. For example, the user jumps to another page to get and close the page. In this case, […]

  • How to use Axios baseurl


    A series of articles: How to use Axios baseurl How to use Axios interceptor Every time API needs to fill in the domain name, you can set a baseurl, so that you can write less code. Moreover, when you change the domain name later, it is very useful when the production environment and development environment […]

  • Referrer Policy


    Referrer Policy Introduction to refererReferrers the origin of the website; visitors enter the website in any way. HTTP referer is a part of the header. When the browser makes a request to the web server, it usually brings the referer to tell the server that the user is connected from that page, so that the […]

  • Getting started with websocket


    HTML5 has many attractive new features, such as canvas, local storage, multimedia programming interface, websocket and so on. Among them, the emergence of websocket makes it possible for browsers to provide support for socket, thus providing a two-way channel based on TCP connection between browser and server. With websocket, web developers can easily build real-time […]