• 3.3 dockerfile syntax sorting and best practices


    https://docs.docker.com/engin… FROM #When creating base image, scratch is the keyword FROM scratch #Using base image FROM centos #Use a specific version of base image FROM centos:7 Try to use the official image as the base image because it is stable and safe LABEL Label is used to define the metadata of the image LABEL maintainer=”[email protected]” […]

  • Intensive reading of maintainability thinking


    PS: all the intensive reading without links to the original text are original, and this article is also original. Before the intensive reading of the front-end, I wrote 23 design pattern summary articles, plus 6 design principles, such as opening and closing, single responsibility, dependency inversion, interface separation, Demeter’s law and Richter’s replacement principle. Basically, […]

  • Core concepts of laravel


    1、 Dependency management and service container 2、 How to bind classes and services (binding) 3、 How to resolve objects or services without dependency injection 4、 Service container 5、 Service provider 6、 Custom service provider 7、 Improve service provider to improve maintainability and extensibility of code 8、 How to use facade 9、 What’s going on with […]

  • Getting started with Redux 0x104: action creators


    Overview of 0x000 It’s a bit tiring to write long articles. Write short articles occasionally Concept of 0x001 In fact, many frameworks are not too difficult in technology. What is really difficult is the thought, and the breakthrough in thought is much more difficult than that in technology.reduxIt brings me a new idea of applying […]

  • 20200820 – process and object oriented


    Process oriented and object oriented Process oriented Process oriented is to analyze the steps needed to solve the problem, and then use functions to implement these steps step by step. When using them, you can call them one by one;Advantages: the performance is higher than that of object-oriented, because class calls need to be instantiated, […]