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  • Necessary for Architects: principle and application of MySQL master-slave synchronization


    In daily work, MySQL database is essential storage, in which read-write separation is basically standard configuration. Behind this, MySQL needs to turn on master-slave synchronization to form a master-slave or master-slave multi-slave architecture. Mastering the principle of master-slave synchronization and knowing how to apply it in practice are the necessary skills of an architect. The […]

  • MySQL MHA high availability technology


    The specific construction environment of MHA is as follows: Role IP address host name VIP                          manager                                    […]

  • MySQL high availability architecture


    1. Why do you need high availability? High availability ha (high availability) is to solve single machine failure. There is no service or machine in the world that is absolutely safe and reliable, but we can achieve high availability of the system through certain schemes, so as to reduce the unacceptable risk of destruction of […]

  • MySQL online DDL tool GH OST


    I brief introduction GH OST is based on golang language. It is an open source DDL tool of GitHub. It is the abbreviation of GitHub’s online schema transformer / transformer / transformer / thing, which means GitHub’s online table definition converter. 1.1 principle Main implementation principles,firstBuild two tables, one_ GHO’s shadow table, GH OST will […]

  • MySQL of spring boot realizes read-write separation


    In high concurrency scenarios, what are the optimization methods for databases? Commonly used implementation methods include the following: read-write separation, caching, master-slave architecture cluster, sub database and sub table. In Internet applications, most of them are“Read more and write less”Set up two libraries, the main library and the read library,“The main database is responsible for […]

  • K8s deploy MySQL master-slave


    1. Environment Host list: node1 node2 node3 Node 1 k8s’s management node NFS serverWork node of node2 k8sWork node of node3 k8s 1. Create data directory Create MySQL data directory based on NFS in node1: mkdir /k8s/ chmod 777 k8s cd k8s mkdir mysql cd mysql mkdir master mkdir slave vi /etc/exports […]

  • MySQL master-slave synchronization failed


    prefaceThe container starts Mysql to quickly solve the master-slave asynchrony. [environmental description] MySQL started by two containers, one master and one slave service IP Port mysql-m 10.xxx.75.7 23306 mysql-s 10.xxx.75.8 23306 [fault] Previously: the project that has been dumped for a long time suddenly needs to be used. Because the slave server was abnormally shut […]

  • Deeply understand the principle of MySQL master-slave replication


    0. Master slave replication First, what is master-slave replication? Simply put, let one MySQL server copy the data of another MySQL server to keep the data of the two servers consistent. This method is not very different from the idea of master-slave replication of redis. If you are interested in the master-slave replication of redis, […]

  • Redis master-slave synchronization


    Principle: 1. Send the sync command from the server to the master server. 2. The master server receiving the sync command will call the bgsave command to create an RDB file, and use the buffer to record all the next write commands. 3. When the master server executes bgsave command, it will send RDB file […]

  • Essential for Architects: MySQL master-slave delay solution


    The last article introducedPrinciple and application of MySQL master-slave synchronization, this paper summarizes the causes and solutions of MySQL master-slave delay. If the master-slave delay is too large, it will affect the business, and appropriate solutions should be adopted. Performance of MySQL master-slave delay Insert or update the update operation first, and then select the […]

  • MySQL basic technology (IV) — how does MySQL ensure high availability?


    Previously, I had more than one year of working experience in the client field.Later, I also did back-end business in byte for more than a year.Now I hope to do somethingMySQLSummarize and enrich your accumulation in the back-end field.The contents are as follows: Basic MySQL Technology (I) — how does MySQL query? Basic MySQL Technology […]

  • Brain fissure and pit in redis master-slave synchronization


    As a learning note, the content of this article comes from the “geek time” column “redis core technology and actual combat”. If there is infringement, please inform and delete it immediately. 1. Cerebral fissure The so-called brain crack means that there are two master nodes in the master-slave cluster at the same time, both of […]